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Monday, October 26, 2015

Title: Forbidden Rain
Author: L.L. Crane
Series: Blue Spectrum Chronicles (Book 1)
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian Fiction
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: July 16 2015
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
Rain is forbidden.  As a matter of fact, any teen romance is quickly snuffed out by the Administration due to the high S.L.A.G. (symptomatic latent autistic gene) rate.   But that isn’t going to slow Orion down.  He wants Rain, and one way or another, he’s going to get her.  The problem?  She isn’t interested in the hunky new boy who struts into her Geography class right after an earthquake strikes Province A. New students are rare in the Provinces, and much to Rain’s dismay she must show him around for three long days.
But there’s much more to Orion than what meets the eye.  The cocky boy has secrets, not only about his family but about Rain’s as well.  When a romance finally develops, Rain and Orion must find a covert hiding place so the Administration’s prying eyes won’t find them.  But will it work?  The hedge gap seems the perfect place, until Orion mysteriously disappears, leaving only one cryptic clue.  The letter K.  Heartbroken, Rain feels the loss of Orion viscerally and is determined to find him.  Eventually, after giving up on Orion, Rain settles into a normal routine with her new family, trying to forget about him.
But Rain soon discovers that she has the biggest secret of all, and if the Administration finds out, there is more at stake than just a teen romance.  Left on her own, Rain must face the biggest decision of her life.  There are only two paths to follow.  Which one will she take?

Book 1 in the Blue Spectrum Chronicles will keep you tethered to your seat, waiting to turn each page to see what happens when a young couple bravely dares to fall in love at a time when it is strictly forbidden.
My Thoughts

So different from the Mark of the Powers Series but such a good read. I love the depth of the characters and the world building was so intriguing and the dynamics were phenomenal. Really looking forward to the next installation in the Blue Spectrum Series.

Guest Post 

Rain:  Rain is pulled in so many directions that she doesn’t know which way to go.   A high achiever, she works hard to hold down Desk 1, the coveted position all students in Citizen School strive for.  Only the highest test scores garner the seat, and Rain has earned it in every class.  Because of this, Rain has a limited social life.  To top it off, she is on the Fast Track, slated to become a researcher to find a cure for autism, which has become epidemic in the Provinces.
Like all of her classmates, she must work at the Clinic for three hours every day after school to care for those plagued with autism.   Rain chooses to work with the Spectrum Reds, the “droolers and poopers” who are tucked away into tubes, drugged, and strapped down.  She doesn’t balk or fuss, forced into obedience by the Administration and Ruler 9’s incessant mandates, often working later than normal just to help out.
Still, Rain believes her life is on course and everything she wants is waiting for her at University.  That is until Orion struts into her geography class, rocking her world worse than the earthquake that has just jostled Province A.  The problem?  Any teen romances are forbidden and strictly dealt with, often leaving young lovers separated, tortured, or incarcerated in an effort to wipe out autism.  Should she follow her dreams or her heart?
Orion is persistent, though, and when they find a secret meeting place, they are sure that the Administration’s prying eyes cannot find them.  How wrong they are!  Rain finds herself falling in love with Orion until he disappears, which leaves her floundering in confusion and pain.  She makes the best of it, still not knowing the answer to where he has mysteriously gone to.   In time she learns to live without Orion until she is left making the biggest decision of her life and it has nothing to do with Orion or her love for him.  How much is a life worth, especially when you must leave your family, friends, and all you know to protect it?

Orion:  Orion is the new boy in Citizen School, which doesn’t seem out of the ordinary except new students are rare in the Provinces.  Tall, blonde, and muscled, Orion easily attracts a posse of friends, both girls and boys.  But Orion doesn’t need anybody and walks his own path, easily and quickly breaking rules in Province A without a second thought.  That is until he meets Rain, the saucy brunette in geography class who must escort him around school for three days.  Her irritation with him is more than visible, but Orion can’t stop thinking about her, even going as far as asking her out on a forbidden date.   Her rejection only fuels his fire.
Living alone with his abusive father, Orion wants out of Province A and as far away from his father as possible.  Having a knack for flushing out secrets, Orion accidentally discovers something about Rain’s family and when he tells her,  it spins both of their worlds into chaos.  Eventually, a forbidden romance develops between Rain and Orion, which they must keep secret at all costs.  Orion constantly wonders if Rain will go along with his crazy plans, even going so far as to build a “hedge gap mansion” for them to meet in.
What Rain doesn’t know is that Orion would do anything for her.  She flippantly makes one request, and Orion goes to great measure to make it happen, never dreaming that the wish will tear them apart.

Dove:  At first Rain can’t bear the thought of being around her step-mother.  Her father left Rain and her brother, Snow, when she was a young girl, and Rain is more than bitter about her new family, choosing to ignore them as much as possible.  When her own mother deceives Rain at an inconceivable level, Rain is left with no choice but to show up at her father’s doorstep.  Her father, Cloud, is working late and that only leaves Dove at home with Snow and the toddlers.   Rain’s stomach is clenched into a ball of nerves as she waits for Dove’s decision.  Will Dove let her in or turn her away?
 Dove, surprisingly, takes Rain in and welcomes her with open arms.  Rain is shocked but stays on guard until they embark on an outing that bonds mother and step-daughter for life.  Dove teaches Rain that there is more to family than just blood.
Highborn and wealthy, Dove goes to bat for Rain when everybody else has left her, including Orion.  For the first time in her life, Rain learns what love really is and she only has Dove to thank for it, which only makes her final decision that much more difficult.

L.L. Crane lives in a remote area of Northern California with her two horses, six goats, three dogs and two cats.  When she was a child, L.L. Crane dreamed of being a writer. She used the name, “Katie Bush” as a pen name for the famous writer she hoped to become, cranking out book after book on her mom’s old blue typewriter.
 As life often has twists and turns, L.L. Crane found herself becoming anything but a writer.  She graduated with a B.A. in Education, even though she was honored to begin her college career with the aid of writing scholarships.
After becoming a teacher, raising three children primarily on her own, as well as owning and operating a business, L.L. Crane finally pursued her dreams and began writing novels.  She brings her own experiences from teaching and her love of animals to her stories.
L.L. Crane is an avid reader and writer and loves children, animals, reading, riding horses, and gnomes.

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