Spotlight So Trashy by Kelley Harvey

Sunday, November 15, 2015
Tite: So Trashy
Author: Kelley Harvey
Series: Bad Boy Girl Next Door
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary
Publisher: Self - Published
Release Date: Aug 24 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
Source: Purchase
I lost her before. It won’t happen again.

I gave her up and broke her heart for her own good.
Now, my second chance has gone to $h!t.
Lou’s not the same good girl I left.
She’s turned bad, but it makes me want her more.
The world loves me for my bad boy ways, on screen and off.
They’ll love us together—once I convince her she’s missed me.

When I was young, only he saw the real me.

I don’t need Buck Wylder anymore; I’ll take care of myself.
He went to Hollywood. I became a Marine.
Buck’s back and he’s the same arrogant, infuriatingly attractive man who left.
Only this time? I’m not falling for him.
I thought I escaped my past, but when his fame drags
me into the spotlight, the world sees the truth.
I’m poor Loula Mae—daughter of a junkie and her pimp.
To them, I’m just

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