The Doctor's Wish by Andrew Grey

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Title: The Doctor's Wish 
Author: Andrew Grey 
Series: Carlisle Medical Book 3 
Genre: LGBTQ+/Gay Romance/Contemporary Romance/ M/M
Publisher: Self Published 
Release Date: Aug 16 2022
Edition/Formats: Kindle

General practitioner Dustin Avarilla has been on the job for a few years—long enough to find out that some doctors, especially his boss, don’t see things the same way he does. Dustin believes that the patients come first, but his boss is more concerned with the bottom line. When Charles Morton brings his very sick niece in right at closing time, Dustin’s care starts trouble with his boss, but touches Charles’s bruised heart.

Charles is nearly frantic when his niece becomes ill. He’s had custody of Anna for only six months, following her parents’ sudden death, and he might be in over his head. Dustin is gentle and caring, which is just what his little patient and her Uncle Cheesy need. Charles feels his focus has to be on Anna, and the last thing he’s looking for is love. Dealing with a new job and town, along with becoming a parent, is almost more than he can handle.

Charles and Dustin meet again at a friend’s party, with heated attraction drawing them closer. One dinner leads to a date, with chemistry building by the second. But Charles’s mother, who feels Anna should be left in her care, and Dustin’s boss, who decides their relationship isn’t up to the family image of the practice, form an unlikely alliance that threatens to pull their budding relationship apart. While alone, they are vulnerable, together they might just get everything they desire.

The One to Heal by Liz Lovelock

Thursday, August 11, 2022


Title: The One to Heal
Series: Rose Ridge Ranch #1
Author: Liz Lovelock
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 11, 2022


A heart can only take so much.

Delilah Reily was a broken soul. The only person keeping her pushing forward is her daughter, Olive. She returned to her family home. A place that holds so many memories, some good and some bad. It was now time to mend fences while also trying to fix a beyond repairable heart.

Sebastian King, Formula One racer, was a single father. He met Delilah on the worst day of his life. A day he’d never forget. A day that left him raising a five-year-old and a newborn—it seemed things had gotten a whole lot more complicated. After a year of healing and being unable to continue with his career as a race driver, he decided it was best to be with his girls. Without any plans in place, he booked a holiday at Rose Ridge Ranch and left the following day.

Sebastian never thought he’d see Delilah again. But fate had other plans. Sometimes love needs a kickstart with a horseback ride.

Rose Ridge Ranch is a place for the broken to be mended. The special to blend in. Love to be found in the most unlikely places. The heart to find a home.

Can Sebastian and Delilah help each other overcome the things that hold them back?




Releasing December 15



Liz Lovelock is from bright sunny Queensland in Australia. She is the mother of three little monsters, a wife to an amazing husband and very much a lover of everything books and reading. Liz has always loved books and, from a very young age she began reading comic books and then in high school her passion grew. She was given Tomorrow When The War Began by John Marsden for an assignment but, when that was done she continued to discover new books to fall in love with. 

Liz always has a book she is currently enjoying and, a notebook beside her bed for in her hand bag for when inspiration hits at those crazy times. She is a stationary addict and will buy more notebooks and pens then what she needs. Her one click finger likes to go crazy as well.


Sticky Sweet by Kat Baxter

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Title: Sticky Sweet
Author: Kat Baxter
Series: Filthy Dirty Summer (Book  8)
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Curvy Girl Romance/Romantic Comedy/Short Stories 
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Aug 1 2022


I always thought I’d return home to my small Texas town as a hero after a long and glorious career as a professional pitcher. Instead, I sneak back into town, late at night, after a career-ending injury. Only one person could get me back here under these circumstances. Imagine my surprise when I find her asleep in my bed. She thinks she just wants me to teach her a few bedroom tricks, but Olive Herrington needs to understand that once I claim her, she’ll be mine forever.


I haven’t seen Baker Rhodes since I left Texas for London after my seventeenth birthday. One look at him, and all those old feelings come rushing back. So I pretend I have a list of carnal skills I want him to teach me. It’s an excuse to feel his touch because I know this won’t last. Everyone knows you can’t trust what a man says in the throes of passion.

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