Before by Cambria Hebert

Saturday, March 31, 2012
Before 1
Title: Before
Author: Cambria Hebert
Series: Heven and Hell 0.5
Genre: YA
Publisher: Otherworld Publication
Release Date: November 18, 2011
Edition: Kindle
Source: Author In Exchange for Honest Review
Rating:  4stars

Goodreads Synopsis

What if your life was charmed and everything in it was perfect…
This is the story of my past. Of what things were like for me when everything was normal. Of what every teenager’s life is like. Clothes. Parties. Boys and summer vacation. What’s so wrong with that? I liked it. I was happy.
Until things changed. I changed.
I didn’t know that lies and secrets were about to take over my existence. I didn’t know there was someone out there, someone meant just for me. I didn’t know that I was about to go on a journey, a journey that would lead me to the girl I am today.
This is the beginning of the worst year of my life. Would I go back and change things? Erase everything that has happened to go back into these moments?
Not a chance.
This is a story of before.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed this read I just had to scream a little at the end because well Cambria left me hanging. I need to know what happens I am so glad I already have the official book 1 in the Heven and Hell Series Masquerade. On my Kindle ready to be read.
This is a story of Light and Dark that is for sure we have Heven the light a regular teenage girl living a normal life. Heven’s biggest concern is whether her crush likes her. She is oblivious that she has a secret admirer. Sam the dark he lives in the shadows and answers to the monster. Sam has promised to stay away from Heven and when he didn’t there was a price to be paid. Cambria has written a beautiful short story that gives just enough information to make sure that you want to stay along for the ride. Cambria’s words are written so beautifully and flow so well. And I am looking forward to reading more in this world of Heven and Hell that Cambria has written.
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A Diamond In My Heart by Lorena Angell

Friday, March 30, 2012
13445172Title: A Diamond In My Heart
Author: Lorena Angell
Series: Unaltered ( Book 2 )
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: January 2012
Edition: Kindle
Source: Author in exchange for honest review
Genre: YA/Supernatural
Rating: 4stars

Goodreads Synopsis
Book two in ‘The Unaltered’ series. At age sixteen, Calli Courtnae learned that superhuman abilities and powers existed in her ordinary world yet had remained hidden for thousands of years. She became one of them through the course of events controlled by Maetha the Immortal and is now faced with trying to live in her ordinary world while secretly possessing extraordinary powers. Her task is complicated by the emergence of an unknown power in one of Calli’s classmates which requires her to befriend the boy in an effort to help him use his powers for good and not just for his own self-gratification.
Calli is able to read minds, view the future, heal, and locate other Diamond Bearers she didn't know existed and in doing so she'll learn of traitors who've sided with the US Government and who threaten her new world and the lives of those she loves. She'll question her own loyalties and friendships, and ultimately be faced with the inevitable--the reuniting of the diamond shards.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this one book one was good but this one was awesome. Calli really grew up in this one her character was astounding in this one she went from a backwords yet smart ass girl to a true heroine in this installment. Calli learned to control her abilities and emotions so much more in this book. Lorena you have left me wanting to read more in the Unaltered Series. Lorena has created a world that is truly believable. Her writing is smooth and flowing in this book.

Calli soon discovers that there are other abilities out there that the other clans were not aware of. When she met Brand she realized that there was something different about him. That is when she and others become aware of this new ability. Brand is a Repeater he can change things as long as it is within in a two minute time frame. That ability aids him a lot for he has a thing for girls which lands him in numerous fights so being able to repeat he walks away unscathed but it does take a toll on him. 

Brand’s ability also aids Calli and the other clans against Justin a rogue runner from The Runners Clan who is power hunger. He wants to possess the diamond he is unaware of the true power and that it will lead to his death.

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New Blog Design

Thursday, March 29, 2012
I just want to give a Shout Out to the ah~may~zing Autum @ Always Purrty Design for my sensational new blog design. If you like what you see you should visit her website she does a little bit of everything and her prices are awesome. And if you tell her Anna sent you that's me you will get 25% off your first item and that includes packages.

Teaser Demonically Tempted by Stacey Kennedy

Title: Demonically Tempted 
Author: Stacey Kennedy
Series: Frostbite ( Book 2 )
Release Date: April
Genre:Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

    Goodreads Synopsis
Tess Jennings, now a member of the Memphis Police Department, is on her first cold case. The suspected suicide of Lizbeth Knapp ten years ago isn’t a theory her family accepts—they believe she was murdered.But the case is only one of Tess’s worries. Ghosts are talking, and word of her abilities rapidly spreads. A dark ghost is terrifying the spirits of Memphis, and she must force the entity to crossover.
Tess doesn’t have to do this alone. Not only does she have her ghost-lover, Kipp McGowen, but the department has brought in a medium. Dane Wolfe might answer all her questions, but he also brings a world of trouble. Will Tess finally have all she’s ever wanted, or will everything she’s vowed to protect be ripped away?

Copyright © STACEY KENNEDY, 2012
Chapter One
The old farmhouse had seen better days. Not only could it use a coat of paint, but it also needed a dose of love. Dry, brown grass surrounded the home, and the only flowers topped four-foot high weeds. I glanced toward Zach—a cop with the Memphis P.D.—and crinkled my nose. “Someone actually lives here?”
His blue eyes met mine and he ran a hand through his blond, stylish hair and shrugged. “Max said the victim’s sister still resides in the home where the death happened.”
As he lowered his arm, he cringed. The injury still hindered him at times since we solved the cold case of Hannah Reid, especially when the weather was damp like it was today. Heck, only weeks ago he’d been stabbed and shot in the shoulder.
The man who caused Zach’s injury got it worse—by my very hand, no less—but I was glad Hannah’s murderer hadn’t come back to haunt me.
I might have suffered some serious remorse. That is, if I didn’t believe God wouldn’t punish me because I killed a murderer. Brody would’ve done the same to me if I hadn’t gotten to him first. I tried my best to stick with that theory. It saved me from the lingering guilt I might—and would never admit to—have for taking a life.
Sure, there was an internal investigation through the police department, and I had been questioned until my voice went scratchy. But in the end, the shooting had been declared self-defense, and I was perfectly happy with that. Or so I told myself every day until I finally believed it.
Besides, the cops that I now worked alongside had my back throughout the investigation, and nothing would change that. We’d grown close through the time spent during the Reid case, and even closer in the weeks that followed.
“I’m going to see if Lizbeth is out here somewhere,” Kipp—a ghost, and my lover—said, dragging me from my thoughts.
Yes, our relationship was complicated and it’s insanely sick that I’m in love with a ghost, but I wasn’t about to fight my heart’s desire. “If you find her, then come tell us, immediately. The less time I have to spend in that house, the better.” Scummy houses and me didn’t mesh well. I like cleanliness and hate spiders.
“He’s going off on his own then?” Zach asked.
As of late, Zach had caught on to our conversations better. Seeing that I was the only lucky one—or not so lucky as I viewed it—who could hear ghosts’ communication was annoying, at best.
Maybe I gave more descriptions in my answers than I normally did, or maybe he’d gotten used to having to fill in the blanks. Whatever it was, I appreciated the ease of our conversations now. The back and forth got on my last nerve.
As Kipp strode away, I stared at his scrumptious ass filling his dark blue jeans. The man might be a ghost, but he was sex packaged into muscular goodness. One of his eyes was chocolate brown, while the other was crystal blue, and he had untidy brown hair that no matter how messy only made him look more attractive. And he was all mine.
I blinked, pulling myself away from my ogling, and focused on Zach. “Ready?” I frowned.
His gaze danced with laughter, yet a smile never appeared. “For someone who accepted a job with the department, you would think you’d hold more excitement.”
I snorted. “Just because I can officially call myself part of the police department—which is absurd, by the way—doesn’t mean I still don’t have hesitations.”
My gift took a while to adjust to but I knew when to see reason. Helping ghosts that had met a horrible fate wasn’t a bad job. That is, as long as I didn’t run into any more crazy-ass killers who wanted to make me a ghost, too.
Zach approached the house, and I trailed after him, not showing half the confidence he carried in his gait. I climbed the old steps, slightly worried the wood would break under my weight, but seeing Zach went first and the man was all power, the wooden planks could support my slender frame.
He knocked on the door. And a moment later, it opened to a woman who matched the house. She looked to be in her fifties, but the dark circles under her eyes and the hunch to her shoulders made her look well worn.
“Ms. Knapp?” Zach asked.
“Yes.” Her voice dripped with despair. “Are you the detectives?”
Zach nodded. “Is it still all right if we come in?”
She inclined her head, widened the door, and moved aside. “Please call me Anna.”
“Thank you, Anna.” Zach entered the home. “We appreciate you taking the time to discuss Lizbeth with us.”
I hesitantly followed and tried my damndest not to let my repulsion in the house show. Not an easy feat.
“Please, will you have a seat?” She waved out to a couch that I wouldn’t sit on even if it had a layer of plastic over top of it.
I held back my desire to gag, and twirled my finger in my brown, shag-cut hair. “I’m okay here, thanks.”
Zach furrowed his brows at me before he took a seat and shed all emotion as he focused on Anna. “We’re aware that this will be difficult for you to discuss, but we need you to remember anything you can from when Lizbeth died.”
“I’m not sure I can tell you anything that…” She peeked up at the ceiling. I followed her gaze seeing dark brown stains, and restrained my shudder. She finally returned her attention to Zach. “…Max, was that who I spoke with?”
“That’s right. He’s the sergeant,” Zach replied. “He told us the necessary information, but I’ve learned it’s always best to hear it directly for myself.”
In all actuality, I hadn’t heard all the details except that I was officially on my first cold-case file.
“Well,” Anna paused, glancing at her fingers as she fiddled them. “It started a year before Lizbeth’s death. She began to act differently.”
Zach pulled his pad of paper and pen from his pocket, and flipped the notebook open. “Can you explain that in more detail?”
I clasped my hands in front of me. Just because I was now part of team didn’t mean I would start acting like a cop in any official capacity. Let’s be serious now. I wasn’t really a detective.
Anna continued, “She’d talk to me about an evil presence around her.”
“Evil?” I gasped.
“I know how funny it sounds.” She blushed. “At the time, it did to me, too. But looking back, Lizbeth just didn’t seem like herself, and maybe I should’ve listened to her.” Her sigh was deep, and filled with longing. “She used to be a very happy young woman. Full of life and spirit, but all of a sudden she seemed so dark.”
I gave my head a shake, trying to make sense out of her nonsense. “Dark how?”
“Depressed.” Anna exhaled. “She never came out of her room, and totally withdrew from life.”
“She was suicidal, then?” Zack asked with a gentle tone.
“I suppose you’d draw that conclusion from what I’m telling you now, but the truth is I never took her to be the type.” She gave a knowing look. “Like I said, she was well adjusted and quite happy.”
“But you just said she was depressed,” I countered.
“Yes, I did, but still, Lizbeth was a fighter. She used to tell me that this evil presence was overtaking her soul, and she tried so hard to fight against it.”
Zach made a face. I made one of my own. We were speaking English, yet gibberish would have made more sense. Seeing that we were getting nowhere, and I suspected Anna had lost her mind a long time ago, I moved along. “Did her condition get worse?”
“It got so bad, my parents had no idea what to do,” she answered. “You have to remember it was a different time. The medications for depression that exist today didn’t back then.” Tears welled in her eyes, but they cleared just as quick. “My parents took her to a doctor, even admitted her into a hospital, but my mother couldn’t manage to leave her there. She thought love would bring Lizbeth out of her trouble.”
“Clearly, it didn’t.”
Anna’s features darkened. “That’s right, it only got worse. Lizbeth started to hurt herself.”
Zach’s eyebrows rose. “You mean, caused injuries to herself?”
“No one ever knew—and Lizbeth never said—how she did it. But she had lacerations all over her back.”
Zach scribbled notes, and then peered at Anna. “Did Lizbeth ever say anything to you about the wounds?”
Those tears now weren’t so easily pushed away. “She was adamant she had never caused them.”
One conclusion came to my mind. “No one believed her, did they?”
“Who else would have done it?” Anna retorted. “At that point, Lizbeth hadn’t left the house in over six months.”
Zach stared at Anna, his gaze probing. I inhaled deeply, understanding the frustration. The dust in the room settled into my nostrils. I rubbed at the tickling in my nose, and considered what she had told us.
It seemed to me Lizbeth had clearly been suicidal. I’d watched television shows were people cut themselves. Maybe this was all that was going on here. Case closed.
Zach scribbled a few more lines of notes then scrutinized Anna. “How did Lizbeth act in the days before she died?”
“Strange.” Anna wiped the tears from her face. “She always had this dark cloud over her, but in the week before her death it became much worse. She’d stopped eating and we had to force liquids down her throat.” Her chin quivered, more tears spilling. “But it was in her eyes where I saw her demise.”
“What did you see?” I whispered, not totally sure I wanted to hear her answer.
“She was already dead.”
Zach coughed. “Pardon?”
“Lizbeth was no longer in her body.” Anna shook her head, sending more tears rushing down her cheeks. “I know that is hard to believe, but that’s the only way I can describe it. She had already left.”
“Where did she go?” I urged.
Anna lowered her head and sighed. “I have no idea. All I know is she wasgone.”
My assumptions that Anna was off her rocker deepened. One question would solidify if I believed she held any sanity at all. “Why do you stay here…in thishouse?”
Anna lifted her gaze, and her eyes swam in sadness. “I’m afraid that Lizbeth is still here, and if I leave she’ll be all alone. I don’t have the money to fix up the house. Since her death—times have been hard.”
Wasn’t I a shit? Her answer was clear and concise, and, well…I could understand her reasons. If she were crazy, I assumed her purpose for staying here would be, too.
Zach closed his notebook, and placed it into the pocket of his black slacks. “Would you take us outside to the water and discuss what happened the night she died?”
“Of course.” Anna stood from the couch and approached the front door.
Zach gestured toward the hall. I took the hint. Since Kipp hadn’t returned yet, it confirmed he hadn’t found Lizbeth’s ghost. Before we left I needed to check out the house to see if she remained. “Do you mind if I use your washroom?”
“Not at all.” Anna dabbed her tears with a tissue, and then raised her chin. Her deep inhale to compose herself was obvious. “It’s down the hall—third door on the right.”
“Thank you.” I headed toward the hallway while Zach continued to ask Anna another question as they headed out the front door.
The hallway was in a similar condition to the rest of the house, completely in shambles. The flowered wallpaper was peeling off the walls and the color of it resembled something not worth discussing. I wrinkled my nose, catching a whiff of mold, and continued walking.
To my left was an open door to a bedroom. I peeked in and clothes were thrown over the light blue bedspread. Furniture was scarce, but the room seemed lived in. It did appear slightly more taken care of than the rest of the home, which drew the conclusion that this had to be Anna’s bedroom.
I surveyed the room and couldn’t see Lizbeth’s ghost, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t there. She could be hiding. “Lizbeth,” I whispered.
No one responded.
Leaving the room, I carried on down the hall to another bedroom on the right, but as I called out her name again, I received the same response.
The bathroom was to my left and another room lay on the right. The door was closed and I did my best to keep quiet as I opened it. I couldn’t hear Zach or Anna in the house anymore, but I didn’t want to chance it. I pushed the door open and it creaked.
I peered in and my heart skipped a beat. “Creepy.” The room wasn’t in the same condition as the house. It looked brand new, even the paint on the walls appeared fresh, and Lizbeth’s name was written in wooden letters above the dresser. Of all the rooms to keep nice, Anna chose this one. I couldn’t quite decide if that was sweet or freaky.
“Lizbeth,” I whispered again only to be met with silence. I’d never had a ghost hide from me before, usually they were so intrigued by my ability they always approached.
After silence greeted me, I left the room and closed the door. I headed for the bathroom and went straight for the sink. At least the room was clean. Yes, in horrible condition, but the blue bathtub had been scrubbed recently.
At the sink, I turned on the faucet to wash the icky feeling off my hands. I wanted to get home and have a shower. Being in this house for even a few minutes had left my skin feeling filthy and downright gross.
I waited a moment to let the water warm since the pipes thumped indicating trouble stirred, and just as I placed my hands under the water, a voice startled me. “Why are you in my house?”
I looked over my shoulder and spotted a middle-aged ghost dressed in a double-breasted black coat, white dress shirt, and fitted tanned breeches. “I beg your pardon,” I snapped. “But I don’t deserve to be glared at—or spoken to in that nasty tone—when I’ve done nothing wrong.”
“You can hear me?” His eyes widened. “You can see me?”
“Yes I can.” I returned the glower he not-so-kindly offered me. “Why are you so rude?”
“Classic.” I snorted. “The ghost is beside himself. Isn’t it supposed to be the live person who is shocked when they see a ghost?”
“You’re alive?”
Now he was being just downright mean. I shut off the faucet, and with the water dripping off my fingertips, I turned to face him. “Do I look dead to you?”
He gave me a once over with a look that left something to be desired. “No, but why are you glowing?”
“Yes, well,” I wiped my damp hands on my skinny jeans, “that’s my ability.”
He studied me, examining my gold hue—or so I’d been told that is how it appeared—and by his huge eyes this revelation stunned him. “And this ability is how you can see me?”
I wasn’t in any mood to get into this with him. A change in topic was in order. “Have you seen a young girl around here?”
“No,” he responded without haste.
I nibbled my lip, considering that. “Not ever, or not lately?”
If Lizbeth died in misery, it made no sense that her ghost wasn’t here. Ghosts always lingered and needed help to cross over. Someone who committed suicide wouldn’t be a settled soul. And most of the ghosts I’d met returned to a place that had meant something to them. Considering Lizbeth was young when she died, I’d assumed she’d come home. Where else would she have gone?
“How long have you been here?”
“I have no idea.” He paused, thoughtful, then said, “I think it’s been quite some time.”
His response didn’t surprise me. Ghosts never remember much except what they needed to, to move on. Seeing that this ghost would lead me nowhere, I figured I might as well try and help one ghost today. “Do you want to cross over?”
He scowled. “Are you threatening me?”
“Good God.” I dismissed him with a flick of my hand. “You’re foul. I’m asking to be nice. I can help you, if you’d like.”
“This is my house. I don’t want to leave. I want you to.”
I grunted. “Trust me, I want the same damn thing.”
He gestured toward the door in what might have seemed like a bow of respect, if his dark gaze hadn’t thoroughly flipped me off. “Best you see yourself out.”
I had just about enough of his bad attitude. I pointed at him. “You better not go scaring Anna. She’s been through enough.”
“I don’t scare her.” He scoffed. “She’s a lovely woman and I don’t mind her sharing the home with me.”
“I’m glad to hear it, but if I find out you’re frightening her, I will Ghostbuster your ass. Got it, jacko?” I flicked my hair over my shoulder, not waiting for him to respond because frankly, I didn’t give a shit.
I exited the bathroom, heard him grumbling something after me. I really couldn’t blame him, though. If I’d been dead since the eighteen hundreds, from the looks of his clothing, I’d be pissy too.
Once on the front porch, I spotted Zach and Anna. They talked down by a creek that was completely overgrown with weeds, rocks lining the shore.
On my approach, Zach glimpsed at me. I shook my head to indicate I hadn’t found Lizbeth in the house.
He visibly sighed, turning to Anna. “Now that Tess has arrived, would you please tell us what happened?”
I took a moment to scan the area, and listened hard to see if I could hear anything, but only the sound of rushing water and chirping birds filled my ears. The air around the home smelled so fresh, and thrived with nature, it was a wonderful contrast to the dust and mold inside the house.
Anna drew in a long, deep breath. “It was a spooky evening that night. The fog settled above the water and the full moon provided a lot of light.” Her eyes glazed over, lost in memory. “I heard Lizbeth leave the house, so I went over to my bedroom window.”
I glanced back at the house. One lone window faced the creek.
“I saw Lizbeth walking out to the water. She wore just her white nighty, and she was so frail.” Anna shuddered. “She was all skin and bones.”
“She came out here alone?”
Anna nodded. “I didn’t see anyone with her, at the time. She stood by the water’s edge and was so pretty.”
I had a hard time imagining anyone looking pretty in the way Anna had described. But I wasn’t about to bring up that point and merely listened as she went on.
“Lizbeth looked over her shoulder, and I’m still not sure how she knew I was watching her, but she smiled one of the coldest smiles I’d ever seen.” Darkness washed over her expression. “I’m sure that smile will haunt me forever.”
I gulped, a sudden nervousness wrapped around me and icy fingertips ran up my spine.
“What did she do after that?” Zach urged.
Anna shook her head, clearly pulling herself away from the horrifying memory, and refocused. “She turned back toward the water, walked in, and killed herself.”
“Are you saying she drowned herself?”
“I know that’s hard to believe, but the second I saw her walk into the creek, she submerged herself into the water. That’s when I ran out after her.”
“What happened when you reached her?”
Tears welled in her eyes. “She was floating, head first, and so I pulled her out.” A tear slid along her cheek, and she wiped it away, her tone controlled. “I tried to CPR, but it didn’t matter, she was already gone.”
Silence drifted around us. I welcomed it. This story needed some time to process, and even after a minute or so, I still came up empty.
Anna’s gaze stayed focused on the water, as she cried. I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like to be back here, staring at this water, and remembering what happened. How did she continue to live in that house?
A nudge on my arm had me glancing over at Zach. He mouthed the words, “Is she here?”
I shook my head.
He frowned.
Lizbeth’s lack of appearance seemed unusual even to me, but I hoped Kipp had better luck.
Zach cleared his throat. “After you pulled Lizbeth out of the water, what happened?”
Anna cleared her damp cheeks. “My mother and father came down and chaos erupted. They yelled, wanting to know what happened to her. When I told them, it was no surprise they didn’t believe me.”
She brought up a good point. “Where are you parents now?”
“Both, long dead.”
Insert foot into mouth! “I’m sorry.”
Anna sighed. “It’s for the best. Lizbeth’s death hit both of them very hard. My mother was never the same and my father withdrew from life.”
Saddest thing I’d ever heard.
“I can’t find her outside.”
I glanced over my shoulder and Kipp approached, his eyebrows furrowed, frustration emanating from him. Seeing that I couldn’t answer him with Anna here, I simply gave a short nod to show I understood his defeat.
“At what point did you see Hector?” Zach asked.
I jerked my head toward him, unable to hide my shock. “Someone else saw her in the water?”
“He’d been the main suspect in her death but—”
“My statement ruled him out,” Anna interjected. “He probably would’ve been found guilty of her murder since he’d been the only other person present at the time of her death.” Her gaze firmed. “But I said it then, and I’ll say it now, he didn’t kill her. I saw Lizbeth walk into the water and drown herself. I couldn’t make up what I saw.”
“Ask her how she can be so sure,” Kipp said to me.
I shook my head, which I tried to hide by shifting my stance. There was no way I would argue with Anna. Kipp hadn’t heard the rest of the conversation and I believed every word she said.
Instead, I pressed on. “Did you know he was there when you first came out of the house?”
“No,” Anna replied. “He showed up out of nowhere. I hadn’t seen him near the house at all and his arrival startled me. But I’ll tell you one thing, his eyes were exactly like Lizbeth’s.”
My heart did that full skip-a-beat thing, indicating whatever she meant by that, scared me shitless. “They were?”
“When Lizbeth smiled at me, Hector did the exact same thing when he approached. To say it was creepy is really putting it mildly, but it was as if I stared at Lizbeth again—or what Lizbeth had turned into.”
The side of my temple hurt. I zeroed in on Zach. “So after they questioned Hector, they released him?”
“Yes,” he answered. “But he’s now serving time for an unrelated crime he committed a month after Lizbeth’s death.”
I gave Zach and Kipp a knowing look, and they returned it. As much as Anna was sure of what she saw, I suspected she was wrong. A person in a state of shock might not be able to think straight. I surmised that’s exactly what happened.
“I know what y’all are thinking, but I know what I saw,” Anna said, adamantly. “Lizbeth walked into the water and killed herself. Trust me, I’ll never be able to forget it.” Sadness gone. Determination risen. “No matter how much everyone wanted me to retract my statement and pin it on Hector, I wouldn’t send an innocent man to jail for something he didn’t do.”
Innocent, my ass!
Zach inclined his head, as if he agreed with her, but I knew better. “Is there anything else you can tell us, Anna, that could help us?”
“I’m sorry. That’s all I know.”
“Thank you for talking to us.” I smiled, reached out for her hand and squeezed it. “We’ll do what we can to find out what happened to her.”
Anna returned the smile, but on her, it was despaired. “I appreciate y’all working on this case again. I do hope that you’ll discover what truly happened to Lizbeth. If it’s all right, I’d like to go back into the house now.”
“Yes, of course. Thank you for your time.” Zach shook Anna’s hand, and then she started back toward the house.
“This is by far the weirdest situation I’ve ever been in,” I whispered to Kipp. “I’ve never experienced a missing ghost before.”
“Quite unusual, to say the least. Let’s head back to the station and fill Max in on what we’ve discovered.” He sighed. “Or not discovered.”
I headed to the truck with the boys following. Anna climbed the steps of her porch, and I remembered there was something I needed to tell her. “Anna,” I called.
She turned. “You have a very grumpy old ghost in your house, but don’t worry, he likes you, and is fine with sharing the house with you.” She didn’t look nearly as surprised as I’d expected. Maybe she already suspected a ghost lived with her. Maybe not. But my job was done.
Now on to finding a missing ghost…
Don’t Forget To
Happy Reading !!!!
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Assume The Position by T.C. Lee

13262245Title: Assume The Position
Author: T.C. Lee
Publisher: Time and Tide Publishing
Edition: E-Copy
Source: From Author for Honest Review


Goodreads Blurb

Regan Taylor is already heading toward a date she'd rather not entertain. She thinks her night can't get any worse, until blue lights illuminate the night behind her, and the strong, commanding voice at her window strikes a nerve she didn't know was there.
Officer Alex Shaw is amused when the innocent brown-eyed woman staring up at him starts to argue at his accusations; she awakens a part of him that he has kept locked away. Despite his haunting past, pieces of his dominant side peek out, and he lets her go with a warning not to speed through his zone again.
When sparks fly between them, Regan sets out on a mission of self-discovery, but soon finds out the intense desire Alex brings out in her, leaves him cold. Can Alex overcome his past and act on his dark desires with her, or is it too late?

My Thoughts

First Sexy comes to mind. I loved this book . T.C. has created a story that will leave you wanting more in every sense of the word. Are story is with  Regan and Alex where they are on a journey of finding out who they are and what they are capable of. Regan is a recluse until she meets Alex then all she wants is him. Alex is afraid of being himself fully in fear of hurting someone. Until they meet each another. Then their world explodes into a sexual escapade that neither are sure if it is the right thing. All they know is that they have a desire for each other that they can not control. They eventual find that they can be themselves with each other without consequences that would hurt or effect the other.

Places to find T.C. Lee
Places to find Assume The Position

Happy Reading !!!!

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A Diamond In My Pocket by Lorena Angell Review

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Diamond In my Pocket

Title: A Diamond In My Pocket

Author: Lorena Angell

Series: The Unaltered

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Release Date: May 27, 2011

Edition: E~Copy

Source: Author For Honest Review

Rating: 3.5


GoodReads Synopsis

When Calli Courtnae breaks the World Record for the 100m, she is invited to Montana to prepare for National tryouts. However, upon arrival using her lip reading ability she realizes she’s been lied to, or at least not told the whole truth. She's a superhuman, a Runner, and her new world includes transporting packages for other supernatural groups.

She’s paired up with an overly anxious Gothic roommate, is continuously glared down by the gorgeous top-dog, Chris, who feels she doesn’t belong, and is placed on a delivery team to transport a valuable magical diamond to a clan of terrorists who can kill with their thoughts.

Chris, the team leader, is given the diamond, but Calli secretly receives the real stone along with a vision of the future and an explanation of why she was hand selected to carry out the mission. Almost immediately the hidden diamond oozes unprecedented additional powers and abilities in Calli making her more sought after than the diamond itself.


My Thoughts


Our heroine in this book is Calli. A normal teenage girl so she thought. Never popular in school she only had one true friend Sue, but that is all about to change at a track meet where she was enchanted. That track meet changed everything in her life for a short while. During the track meet she was discovered and believed to be a superhuman one with exceptional speed. And was whisked away to become a runner for the Runner Clan.

This is the first book in the Unaltered Series. It is unique in many ways. I enjoyed this read. Lorena has wonderful world building skills. The characters are awesome and flawed in there own little way which makes for a good read. Calli is a heroine with mixed emotions throughout the whole book. Who manages to make a enemy real fast but also manages to make a few friends also. Calli is thrown into a world of super-humans in which she would have never imaged to exist. She is set on a journey where she later learns that she was especially selected to be on. On this journey she faces many dilemmas and emotions that she never expected to have. Being an unaltered human she developes special skills. With the help of a diamond that posesses the skills of all the super-humans. She and a few others from the Runners Clan a part of the Super-humans are to deliver this diamond to the Death Clan in return for the hostages the Death Clan have taken. Little do the Death Clan know that once they come in contact with this diamond that it will be the death of them.


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Save My Soul by K. S. Haigwood Review

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Save My Soul

Kendra Larkin had everything going in the right direction. Her life was seemingly perfect, and she wouldn't have changed a thing about it. Unfortunately, the course of her life was about to be forever altered. A tragic repelling accident lands her on Dr. Adam Chamberlain's operating table.

She agrees to a deal proposed by a guardian angel to help save the soul of the man who is both her doctor and soulmate. If she is successful, she gets to keep her life. However, she later learns that it isn't just her life that's in jeopardy, but her soul as well.

Even with the help of her handsome guardian angel, Rhyan, it seems there is no happy ending in sight. Torn between her newly discovered love of Rhyan, and the undeniable attraction she has for Adam, Kendra finds herself at a crossroad. With Adam's steadfast rejection of God, and his guardian demon conspiring against her, she fears her soul may already be lost.

Will she find a way to overcome the evil her life is suddenly burdened with? Or will Adam's guardian demon win both their souls and make Kendra his own personal puppet in Hell?

My Thoughts

Well I really enjoyed this book. I was honored  that I was one of the very first to read it. Kristie has definitely put a new spin on Angels. She has set a good story line with awesome characters who are in no way perfect, but if they where perfect then this story would not have been a gripping read.

Kendra our heroine is unlike any other heroine. She has to make Dr. Chamberlain believe in something that he has not believed in in many years. She needs him to believe in god in order to save both of their souls. Getting Dr. Chamberlain to believe again is easier said then done.

There are many twist and turns in this story that will leave you wanting to read more and more. This is a definite page turner so make sure you go grab yourself a copy today.


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Exiled and Shift by Matt Merrick Review and Interview

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Title: Exiled
Author: M.R.Merrick
Series: The Protector (#1)
Genre: Paranormal/YA
Publisher: Self Published

Goodreads Blurb

Chase Williams is a demon hunter in the Circle, or at least he was supposed to be. Failing to develop any elemental magic on his fifteenth birthday left him exiled in a world full of half-demons, and no hunters to protect him.

When Chase discovers the Circle's plan to unlock a portal and unleash pure-blood demons into the world, he vows to stop them. Knowing he can't do it alone however, he accepts help from Rayna, a sexy witch with an attitude and a secret.

As the pair attempt to stop the Circle, Chase realizes working with a demon is only half the battle. When they find themselves in the middle of the Circle's plan, it leaves one of them to decide what their friendship is worth, and the other's life depending on it.

Luck 'O the Irish Hop

Saturday, March 17, 2012

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The Curse of Gremdon By Ciara Knight Review

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Goodreads Blurb

In a world where marriage is forbidden, sex is only granted to male warriors, and the outer realm is full of murderous creatures, Arianna fights to protect the life of her only living relative, her brother.

Tardon, an elite warrior, is granted anything he desires by the Elders, but finds little joy in the voluptuous women presented to him. Born for the bloodlust found only in battle, complicated emotions emerge when he discovers his equal in the alluring warrior, Arianna.

Charged by the Elders with saving the castle from attack, Tardon and Arianna risk the curse when they traverse the vast outer realm to retrieve serum from the Tree of Life. If successful, the Elders have promised Tardon the right to marry and Arianna the cure for her brother’s death fever. Will their love carry them through or will the discovery of a great deception be their ultimate demise?


Review 5/5

When I first read the synopsis for this book and saw the book trailer I new I wanted to read it. I had left a comment on Ciara Facebook page something to the effect that I was looking forward to reading it. And to my wonderful surprise she emailed me asking if I was still willing to read it and leave a review? I emailed her back saying I would love to read and review it she offered me a copy. So at this point I was fangirling. Thank You Ciara !!!!

My Thoughts

I knew I was going to enjoy this book I just did not realize how much. I absolutely LOVED IT !!!!

Ciara has created a fresh and unique story that will leave you well on the edge of your seat. This story is full of sensual passion and adventure. A love story like no other.

 Are journey is with Arianna a fierce warrior living in a kingdom where she believes that they are there to be protected from the people (well what the elders of the kingdom call them the Cursed) of Gremdon. It is not until Arianna’s brother Mardel  took ill with what they call the death fever. That things start to unravel and Arianna learns the truth about the elders. Along this journey Arianna finds love with Tardon but it is a long journey they both must travel in order to be with each other.

Ciara has created characters with depth and a world that is scary and beautiful at the same time. And her description  is fantastic. At one point in the book her description was so good I had the heebee jeebeez it was like the rats from the dungeon where eating at me.

It is easy to say that this book is ah~may~zing and I pray that this will be a series. One kingdom was brought back into the light and out from under the spell of the elders but there are many more kingdoms that need saved.

Now everyone go buy this book!!!!!!!

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Power Of The Moon by Tina Carreiro

Friday, March 9, 2012
Power of The Moon
Pub. Date: July 2011
Publisher: Firefly & Wisp Publishing

Goodreads blurb
Have you ever looked at someone and knew they were going to die? Miakoda Starr has. After trying to help a homeless man whose aura has him marked for death, Mia is in more trouble than she knows. Soon she meets Detective Cole Barnett, a man that shatters her world in more ways than one. And shows her a world of fear as well as desire.
wow this book was a very fast sit on the edge of your seat read for many different reasons. this is a sexy and I mean sexy action packed read that will leave you wanting more. especially more of cole (dayum) (yummy).
mia is special even though she does not she it that way for a very long time. she can see auras of people around her even the dead. and when she tries to help a homeless man she has grown fond of she is thrown into a world of creatures she did not even believed are real. while trying to save art the homeless man she stares down a vampire that now wants to kill her. trying to figure everything out. she falls in love with cole a vampire cop. she struggles with trust with cole throughout the whole book. but only because she has been hurt so much in the past that she has built up a brick wall around her heart. cole is patient though and he helps her break that wall down. ladies this is a must read. it will have your blood boiling. keep a spray bottle of cold water close or be prepared to take cold showers. you are going to need to do one or the other. cole is yummy. tina gives great description throughout the whole book. tina is going to leave you wanting book 2 like now. I know for me it is going to be torture waiting for COVET THE MOON.
also ladies I was told by tina on twitter that a fabulous lady on goodreads named dana is working on cloning cole lets hope she is successful and makes more than one.

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Forsaken Harbor by Laura Kreitzer Review and Interview

Monday, March 5, 2012
I am so happy to be apart of this awesome Blog Tour. When I received the arc of Forsaken Harbor I realized it was a book 2 and I contacted Jennifer my contact from Revolution Publishing Inc. and she was generous enough to send me a ecopy of Phantom Universe book 1 in the Summer Chronicles. Thank You Jennifer. I am glad I found a new author to add to my list of awesome authors that I will continue to look forward to more of their writings.

cover 1  Goodreads Blurb
The Secret Clock Society has infiltrated every aspect of the government. You can’t hide from them, you can’t out run them—the only choice is to surrender or die fighting. Well, Summer’s found her voice and her confidence. She’ll fight if necessary, but for now she’s on the run. And the only place that can offer her refuge is the one city that’s been devastated with disease and death. Full of savages, Forsaken Harbor holds her life on the edge of a knife. Is there still hope to be found here after all? Or will survival mean savagery?


This series is awesome. a read that will pull at your heartstrings but well worth it. I absolutely love this series and I am looking forward to reading more of summer’s story.
we are introduced to summer waverly in phantom universe. a book about human trafficking, modern day pirates, and time travel.
in phantom universe we learn that summer waverly is different. she was not born but created by the secret clock society. a society that is creating altered humans in the hopes of taking over everything. when they created summer they also created a boy (julian). summer and julian are human time machine's. they where created to travel into the future and bring back information on the technologies the future has. when summer was four yrs old the society realized the was a glitch in her. they wanted to terminate her, but her caretaker (mum) mindy overheard their plans and tried to run away with her. summer was kidnapped by jag a slave trader the society hired to kidnapped her. jag got greedy and wanted more  and when the society refused to give more money. jag sold summer to a pirate captain travis. summer lived with captain travis and his crew for 12 yrs before the society found her again. and she escapes.

forsaken harbor

forsaken harbor picks up not long after phantom universe ends.

forsaken harbor is a fast paced read from beginning to end. summer is still on the run from the society but is learning more and more about herself and is finally using her voice. summer is stronger then she initially gives herself credit for. in phantom universe we heard of julian but was not really introduced to him. that changes in forsaken harbor when julian saves summer’s life along with the lives of her friends when the society finds and breaches  there safe place. in this book summer is the one that wants to save a life rather then be the one saved again but things take a turn and she finds herself being saved again by julian. while still on the run from the society. summer is determined to bring the society down.
laura has created fantastic characters that really develop and grow more and more throughout this series. that you can not help to love. laura has also created a world that is amazing. she has a way with her description that she just transport in right into that world like you are the one living it. I am looking forward to reading more installments in the summer chronicles. I can not wait to see how much more summer grows as a character and completely gains the confidence to use her voice all the time.


I always start with can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a published author who used to be a scientist, though I think my mind still reverts to my scientific brain sometimes. I like to travel and read. Obviously, though, my main passion is writing. I love creating new worlds and people, and I plan to do this the rest of my life.

1. When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?

I first started writing back in early 2009, and my first book, SHADOW OF THE SUN, was finished by the end of 2009.

2. Where do you get your ideas from?

Some scary and wild place in my head. The best ideas come from traveling, I think, but sometimes I just give myself some quiet time to think and . . . wala! A story forms.

3. Do you work with an outline or just write?

Sort of both. I like outlines because they make me feel like I know where I’m going in the story. But then I start to write and my characters and the story take over, and the next thing I know I’m having to change more than half my outline.

4. Is there any particular author or book that has influenced you in anyway either growing up or as an adult?

J.K. Rowling is my biggest influence because she wrote for herself and not for a publisher. She created and did what so many authors only dream of accomplishing: creating a believable world and characters.

5. What was your favorite part of the writing process for Forsaken Harbor?

Summer’s growth. I was able to take her silence and slave mentality and transform her into a strong-willed character. It was fun and liberating, and I can’t wait to write the next two books as she grows out of her silence.

6. Do you have any rituals or writing quirks?

Er, not that I can think of off the top of my head. I do, however, like to have my word document formatted as if it were going to the printers (even though it isn’t the word doc that goes to the printers), just so I can get a feel of how it will look on paper. It’s almost impossible for me to work without my document being formatted perfectly.

Now Just For FUN

Favorite Candy?

I’m not a big fan of candy or sugar, believe it or not. If I had to choose, I’d say white chocolate is my favorite.

Favorite Beverage?

Red Bull.

Favorite Season?

Fall, spring, or North Shore Hawaii weather. Haha.

Beach or Mountains?


Shoes or Barefoot?

Depends on the season, but mostly barefoot.

Night Owl or Early Bird?

Definitely a night owl.

Now to End Things

Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

I always have something to say to readers and fans, and it usually starts with a big THANK YOU! Without my readers and fans, I would be nowhere. My stories wouldn’t have been created, they wouldn’t have the meaning they do now. Every time I receive a message from a fan or reader, I am deeply humbled that I had an impact on them, be it positive or negative.

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