Review Breathe Me by Alexia Purdy

Monday, June 24, 2013
Title: Breathe Me
Author: Alexia Purdy
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ New Adult
Publisher: Lyrical Lit Press
Release Date: May 31 2013
Edition: Kindle
Source: Author for Blog Tour & Honest Review
Sometimes the one who broke your heart, needs the most saving.
Piper Sandervale never thought she’d see Sasha Koval ever again. Not since he took her heart, ripped it out and obliterated it from existence. Now, six years have passed and she has run into him once more at the local fairgrounds in Las Vegas. He desperately wants another chance, and he’d do anything to get her back. She’s willing to give him a taste of his own medicine, if this is her chance for payback. But, will she find herself way in over her head?
Something has changed with Sasha and Piper struggles to justify the worth of past hurts to continue her quest for atonement.
Who needs saving now?

I laughed and I cried in this amazing story of finding love once again. It seems fate has intervened for Piper and Sasha who were lovers in college only to be split up because of a bad decision on Sasha's part. Years later can Sasha with the help of (Pipers cousin) Joss when Pipers heart back. In a story of finding oneself again can Piper give her heart to the man that broke it so many years ago?
Alexia has created amazing characters and an amazing setting. I love how well she describes things her writing style is so beautiful that I can not wait to delve into another book.
Sasha  bound to win the love of his life back. If only he knew back in college what he knows now. Things would have been perfect, or would they?
Piper who has built steel walls up around her heart since Sasha broke it in college is slowly tearing the walls down when he shows up in her life again. Sasha comes back as a package deal one that makes Piper a little apprehensive. Can they find love again or will Piper break his heart like he did to her oh so many years ago. Grab yourself a copy of this amazing read and find out for yourself.

Alexia currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada–Sin City! She loves to spend every free moment writing or playing with her four rambunctious kids. Writing has always been her dream and she has been writing ever since she can remember. She loves writing paranormal fantasy and poetry and devours books daily. Alexia also enjoys watching movies, dancing, singing loudly in the car and Italian food.

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Oh, this looks interesting! Thanks for sharing with us. I love finding new books by new authors! I also love this genre and I always wonder what made the author choose to write for this genre? Did they just fall into it or was it a planned and calculated move?

Thanks for the giveaway!

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