Review Hell Bound by Beth Ann Masarik

Monday, May 13, 2013

Title: Hell Bound
Author: Beth Ann Masarik
Series: The World Among Us (Prequel #2)
Genre: YA/Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Hydra Publications
Release Date: April 4 2013
Edition: Kindle
Source: Author Exchange For Honest Review

After impressing her boss with her interview with werewolf, Leon Greene, Elise is Hell Bound to an interview with the Lord of the Underworld himself. Mr. Murphy wants her to find the dirty scoop on Hades himself, and foil his plot to take over the world. Will she survive the clutches of Hell?

*this is a short story based off the soon to be released novel, The World Among Us: Prince of Darkness.

In this short Ellie his called into the Boss's Office just to find out she is Hell Bound. Her Mission is to interview Hades himself. Is her job important enough to risk her life? After being told of her next assignment  she storm's out of the office to head home. Is home where she ends up? Is this assignment too much to handle? Read this short to answer these questions and get ready because book 1 in the Series the Prince of Darkness is coming soon.

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