Release Day Blitz Breathe Me by Alexia Purdy

Friday, May 31, 2013
Title: Breathe Me
Author: Alexia Purdy
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult
Publisher: Lyrical Lit. Press
Release Date: May 31

Piper Sandervale never thought she’d see Sasha Koval ever again. Not since he took her heart, ripped it out and obliterated it from existence. Now, six years have passed and she has run into him once more at the local fairgrounds in Las Vegas. He desperately wants another chance, and he’d do anything to get her back. She’s willing to give him a taste of his own medicine, if this is her chance for payback. But, will she find herself way in over her head?
Something has changed with Sasha and Piper struggles to justify the worth of past hurts to continue her quest for atonement.


STANDING ON THE slick, damp rocks smoothed over by centuries of wind tossed waves, my heart stopped. Piper wore nothing but her swimsuit and the temperature was cool enough to make our noses blush pink. Hunger lingered in her eyes, making my own desire burn through me, the frigid air forgotten in the heat of a deep ache and longing pummeling me unexpectedly. I ran to her, embracing her thin frame and attempted to stifle the goose bumps flaring across her skin. We were on vacation on one of my favorite beaches of the Oregon coast. A place to forget the insanity of college life.
The alcove was a small private beach, free from any barrage of tourists. Leading her over the mess of rocks and sand to the blanket I had set out for our picnic, I carefully cradled her body as we slipped down onto it, our lips devouring each other’s until they felt downright bruised. Hers were bright pink, full and swollen from my assault as I explored them. Our skins had turned from frozen to searing, the wind all but forgotten except for toying with the ends of her long brown hair with unseen fingertips. It lay fanned out underneath us, a warm pillow for her head.
I’d never met anyone like Piper. She was the vision of my dream woman, the one I never knew I had wanted; always spontaneous and filled with a vibrant life force so few possess. I reached over and undid the ties to her bikini, raking my fingers down her sides, desperate to devour every last bit. She was soft and her curves supple against the hard rocks pressing on us. We didn’t care, we were lost to the world. We could’ve jumped up and rushed into the aged beach house a few yards away, where the fire burned warm and the bed creaky but comfy, yet even that was not a concern. All that mattered was kissing her, everywhere, everyplace in every way to make sure some sort of fiery warmth caressed the cold away and our wanting satisfied.
Shivering from my touch, she opened her hooded eyes, glazed with lust and most definitely matching my own. Her fingers curled around my blonde hair, as she whispered my name “Sasha…” before her voice ebbed away and my lips found hers once more. It was there that I gave away my heart, before all the wrong snaked into our lives back home. Before all the flighty decisions and selfishness had sent us spiraling into oblivion, leaving us broken. I wanted it back, all the ‘before’ and ‘once upon a time’s’. I still did, now more than ever before. Salvaging our hearts made me determined, it was the only way either of us could really live again.

Alexia currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada–Sin City! She loves to spend every free moment writing or playing with her four rambunctious kids. Writing has always been her dream and she has been writing ever since she can remember. She loves writing paranormal fantasy and poetry and devours books daily. Alexia also enjoys watching movies, dancing, singing loudly in the car and Italian food.

Liebster Award From Sandra Bunino

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
I was nominated for the Liebster Award.
This is my first time winning this award but I was told it is a lot of fun because you get to learn a little about the person offering the nomination and then get to share a piece of yourself.

An Awesome Author and Friend , Sandra Bunino, nominated me for this awesome award. Thanks, hun!

Sandra is the awesome writer of The Satin Rose Experience Series and Marooned with the Millionaire 

Here are the Liebster Award rules.  No one is required nor obligated to do any or all of the following to accept the award…

Post the award on her/his blog.
Thank the nominator and link back to his or her blog.
Write 11 random facts about yourself.
Answer 11 questions about yourself that the nominator has asked.
Nominate 11 fellow bloggers.
Make up 11 original questions for your nominees to answer.
So, here we go.


I am a Book Whore LOL (I have over 2000 print books in my home not counting the books on the 3 kindles and the 1 nook in the house I basically have a mini library)
I love to sing mostly to rock music though (Nirvana Rocks)
I wanted to go to school for Graphic Arts was accepted actually but things did not go my way :(
I will be married for 15 years come this November to the love of my life
I have a daughter named Schadoh and a stepdaughter named Kaitlin
Okay this may come as a shock so brace yourself Huckleberry Finn is my favorite childhood read
I have two cats though I do not think they realize they are cats we treat them like kids and they act like dogs      at times they're a little confused LOL
My favorite color is blue, black and purple (with blue being the top fave)
I Love Football Oakland Raiders is My Favorite Team
I love creating things in photoshop (still learning)
I love Chai Tea


If you were stuck on a remote island with food, water and shelter what’s one personal possession you'd want to have with you?  Well since it can be only one thing my Kindle it has over a 1000 books on it.
What is the best thing you ever ate? Shrimp & Scallops in Vodka Sauce served over Penne Pasta
What’s your favorite amusement park ride? Roller Coaster I love the thrill of the ride :D
What’s your favorite song? Come As You Are by Nirvana 
What’s the craziest thing you've ever done? Cliff Diving 
What are you passionate about? My Family and of course Reading 
What’s your guilty indulgence? Strawberries dipped in Chocolate
Where were you born? Maryland
Heels or flats? At one time heels but now flats I have bad knees 
Beach or mountains? Both I want the best of  both worlds
Summer or Winter? Winter but I actually prefer Fall


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okay now I want to learn a little bit about you….MY 11 QUESTIONS TO THE NOMINEES:

If you were stuck on a remote island with food, water and shelter what’s one personal possession you’d want to have with you?
What is your favorite food?
What’s your favorite color?
What’s your favorite genre?
What’s the craziest thing you've ever done?
What are you passionate about?
What’s your guilty indulgence?
Where were you born?
Barefoot or Shoes?
Snow or Rain?
Favorite Season?

Review Hybrid Rh Factor by Claudia Modie

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Title: Hybrid Rh Factor
Author: Claudia Modie
Series: Hybrid Series (#1)
Genre: SciFi
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Mar 7 2011
Edition: Kindle
Source: Purchase


After being cut off from the world by her abusive mother and forced to shoulder responsibilities no seventeen year old should be burdened by, Olivia meets Bobby, and everything changes. Her life begins to spin out of control, and within months Olivia finds out she is pregnant.
This unexpected development forces Bobby into reliving his past, his own alien engineered birth. As he struggles to convince the young virgin to go through with the pregnancy, Olivia reconciles with the terrifying knowledge that she has been abducted, and is now incubating what she views as a creature. But despite her apprehensions, she cannot bring herself to terminate the life of the unwelcome parasite growing in her body.


Susan Griscom is having a giveaway on Goodreads!!!! She has extra copies of the original cover of REFLECTIONS up for grabs.

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by Susan Griscom

Giveaway ends June 07, 2013.
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Blog Tour KickOff Review The Secret Seekers Society and The Beast of Bladenboro by J.L. Hickey

Monday, May 27, 2013

Title: The Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro
Author: J. L. Hickey
Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Dec 31 2012
Edition: Kindle
Source: Author for Blog Tour and Honest Review

Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro follows the young protagonists Hunter Glenn, and Eliza Lynn through an adventure ripe with adversity, paranormal monsters, secret societies, and most haunting of all, a life without their parents.
It all happened one fall afternoon when they learned that their parent’s plane had gone down overseas, never to be seen again.
The book follows the siblings as they are dropped off at their new guardian’s home, an ancient and creepy mansion known only as the Belmonte Estate. Here they unravel the secrets of their parent’s true identities, the origin of the mysterious Mansion, and their inheritance into an ancient secret society of monster hunters known as Seekers

Spotlight Feeling Death by D.T. Dyllin

Feeling Death #1
Expected publication: May 27th 2013 by Dragonfairy Press 
 ***Genre - Adult Paranormal Romance. 

Samantha Bevans is having the best sex of her life—but it's not with her husband. Fortunately for her marriage, the affair is all in her mind. Isn't it? As an empath, she senses other people's emotions. But her connection to the man with the chiseled face and haunting eyes seems so real.

There's no time for fantasies with a serial killer loose in Pittsburgh. The killer is targeting dancers at a strip club where Samantha used to bartend, back when drugs were the only cure for the torment of her abilities. As a member of a special task force, Samantha uses her talents to sense the victims’ final thoughts. Just when she thought the case was complex enough, she discovers one of the victims was thinking about her fantasy man when she died.

Who can Samantha trust when she can’t trust her own mind? An empath feels the emotional environment around her…and Samantha is surrounded by death.

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About the Author

Cynical-Optimist. Chocolate-holic. Sarcasm Addict. Paranormal Believer. Self-Imposed Insomniac. Sci-Fi Geek. Animal Lover. Writer…are just a few words to describe D.T. Dyllin. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two very spoiled GSDs.

Blog Tour Kick Off Witchling by Ari Harper

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Title: Witchling
Author: Ari Harper
Series: Curse of Kin
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Publisher: Lycaon Press
Release Date: November 30 2012

Nera is a normal teenage girl living in Ireland, or so she thought until she discovers the family secret.. Now her world is forever changed.
Descended from a long line of witches, she discovers is the one who has to stop the curse that has taken the life of every girl before her.
And if that isn't enough, she must learn to use magic from the man called Bones. He is the son of Mari, Queen of the Witches...and a god. It is Bones who has been entrusted to teach her the skills she needs to stay alive, which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have an uncanny knack for pushing her buttons.
Can Nera succeed and resist the charms of the man who gets under her skin at every opportunity?

"Witches did and still do exist. You know that wherever there is good there must also be evil to balance it out." He paused, took a deep breath, then continued. "That can take many forms, witches only being one of them. Not all witches are evil obviously, but Edrith O'Reilly was very evil. When Pria planned to elope with Edrith's youngest son, she placed a curse on them. She cursed me, and she cursed her own son. I know this is a lot to take in, Nera, but what I have told you is true. That is exactly what happened."
"Come on, Jasper. You really don't expect me, us, to believe this, do you?" It couldn't be true, yet parts of his story were settling into my heart and mind already, as if the words had been waiting to find a resting place within me.
"Yes, girl dear, I do," Jasper replied, gazing at me. "How did your daughter die, Jasper?" Sully asked, obviously remembering the other dream that I had constantly.
"Edrith slit her throat with a sword, Sully."
I felt the bile rise in my own throat and pressed my hand to my mouth in an effort to stop it. Breathe, I told myself, just breathe. I squeezed my eyes tight and fought for control. I could feel a hand on my knee, and when I looked up, Jasper was kneeling on the floor in front of me, his gaze full of pain.
"Was that the other dream you were having?" His beautiful blue eyes were shadowed and troubled.
I nodded my head. The words stuck in my mind, the bile forcing its way up my throat. I pushed past him and ran for the downstairs bathroom in the hallway. I leaned over and retched into the bowl. I gripped onto the sides to stop myself from collapsing to the floor. My knees had gone weak, and cold sweat was running down my face. I couldn't control the shaking and was past caring. Neither my body nor my mind could accept what I had heard. It wasn't possible. How could it be that Jasper is 800 years old and I am reliving his daughter's death on a nightly basis? No, it is not possible.
There was a light tap on the door, and Brie tiptoed in with a damp cloth in her hands. Her mouth was set into a grim line. She watched me as I struggled to stand and then handed me the cloth. I leaned against the basin, unsteady on my feet. I wiped my face and hands and looked up at her, my gaze searching her face for any trace of sympathy.
"I'm really going crazy, aren't I?" I hung my head, suddenly not wanting to see the pity in her eyes.
"I don't think you are," she replied, her voice gentle. She ran her hand down my arm before I pulled away. "I think what Jasper is saying is true. Why don't you come back into the library and we can discuss it more."
"You're kidding, right," I scoffed at her, ignoring the shocked look on her face. "You don't seriously believe this stuff. Does he look that old to you?" I leaned on the basin until the ground stopped moving under my feet.
"No, he doesn't." Brie brushed her hair back from her face and then licked her lips at the reflection in the mirror over my shoulder. "But he said that was part of the curse, Nera. Just listen to him before you decide you're crazy and he is lying."
"Whatever." I threw the cloth into the sink and pushed past her out of the bathroom.
Jasper and Sully looked up when I stalked back into the room. Brie followed me and hurried to sit with Sully on the couch. I opted to stand beside the fireplace, my arms folded.
"I don't believe you," I said, knowing that with the hitch in my voice I didn't sound convincing. I was acting like a petulant bitch, but I couldn't help it. The way the day was shaping up called for my worst side to come out and play and I really didn't care.
"Before you make up your mind, there's more, Nera." He pursed his lips, then continued. "When there is a curse, there is always a way out of that curse. Each third generation since that time has had one female child that has the ability to break the spell. Not all have had the faith in themselves or believed in me enough to do so. Maybe their connection wasn't close enough," he shrugged. "I don't really know. But you are third generation. You are stronger than any other female that has come forward. Because of who you are, Nera, you are the one."
Jasper watched me closely while I tried to process the information that he had given me. I nibbled on my bottom lip and pulled at my hair. "What are you trying to tell me?" I asked him.
"When you were born, I knew who you were." A small smile hovered on his lips. "You were born with a caul, a part of the birthing membrane, on your head, and that makes you a Caulbearer, girl dear. In the world of magic, this marks the child as unique and powerful, usually with psychic gifts, like second sight and the ability to soul journey. But we can talk about that later."
"Does that mean Nera is a witch?" Brie asked, her eyes wide as she looked at me, her face lighting up.
"I guess that depends on your definition of a witch," Jasper replied. "I believe there are people in this world who have special abilities. Some call themselves witches, some don't. It's just the way you perceive something, I suppose."
"So what does she have to do with the whole curse thing, then?" Sully asked.
Jasper's gazed met mine before he answered. "She is the one that can stop the curse and let me die."
"Are you crazy, Jasper? How can you even think I would let you die?" I jumped to my feet, the horror of what he was saying slamming into me. I paused for a breath, the fear gripping my chest like a vice which made such a simple task difficult. It was too much for me. I turned and fled to the kitchen and threw open the door to the garden. I gulped down a breath of cool air and lurched over to a grassy patch and sank to the ground. Hugo walked over to me and licked my hand before sitting down in front of me, his soulful brown gaze on my face.
"Oh, Hugo, what is going on?" I cried, pushing my face into his fur. Cradling his head in my arms for comfort, I leaned against his huge body. I felt movement, and Brie and Sully sat down beside me. They reached out and wrapped their arms around me. Most of what Jasper had told us was hard to believe, but what if it was true? Parts of my brain screamed at me that it was possible, but parts still balked at the idea of witches, gods, and demons—especially so close to someone I loved.
"Do you believe what Jasper said?" Sully leaned forward. He picked a blade of grass and ran it through his fingers before looking at me again."Do you think it could be possible?"
"I really don't know." I sighed, rubbing the back of my hand over my face. "It seems so farfetched."
"But it could be true." Brie leaned her chin on my shoulder. "What if you really are what he says you are? I've always said there was something special about you. Everyone thinks so, not just Sully and me."
"Yeah, Connor thinks I'm special, so special he wants to grope me every time he sees me," I scoffed.
"Stop being so pigheaded. You know you have something that no one else has. Do you really think we would hang out with you if you were normal?" Brie joked. Her smile faded quickly when I looked at her, and she pulled away from me.
"I know you are trying to make me feel better, and I do appreciate it, I really do. But if this is even halfway true… It's so much to take in." Just pull yourself together, girl. This is getting you nowhere, tears over, deal with it.

Ari  Harper never wanted to grow up.
To offset the limitations of growing old ungracefully, she created her own set of unique worlds where she can be and do whatever she wants. God, demons and witches surround Ari while she spins her magic, mainly doing what they tell her to do.
She likes to work amongst chaos when given a choice, which is good because she is generally surrounded by children, all clamoring for attention. Some of them end up in her stories, some of them even get to die grisly deaths or be cast away to another realm.
Her favorite pet is a big black Labrador, Hugo. He stars as himself in the Curse of Kin series as Nera's faithful hound.

Places to find Ari

Places to find Witchling

Spotlight Polished by Alyssa Turner

Saturday, May 25, 2013
Title: Polished
Author: Alyssa Turner
Genre: Erotic/MMF/Contemporary Romance
Publisher: etopiapress
Release Date: May 24 2013

It seemed like they had everything, but they didn’t have Jack.

Without question Spencer Hartley burns hot for his girlfriend, Rory, but his other desires are hidden down deep. He might blow things up for a living and climb mountains for kicks, but the scariest thing in his life is the truth about his sexuality.

Jack Rothman works hard and plays dirty. After long, demanding days in his family's engineering firm, he indulges in the pleasures of silk restraints and fine wine. Lots of hot meaningless sex helps him forget that he's suffocating, with no one to give him a reason to breathe.

When a catastrophic accident traps Spencer in a flooded subway tunnel with Jack, they need each other to survive. But something strong stirs down there in the darkness, and it's more than their desperation to live. There's a spark between them that's impossible to ignore.

Rory Campbell would love to give Spencer the one thing he doesn't have, the freedom to explore his secret desires. But how does that fit into her picture-perfect relationship? When Jack invites the couple to his sprawling Hamptons beach house, Rory realizes that she has secret desires of her own--the kind only Jack's Dominant hand across her bare bottom can satisfy...

Giveaway & Excerpt To Catch A Spirit by Carrie Pulkinen

Friday, May 24, 2013

Title: To Catch A Spirit
Author: Carrie Pulkinen
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Publisher: Breathless Press
Release Date: April 15 2011

A psychic who's afraid of ghosts and a millionaire with a haunted past and a hidden power find that only love can catch a spirit. With love, all things are possible-especially if you need to catch a Spirit.Psychic Allison Dupuis has a soft spot for Logan Mitchell, even though she's never met him. All it takes is one encounter for the millionaire's true emotions to slip through Allison's shields, and she is intrigued. He needs her help, but Allison soon discovers that the kind of help Logan needs is the kind she isn't willing to give. Logan has a ghost, and Allison doesn't work with spirits anymore.But the ghost is the least of Logan's problems. Born an empath, Logan is constantly barraged with human emotions. And while his talent has come in handy in the business world, it's about to drive him insane. Literally. Logan has OCD, and his ability triggers unbearable attacks that have him counting and cleaning until he collapses from exhaustion.Sex and money. That's all anyone wants from him. Even worse, he's plagued with recurring visions of his future wife's death, so Logan has spent his entire life avoiding love. He's given up hope of ever having a normal life, until he meets Allison. She's everything he's ever dreamed of, and now he has to decide if loving her is worth risking her life.If she'll even have him. Allison's lost too much already - her mother to cancer, her father to suicide. But, Logan is so charming and so real, she can't help but fall for him. Now she has to overcome her fear of commitment...and ghosts...or face spending the rest of her life alone.

Spotlight Angel's Requiem by Sarah J. Pepper

Title: Angel’s Requiem
Author: Sarah J. Pepper
Genre: Cyber
Publisher: Lycaon Press
Release Date: 24th May 2013

What was a life worth? It couldn't be measure as currency or in time, yet it was priceless. The man I loved saved his brother’s life by giving his own. Countless others benefited from his death when his organs were harvested. The recipients still had their dreams. Their families were not torn apart because of disease. His life was measured by the number of breaths each recipient took. Closing my eyes, I could still hear his voice, encouraging me to be strong.

"The Ringer created miracles," I said. My voice wavered. The pain harbored in my broken soul threatened to stop me from speaking the truth, as I saw it. “They gave me my best friend…and then they killed him."

Abide by the Ringer’s masquerade or suffer the consequences…

Renowned as the Ringer’s medical miracle and a politician’s daughter, Catherine is pulled into a bureaucratic conflict. Battle lines are clearly drawn. Sebastian firmly believes the truth must be told, while James relentlessly promotes the hospital’s practices. She must choose to speak her voice and unveil the Ringer’s wickedness, or play by their rules to insure nothing unfortunate happens to her loved ones. The Ringer might not kill her, but they threaten to tear her life apart, one spawn at a time.

Spotlight The Fabric of Reality by Benjamin Kelly

Title: The Fabric of Reality
Author: Benjamin Kelly
Genre: Cyber
Publisher: Breathless Press
Release Date: 24th May 2013
Formats Available In: All eBook formats

Alesia is one of the last surviving humans living on a post apocalyptic Earth where love is a commodity reserved for the elite and a common woman's only value is her ability to produce offspring. On the eve of her first forced union, she discovers a scientist named Gil on an Earth in another universe, but an impenetrable barrier stands between them.

A bloody, worldwide anti-technology rebellion wiped out the scientific community on Gil's Earth, leaving him trapped and under attack in an ancient fortress, an alternate version of one that exists on Alesia's Earth. With time running out, they need to learn the secrets of a fortress that allows communication between people in different universes to have any hope of survival. But the truth leads them to a choice: risk everything on a desperate gamble with little chance of success or spend their remaining moments together, longing to touch one another from the other side of reality.

Spotlight One Bad Day by Edie Hart

Title: One Bad Day
Author: Edie Hart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Breathless Press
Release Date: 24th May 2013
Formats Available In: All eBook formats

Tessa is having one seriously bad day. After agreeing to dress as a cheesy mascot at a convention for her boss, her clothes get stolen, she gets chased through a sinister parking garage, and her apartment gets broken into and turned upside down.
Gray, an off-duty police officer, can’t resist the sexy legs he sees in costume at a hotel convention. When he catches sight of her running for her life through a dark car lot, he's determined to find out what her story is and ends up promising to keep Tessa safe...even if that means taking her home with him.

Spotlight Broken Gates by D.T. Dyllin

Expected publication: May 24th 2013 by Dragonfairy Press 
 ***Genre - New Adult Paranormal Romance. 

P.J. Stone is a Seer who saw too little, too late.

In the past, her biggest worries were boys and school—but war has a way of changing things. Now, the alien Riders are trying to overrun the world. As the last of their kind, P.J. and her friends must find a way to save humanity before there’s nothing left to save.

After choosing a mate, P.J. hoped she'd have time to enjoy her love life. But with everything changing so quickly and major secrets revealed, who knows what the future will bring?

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About the Author
Cynical-Optimist. Chocolate-holic. Sarcasm Addict. Paranormal Believer. Romance Junkie. Self Imposed Insomniac. Animal Lover. Writer.
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