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Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Title: Still a Bad Boy
Author: Ada Scott
Series: Still a Bad Boy (#1)
Genre: Erotica/Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: Nov 2 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook & Print
Source: eCopy Provided by Author In Exchange for Honest Opinion.
I can’t get him out of my mind, and I can’t keep myself out of his bed.

He wasn’t supposed to notice me. Jace Barlow: the most powerful man in the city. Mysterious, scarred, pure muscle and tattoos.
He was my first. That didn’t stop him from pinning me against a wall, using me for his own pleasure until I screamed his name.
Now my boss thinks I’m getting the scoop of the century, but all Jace is giving me is orgasm after leg-quivering orgasm. When he puts his hand on my throat and growls in my ear…
“You are mine.”
I know it’s true.
I’ve fallen hard and I’ve never felt safer…
Until I see him kill somebody.


I dedicated my life to taking down the Picolli Crime Family from the inside. I made a name for myself, the mafia’s most brutal enforcer. I worked my way up the chain, and my revenge came. A righteous bloodbath.
Then I took their place so they could never come back.
Nothing else has ever mattered. Until Kendall.
She was an innocent girl for me to defile, and then leave her ruined for other men like all the rest. But she makes me so hard I ache for release, and for the first time in my life, I want to have her again.
Kendall’s the chink in my armor my enemies have been looking for.
I don’t care.
She is mine and I’ll die before I give her up.

My Thoughts

I received Still a Bad Boy as an ARC from the author to express my personal opinion. I in no way have received any monetary value for my thoughts.

WOW Just the Teaser Graphic I saw alone had me wanting to read this book. Will Share the Teaser Graphic Below 

Jace Barlow is a dirty talking multi-millionaire bad boy with a dark and shady past. Never wanted anything thing more than a once and done with the opposite sex at least until. Kendall Brookes walks in his company in hopes of getting an exclusive from the man behind the lottery.

Jace has not had an easy life losing his parents at a young age and shuffled through the system. He grows up learning to fight. Once learning the truth behind his parent’s death. He decided to fight the evil from the inside. He became the enforcer for the Picollis Family the family that caused the demise of his parents and was determined to bring them down. Almost eradicating the Picollis Family he thought his future was safe.

Kendall Brookes a shy and meek girl leaves home to become a journalist finding an internship with the Weekly Enquirer. Her Boss Mr. Kinsley sends her to get the interview all other media conglomerates have failed to get. The one interview that if she can snag will prove that she has what it takes. What she did not expect was to meet Jace Barlow and fall for him.

I love how the characters interacted with each the depth of the characters make them real to life. The World created for us to traverse through was amazing and very detailed. I sure hope to get more Jace in the future.  

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