Review So Bad by Kelley Harvey

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Tite: So Bad
Author: Kelley Harvey
Series: Bad Boy Next Door
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary
Publisher: Self - Published
Release Date: Aug 24 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
Source: Purchase
I can look but not touch. That’s the rule.
That’ll keep us all out of trouble
and ensure our trust funds are secure.
But some women are worth the risk.
I try to protect her from him.
I should protect her from me instead.

Manwhore—and he’s not afraid to let everyone know it.
We aren't friends, not by any stretch,
though I’ve always secretly hoped for more.
Then he touches me and I’m lost.
But Danny isn't just an average asshole.
He’s bad to the core.
So. Bad.

My Thought
A fun and wild read.
Mo has had a crush on Danny since she was a little girl, but she cannot let him know that. Losing her Mother at a young age she ends up living with her BFF Rachel Jennings and her Family. Never expected to fall for Rachel's brother Danny but she knows that revealing her feeling would be disastrous. Growing up with Danny she knows that he is trouble on two legs and will nail anything he can. He is Bad News Right? What she does not know his feeling for her.
Danny has had a crush on Mo since she moved in with his family after losing her mother. Danny is unable to share his feelings because his father a Televangelist has threatened him. Now that they are consenting adults will Danny be able to restrain his desire for Mo.
To say the least Danny and Mo have a desire and pull towards each other Mo does her best to fight it. While Danny on the other hand is determined to get what he has wants. That just happens to be Mo. Getting what you want in life is not always easy and fighting feeling his easy said than done. Can Danny and Mo overcome all their emotions and obstacles that is laid before them or is it just to much to bear. Kelley has created well developed characters that can actually be the neighbors next door. So Bad is full of amazingly funny banter and angst not to mention steamy steamy scenes that is bound to make things a little hot.

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