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Friday, May 24, 2013
Title: The Fabric of Reality
Author: Benjamin Kelly
Genre: Cyber
Publisher: Breathless Press
Release Date: 24th May 2013
Formats Available In: All eBook formats

Alesia is one of the last surviving humans living on a post apocalyptic Earth where love is a commodity reserved for the elite and a common woman's only value is her ability to produce offspring. On the eve of her first forced union, she discovers a scientist named Gil on an Earth in another universe, but an impenetrable barrier stands between them.

A bloody, worldwide anti-technology rebellion wiped out the scientific community on Gil's Earth, leaving him trapped and under attack in an ancient fortress, an alternate version of one that exists on Alesia's Earth. With time running out, they need to learn the secrets of a fortress that allows communication between people in different universes to have any hope of survival. But the truth leads them to a choice: risk everything on a desperate gamble with little chance of success or spend their remaining moments together, longing to touch one another from the other side of reality.

Chapter One

Baron Volga pawed Alesia in a way no gentleman would dare touch a lady before wedding her. She jerked away, backing into her mistress, as he groped her delicate breasts. Hateful snickers of young girls came from somewhere out of sight. They were obviously enjoying the spectacle of Alesia's humiliation. She hoped when their time came they'd regret standing idly by and allowing this attack to happen without a single word of protest. The mistress grabbed Alesia's arms to keep her from bolting and shoved her back toward the baron. Tobacco-stained teeth showed through his devious grin when he chuckled. She wrenched herself free from her mistress's grasp, trying desperately to flee, but the baron was ready and caught her before she could run. She winced as he clasped her buttocks as firmly as a vice. The ravenous lust in his eyes was unmistakable.

Alesia thrust her hands toward his face, fingers poised to rid him of his sight, but the mistress clasped Alesia's wrists an instant before she could dig in her nails. He yanked her to him by her tortured hip, planted his face against the side of her neck, and inhaled deeply. A low moan rumbled in his throat, sending a shiver crawling down Alesia's spine. He dragged his tongue from her shoulder to her ear, leaving behind a trail of sticky saliva. The sickening smell of his putrid breath wafted up from the slimy deposit, turning her stomach. She stiffened her body, pulling away with all of her strength, but he held on even tighter, laughing with delight. The more she resisted, the rougher he became.

He thrust his hand under her dress and pressed his short, stubby fingers firmly against her sensitive flesh, the thin fabric of her drawers the only barrier between them. She bucked and twisted, trying to get loose before he could violate her further. He countered her every evasive movement with the ease of a man who had extensive experience taking women against their will.

A few strands of long oily, hair swung down from his balding head, falling across his face during their struggle. She fought to get a hand free, intent on ripping the greasy locks from his scalp, to no avail. Between the firm grasp of her wicked mistress and that of Baron Volga, she had no hope of escape. Alesia shuddered as the tears she had been holding began to spill. The baron withdrew his hand from her crotch, looking excessively pleased with himself. He pressed his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply, grunting his approval.

As if signaling to Alesia that he thought no more of her than an animal, he quickly delved his fingers into her mouth, rolling her lips back, exposing her gums. She snapped her teeth down hard, but the baron jerked his hand away just in time to keep from losing a digit.

Baron Volga released Alesia's hip and brushed his hair back into place. The mistress cleared her throat, extending a hand toward him. He plopped two gold coins into her palm, turned on his heel, and waddled out the door of the orphanage. The old woman grinned joyfully and hurried off, clutching her loot.

A wave of nausea rolled through Alesia's trembling body. The room swam before her eyes. Darkness encroached on her vision from all around, and the floor rose up to meet her. The mocking giggles of her peers echoed in her pounding head. Alesia gazed up at the smiling faces staring down at her from all sides. Her cheeks burned red hot. The baron's attack would have been bad enough with no witnesses to taunt her, but they had seen everything and would, no doubt, make her relive it over and over for the time she remained with them. All at once they dragged her into a chair, then left, with the fading noise of their unintelligible chatter trailing behind them.

Benjamin Kelly is science fiction fanatic who can't resist a good love story and a happily ever after ending.

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