Review Hybrid Rh Factor by Claudia Modie

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Title: Hybrid Rh Factor
Author: Claudia Modie
Series: Hybrid Series (#1)
Genre: SciFi
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Mar 7 2011
Edition: Kindle
Source: Purchase


After being cut off from the world by her abusive mother and forced to shoulder responsibilities no seventeen year old should be burdened by, Olivia meets Bobby, and everything changes. Her life begins to spin out of control, and within months Olivia finds out she is pregnant.
This unexpected development forces Bobby into reliving his past, his own alien engineered birth. As he struggles to convince the young virgin to go through with the pregnancy, Olivia reconciles with the terrifying knowledge that she has been abducted, and is now incubating what she views as a creature. But despite her apprehensions, she cannot bring herself to terminate the life of the unwelcome parasite growing in her body.


Hybrid's backstory was really good. The alien explanations as well as the main storyline were great. A drawback was that the dialogue was lacking in its believability and the storyline between the main character and the love interest was not very developed. I liked Hybrid overall but its lacking dialogue and descriptions took away from the story.

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