Flash Fiction Friday ~ Claimed Part 11 by Dawn Kirby

Friday, June 15, 2018

Part 11

Paul lunged at Trey, knocking the gun from his hand. Sean grabbed it and held it on the pair now fighting on the floor. Bear got in a few good kicks to Trey’s side before he walked over to check on Adam. Thankfully the bullet had only grazed his cheek.

“Let him go, Dad,” Adam growled. It took a few long seconds, but he did as he was told though he didn’t leave Trey’s side. “Bear, call Steven. Let him know his son his issued a challenge on his behalf.” Trey tried to protest, but stopped when Sean cocked the gun. “I want him here within the hour. Sean, you call Ben. I want it known I didn’t start this.”

“You started this when you split off the pack,” Trey spat.

Bear squatted down next to him on the floor. Trey leaned away from him, but to his credit, Bear did nothing more than stare at him. “How dense are you?” he asked. “By rights the pack belonged to Adam the day Jenna’s parents died. Seems to me it was Ben and Steven that did the splitting.”

He got up, took his phone out of his pocket and walked outside. Sean kept the gun on Trey while he made the call to my uncle. “We’ve got him, man. Go clean the blood off your face.”

“I’m good,” Adam grumbled, swiping his hand across his cheek. He glared at Trey. “You just screwed the pooch, didn’t you?”

“I just expedited the inevitable,” Trey told him. “Somebody needed too.”

“At the expense of your own life?” I asked him. Knowing Steven, the order had more than likely already been given.

“Don’t act like you care,” he spat. Paul bit down on his shoulder. “Dammit! Alright. I got it.” Paul let him go. “No wonder you like it here.”

“I like it here because it feels like this is where I belong. Nobody tries to control me. Nobody tries to possess me.”

“Yet,” he said. “Give it time. Once he has power all bets are off.”

“Don’t bet on it,” Sean said, shoving his phone back in his pocket. “Ben just conceded. He wants a month to liquidate assets.”

“I’ll make it easy. Dad, do your magic and get the deal done.” The wolf nodded and walked out of the room. He squeezed my shoulder. “Once it’s ours you can decide what you want done with it.”

“I’ve already told you what I want.” I appreciated the gesture, but the house I grew up meant less to me than a piece of gum on the bottom of my shoe. “All that’s there is a bunch of bad memories.”

Adam shrugged. “I’m always in the market for some demo opportunities. Sean, you up for it?”

“Hell yeah,” he said. “Remodel or no holds barred?”

“No holds barred.” Bear walked back into the house shaking his head. “Well?”

“Jr there is a dead man,” he said. Trey rolled his eyes. “He’s on his way here now to take care of it. As far as a challenge, he says you have an unfair advantage. He’s requested a stand in.”

Sean raised his eyebrow. “That’s a new one.”

“A way to save face so he doesn’t have to fight,” Paul said, coming back into the living room. He buttoned up his shirt and sat down in the leather recliner behind Trey. “I expected as much. Who’s his stand in?”

“Not him,” Bear said, motioning in our direction. “Adam’s.”

“I see,” Paul said, smiling slightly. “He finally found his chance.”

“For what?” Sean asked. “You aren’t a leader. Even if y’all did fight nothing would be gained.”

“A vendetta satisfied,” Paul answered calmly. “He’s been nursing this for over thirty years. Maybe it’s time we settle it.”

“I’m not going to let you fight for me,” Adam said.

Paul looked up at him with what I could only describe as a fatherly look. “Son, this isn’t your fight. There will be a challenge, but your fight will be with Trey.” He glanced between Bear and Sean. “You two may as well plan on fighting too. In the meantime, I think it’s best if Trey is taken somewhere out of sight.” We heard the rumble of a motor outside the door. “Now!”

Bear grabbed Trey’s arm and jerked him off the floor. He looked at Adam. “Panic room?” Adam nodded. “Jenna too?” Again, Adam nodded.

“I’m not going anywhere,” I said, yanking my arm out of Bear’s hand.

“You’re a target same as Trey,” Paul said. “Go on. Let us handle this the right way. Let us handle this the way your father would have handled it.”

“I’m not hiding,” I told him. I looked at Adam. “If you want me, we do this together.”

The door flew open. Five men rushed inside. One of them headed straight for Trey. Bear sidestepped him and dragged Trey through the kitchen. The man bolted off after them. I heard a body hit the floor and then a heavy door slam shut.

Steven curled his lip at me as soon as he saw me. The look he gave Adam wasn’t any kinder. Then he turned his attention to Paul. If a glance could kill, Paul would have dropped dead where he stood.

“I stated me terms,” Steven said. “You’ve gone back on one already.”

Adam shook his head. “I never agreed to any terms.”

“Your representative did,” he argued. “That’s as good as you.”

Adam chuckled. “You know better than that. Until we come to an agreement between us, you and I, terms are not set. Until negotiations are made, Trey stays right where he is.”

“My terms are simple. My son dies at my hand for crossing me. Paul dies at my hand for crossing me and I may as well take Jenna too. I won’t kill her though. Good stock is hard to find. I’ve got a few men that would do well with her.”

“That’s enough!” Adam yelled. “Jenna is not part of this deal. You want to fight Dad, he’s willing. But, Trey fights me in your place. Once it’s over, he’s yours to do with whatever you want. “

“I win, I get her,” Steven said.

“The fight is to the death,” Paul said. He stood up and walked over to stand beside Adam. “That should satisfy you.”

“No, Dad.” Paul put his hand on Adam’s shoulder. “Son, this needs to end. A fight to the death is the only way that’s going to happen.” He looked back at Steven. “A fair fight.”

“Looks like your party just turned into a wake,” Steven said. He snapped his fingers and walked out the door.

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