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Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Title: The Misadventures of Alexandra T'Kayn Treasure Hunter
Author: Tabitha Bradley
Series: The Dirandan Chronicles (#1)
Genre: Sci Fi Erotic
Publisher: Sizzler Editions
Release Date: July 3 2010

"Intriguing, Funny, Human, Incredibly Erotic!" --Goodreads
First-ever one volume collection of the science fantasy saga of bondage and romance! This unique omnibus collects the two serials that have made Alex T'Kayn a legend among sexy sci-fi series. Originally published as a pair of two part serials, The Star of Illiyn and The Black Rose of Janassi, this interstellar saga of daring capers, hair's-breadth escapes, randy protagonists, and mild bondage has thrilled readers for most of a decade.
Now for the first time in one volume, here are the complete misadventures of the ever-so-sexy treasure hunter and thief, at almost half the price of the original serial editions.

Regina was in shock.  She walked out as she was told to, across the platform toward the group of men seated nearby.  As she did, she knew, from the moment she saw him, who Jeron Silstrun was.  It was as if everything prior to this moment had been some kind of half-waking dream or nightmare, as if she'd just snapped out of the fog.
She was on automatic, performing on command, walking, stopping, turning, bowing as bidden, her mind whirling non-stop.
Though she'd never seen him before, Regina couldn't mistake the man that made even men like Asher VonTesmar and her Uncle, Lucian Janassi distinctly nervous.  
Jeron had power.
Taking advantage of her bowed head, Regina squeezed her eyes shut a moment to try and calm her spinning thoughts.  She drew in several deep, long breaths as she waited for the next order.
Not only did Jeron have power, he was magnetic, dangerous.  Something about him drew her, even though she was very aware of the kind of man he was and what he'd done, what he could do...  She groaned softly as a heated flush tickled her skin.  He was attractive, but she'd seen much handsomer.  It wasn't his appearance that gave her this nearly unbearable flash of heat.  It wasn't even the supposed 'Rysusi effect' that apparently didn't bother her much.  It was something much deeper and darker, the same thing her dreams had hinted at.
She opened her eyes and peered carefully through her hair.
The other officers were talking and apparently sharing cocktails while she held this position on the stage in front of them.  She could see Jeron leaning back in his chair, feet up on the table in front of him, holding his own glass in one large hand, watching her.  As she stared at him, she began to get the increasingly uncomfortable feeling he was looking right into her own eyes.  
She nearly flinched.   Nearly.

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Arizona author Tabitha Bradley has been writing science fiction, fantasy and erotica for over ten years. In the last two years, her award-winning Dirandan Chronicles series has been winning fans in the new medium of digital publishing. Her unique approach to characters and storyline has been reflected by excellent reviews and the digital industries’ top awards. Her science fiction anthology Diranda: Tales from the Fifth Quadrant won the 2005 Dream Realm Award, and her science fiction novel Peacekeeper finaled in the Science Fiction category of the 2006 EPPIEs.
“My main reason for writing is the story,” explains Tabitha, “I want to tell a story I would be interested in reading, with characters I love who have stories that need to be told.  I’m thrilled my readers love my worlds as much as I do and I’m glad there is a real interest in the kinds of stories I love to tell. That’s why I got into the publishing business in the first place, because I had stories I wanted to share.”
Tabitha lives in Northwestern Arizona with her husband and two children.

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