Spotlight Angel's Requiem by Sarah J. Pepper

Friday, May 24, 2013
Title: Angel’s Requiem
Author: Sarah J. Pepper
Genre: Cyber
Publisher: Lycaon Press
Release Date: 24th May 2013

What was a life worth? It couldn't be measure as currency or in time, yet it was priceless. The man I loved saved his brother’s life by giving his own. Countless others benefited from his death when his organs were harvested. The recipients still had their dreams. Their families were not torn apart because of disease. His life was measured by the number of breaths each recipient took. Closing my eyes, I could still hear his voice, encouraging me to be strong.

"The Ringer created miracles," I said. My voice wavered. The pain harbored in my broken soul threatened to stop me from speaking the truth, as I saw it. “They gave me my best friend…and then they killed him."

Abide by the Ringer’s masquerade or suffer the consequences…

Renowned as the Ringer’s medical miracle and a politician’s daughter, Catherine is pulled into a bureaucratic conflict. Battle lines are clearly drawn. Sebastian firmly believes the truth must be told, while James relentlessly promotes the hospital’s practices. She must choose to speak her voice and unveil the Ringer’s wickedness, or play by their rules to insure nothing unfortunate happens to her loved ones. The Ringer might not kill her, but they threaten to tear her life apart, one spawn at a time.

Cupping my face, he whispered my name. A fallen angel couldn't have sung about love more explicitly. He stroked my face like I was made of glass. "I want to give you a life you've never dreamed of, Cat."
"You already did." 

"I want to give you every dream you've ever had," he said and leaned close enough to kiss me. 

Only after a girlish squeal escaped my throat did he close the gap. I broke my promise to Marlene for the umpteenth time that night. His lips were as smooth as silk. His tongue lured me closer. Kissing Sebastian was like dancing to music I couldn't hear. The melody would change abruptly, which only made it more enchanting. He broke the kiss suddenly; his lips hovered over mine, teasing me with the possibility of continuing our dance. 

"Why did you stop?" I asked. 

Resting his forehead on mine, he took my hand and placed it on his chest. His heart raced under my fingertips. When I pulled away enough to gaze into his eyes, his body went ridged. 

"Because I won't be able to control myself," he said and then swallowed—hard. 

Dark, dangerous thoughts rippled the haunting pools of his eyes. Ever so slowly, he traced his thumb over my lips. He closed his eyes and swore before pulling me close and giving me one more taste. Drinking in his addictive kiss, sucking on his smooth lips, and swallowing his dangerous moan overwhelmed me. I'd accepted just how deep my love for Sebastian went; and I willingly drowned in his adoration as his kiss stole every uneven breath I took. Pulling away just enough so his lips brushed against mine as he spoke, he placed his hand over mine. 

"You have my heart in your hand," he whispered as his fingers interlaced mine. "I'll be rather infuriated if you break it with those delicate little fingers, my love."

Sarah J. Pepper lives in South Dakota with her real-life prince charming. At a young age, she fell for paranormal books and now incorporates that genre with the romance that thrives in the hearts of us all. When she’s not storytelling, she’s most likely biking, hoarding chocolate, or taking a bubble bath. Get a glimpse inside her head HERE

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