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Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Title: Inevitable
Author: Angela Graham
Genre: New Adult Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 25 2013

After experiencing a humiliating breakup, twenty-two-year-old Cassandra Clarke is fresh out of college and living a simple solitary life without any intentions of pursuing love anytime soon.

When the estate next door sells, the last thing Cassandra expects is the unnerving attraction she feels for her sinfully handsome neighbor, Logan West, the young and charming single father with a playboy reputation.

It’s through Oliver, Logan’s four-year-old son, who keeps popping up in her childhood tree house, that she slowly begins to catch glimpses of the compassionate and wounded man Logan has hidden beneath his strong exterior.

Cassandra knows it's wrong and that she's heading for another heartbreak.
Logan will never be able to give her what she truly desires…love.

Where did the inspiration for this story come from?  What is the story behind the story so to speak? 

The idea behind inevitable hit me out of the blue and grew into something deeper the more I dug into it. I was picking my 5 year old son up from preschool one day and just thought it would be nice to see some sexy single fathers there.  So in a way this story came from me needing better eye candy at my son’s school, lol. Hope no one at the preschool reads this. When I started it, it was really important for me to do a slow burn romance. I love to read stories where you see the couple meet and go through the motions of falling in love and I really wanted to capture that. That is also why this book is not a stand-alone novel as it was meant to be. I cut one chapter (which can be found on my Facebook page) but could not bring myself to cut any others so I was faced with doing a second book to properly tell the complete story.

Tell us about the book cover.
How does it represent your book?  How did you choose the artwork? 

The cover was so important for me. I really wanted the photo to capture the friendship, love and tenderness Cassandra and Logan shared. I searched thousands of photos over a week before I landed on the one and even still it needed work through the magic of Photoshop. . I love the way it turned out. Inevitable is a romance and I feel you can see that through the cover.

I am happily married to my husband of five years, have three wonderful children and a beautiful feline companion that keeps me company during late night writing binges. I fought hard to find time to write and still keep my household together but I never gave up and now I have never prouder of myself. 
If only one person reads and enjoys my book, I’m thrilled to have accomplished a dream and look forward to continuing writing till someone tears the laptop from my fingers, I can’t stop.

My love of reading has been life long but it was in early 2012 when I was inspired to finally put pen to paper and write my first story. Since then I haven't been able to stop, fueled purely by my passion to write a story and create characters that readers will enjoy.

Where do the ideas for your books come from? 

I find inspiration in everything around me. I have notebooks full of ideas that came from asking questions when I see someone on the street or out shopping. I wonder what their story is that makes them look so sad or so giddy and then my mind starts reeling and I start jotting stuff down that may or may not have anything to do with what I saw but it sparks something inside me.

Have you ever co-written book/books? If so was it difficult? If not would you ever consider co-writing with another author? 

I have not but with the right person it could be a lot of fun. The writing with someone that you respect and admire as a writer sounds like a lot of fun and something I may do in the future.

Where do you get your character names from? 

Honestly this is a hard one for me. For Inevitable Cassandra and Logan’s names came to me and it was a serious ‘ahha’ moment but I have a baby name book that I also go through occasionally if I am stuck and write down names that capture my attention. I close my eyes and open it up and see if any name stands out that represents a character I am writing.

What type of research goes into your writing? 

I have only written my first book so I’m not sure yet because there was little research for that one but the follow up to it involved medical research that I tried to make sure I knew everything that was needed. My husband is a walking encyclopedia so that really helps. I can read him a scene and he’ll be like nope, that wouldn’t happen like that. So that helps a lot.

Are your family and friends supportive of your writing? 

Writing Inevitable was a tricky process with 3 kids. My husband was supportive as far as he loved that I found my passion but wanted to make sure the household still ran smoothly. There were a lot of late nights and sleepy mornings. Even nights where I would sneak my laptop under the couch when he’d come home from work, lol. I was totally picking up the babies toys, promise. Nobody besides my husband and sister knew that I was writing a novel. I wasn't sure I would ever publish since I am my own biggest critic so it was a very personal thing for me but once I announced it on Facebook(yes this is how I speak to most my family that is spread out over the state) everyone seemed happy for me.

Do you remember when your interest in writing came about? 

I do actually! It was March of 2012, lol. To exact. I've always loved to read and ever since a child I enjoyed spending time at the library and bookstores but never once thought I should really write a book. In high school I wrote short stories but they were just for me. Then I was hit one day by watching a television show that led me to write out a scene that would have left me much happier than the one on the show. After that I was bitten by the writing bug and haven't stopped since.

Other than writing what are your interest? 

I love home design. I could spend equal hours in the bookstore between the fiction section and home decorating aisle. 

Did you learn anything from writing your books, if so what was it? 

The most important thing I learned was how much pleasure you can get out of life when you find something you truly enjoy. I can’t imagine not writing now. I've been a stay at home mom for thirteen years and always wondered if I would ever find something that I was meant to do. Having a child straight out of high school left me with little options so I put everything I had into being the best mother I could be. Writing has completed me in so many ways. I feels as though I found something I didn't even know I was looking for.

What are your current WIP? 
Can you share with us? 

Right now I am solely focused on finishing the second book of Inevitable. It is not a series but does have another book coming in October to finish their story. 


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