Flash Fiction Friday ~ Claimed Part 12 by Dawn Kirby

Friday, June 22, 2018

Part 12

Ben took the money and ran the very next day. My aunt and cousin were gone by that night. His former pack had the option of splitting off into the two remaining packs or leaving the area. Steven had given them 24 hours to decide or face him. Adam gave them a month, no questions asked.  Much to Steven’s dismay, the majority of Ben’s pack chose to merge with Adam’s.

Sean and Bear stayed out at the house just in case anyone from Steven’s pack decided to try something. Trey was still confined here for his own safety, but nobody trusted him as far as they could throw him either. He remained loyal to his father despite the fact he wanted to kill him.

Now that the big night was upon us, tension and anticipation hung in the air. Paul didn’t seem at all concerned by the looming challenge. He kept up with all his appointments and kept his office running as if there was not a thing in the world going on.

Adam on the other hand had so many emotions running through him it was hard to read him from one minute to the next. Personally, I couldn’t wait for tonight to be over. Life would change, but maybe routine would follow.

“So since the cat’s out of the bag so to speak, are we still cooking?” Sean asked Adam.

Adam opened the fridge. It was stuffed to the gills with every kind of meat imaginable. “A little hospitality goes a long way, don’t you think?”

Sean laughed. “If you’re planning to win them over with food, I think you’re off to a great start. Only thing better would be an open bar.”

“He’ll be here in an hour,” Adam said with a wink.

“Ah. I’m all his if he needs help setting up.”

“Fine but no taste testing,” Adam said firmly. “Not until after.”

“Not so much as a shot,” Sean said. He turned his attention to me. “How are you holding up?”

“I’m just ready for it to be over,” I told him. “I don’t know how either one of them isn’t pulling their hair out by now.”

He shrugged. “My dad always said it was an alpha thing. Said that’s one of the tells of a good leader. I’m sure he’s a basket case on the inside, but he’ll never let it show.”

I watched Adam walk out to the patio and then back in again. He did that two more times before he finally remembered he’d gone out there to fire up the grill.

“It shows,” I told Sean. “He just doesn’t realize it.”

He watched Adam for a few minutes while he tried and failed to get the fire going. “Yeah, maybe I better help him out. If he keeps this up we won’t eat until after the challenge.”

Something big shot past us and hit Adam full force. He tumbled backward and fell into the pool. The animal that hit him jumped into the water with him and they started to wrestle.

Terrified he’d just been attacked, I ran outside. I almost made it in with them until Paul came out of nowhere and grabbed the back of my shirt. I looked over at him to see a calm smile on his face and an amused twinkle in his eye.

“I take it he knows this guy?”

“Very well,” Paul said. The two in the pool stopped wrestling and looked at me. “Jenna, meet Caine. Adam’s older brother.”

“Caine?” I asked him still trying to calm the pounding in my chest. “I didn’t know he had a brother.”

Caine hauled himself out of the pool and stood up in front of me. The difference between the two was night and day. Caine was built like a tank. He towered over Adam by a good five inches. His blond hair was cut short, almost like a military cut. When I looked into his blue eyes, I saw a lot more there than brotherly love. I saw envy.

“Most don’t know,” Caine said, shrugging. His eyes raked up and down my body. “Just call me Black Sheep.”

“Why?” I folded my hands over my chest, hoping I could get his eyes on mine.

“Mom cheated,” he answered nonchalantly. “I never really belonged anywhere other than on the outside. Adam’s tried to let me in, but I know it hurts Dad to see me too much so I stay away.”
“Can I ask who your father is?”

“Don’t see why not.” He glanced at Paul who’d suddenly found something on the counter interesting. “Steven is. That’s why he wants to fight Dad so much. He’s got something to prove even now.”

“And you?”

Again he shrugged. “I’ll let you know when I decide.”

This is the Final Short in the Claimed World NEXT Week we have something new. We Hope You Enjoyed the Characters from the Claimed World it Looks Like they are going to Get A Full Length Book.
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