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Thursday, May 2, 2013
Title: Always and Foreverland 
Author: Rachael Wade
Genre: New Adult Romance 
Publisher: Rabbit Hole Press
Expected Release Date: Feb 14 2014
Not long ago, Micah and Trinity were the same. They shared the same past and the same secrets, and they knew just how to help each other endure the rough hand they’d been dealt. Some kids grew up in loving homes, with kind families and boundless compassion. But Micah and Trinity weren’t so lucky. Growing up in foster care with no place to call home, they swore they’d be there for one another, always.

Now they’re back in each other’s lives, but the reunion is less than sweet. When Trinity stumbles onto the same college campus as Micah, she realizes her memories with him were and still are a life raft, but according to Micah, those memories never even happened. He’s no longer that sweet teenage boy who defended her and held her when she was scared. Now he’s the campus playboy with only three things on his mind: women, parties, and when he can score his next adrenaline rush. He refuses to acknowledge the truth.

Once upon a time, they dreamt of Foreverland.

Once upon a time, they were friends.

Once upon a time, they were more.

But that was then, and this is now, and no one knows that "once upon a time" doesn’t always lead to "happily ever after" more than two kids who’ve had to say goodbye too many times to count.

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