Cover Reveal Infatuated by Elle Jordan

Friday, September 20, 2013

Title: Infatuated 
Author: Elle Jordan 
Genre: Contemporary New Adult 
Publisher: EJ Books
Release Date: Oct 2013

When I took a job as a bartender at Hanson’s to help pay for my classes, the last thing I expected to find was Kale Wilder. He’s sexy, smart, and he makes me smile and laugh faster than anyone ever has. More importantly, he makes me believe in Mr. Right. 
But Kale came to the wrong place at the wrong time, because someone else has his eyes on me. Someone who watches my every move.
Kale’s the only one I want, but the more I feel for him, the more I fear for my safety. Because the other guy is getting closer and doesn't want to share. He’s made it clear if he can’t have me, no one can.

Kale met me the next night and walked me home. Wordlessly, he followed me in and kicked the door shut. Before I could say anything, he spun me around and pressed me against it. His tongue darted into my mouth. My hand went to his hair as he grabbed my ass, pulling me close. A moan broke free—mine or his, I didn’t know.
He kissed me until my head spun, until I had no choice but lean into him. He peppered kisses along my jaw, to my ear. “Hi,” he breathed, then nipped my earlobe.
I blinked up at him, dazed.
“Sorry.” He cupped my ass once more and then lowered me back to the floor. “Just had to get that out of the way.”
My brain had officially turned to mush, so all I could think to say was, “Hi.”
“Nice door, by the way. Sturdy.”
That got a laugh out of me. “Thanks.”
“Surprisingly, that’s a first for me.”
“Liking a door?”
“No, smart ass. Making out against one. I approve and might have to try it again someday in the near future, so consider yourself warned.”
“Sounds like a threat, Kale.”
His head shook and he leaned forward, close to my ear. Feather light, his thumb stroked over my breast. “Not a threat,” he said, his tone a growl. “A promise.”
The idea thrilled me and ignited a ball of fire in my stomach that spread to every inch of me. “Oh,” was my brilliant reply.
“I’ve been wanting to do that since…well, the first night we met, actually.”
“Throw me against a door?”
“No.” He laughed again. “That was a happy accident.” Both hands were on my breasts now and his thumbs rubbed small circles over my nipples, making them tighten. “Kiss you. Touch you. Get my hands on you.”
I tried not focusing on what his hands were doing right that second, but it was a losing battle. My eyes closed and my breathing quickened. I reopened my eyes and reached up to grab his hands. I slid them down my stomach. “I think you’ve missed a few places.”
His eyes closed, then opened and narrowed. “What are—”
I took a deep breath and released it slowly. “Stay.”
I’d wanted him to since the first night I met him, and almost every night since then. Because I didn’t want to be alone, because I wanted to be with him. But tonight, there was no other reason. Tonight, I wanted only him.

Elle lives in the south, about an hour from the Happiest Place on Earth (aka Disney), drinks enough Mtn. Dew to keep the company in business, and has four lovable (read: evil and conniving) pets. She’s also the secret, evil alter-ego of another name. She’d tell you that other name, but then it wouldn’t be a secret.
When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found on Facebook, Twitter, or with Photoshop open, making covers for books she doesn’t have enough time to write.

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Adrienne said...

Awesome cover and love the excerpt. Sounds like my kind of book

Elle Jordan said...

YAY! Thanks for setting this up, Anna!

Elle Jordan said...

Thanks, Adrienne! :)

Anna Dase said...

your welcome hun it was my pleasure to coordinate this for you

Anna Dase said...

I know the cover is awesome and I myself can not wait to devour this book :)

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