Review Burned By Passion by Dez Burke

Monday, September 16, 2013
Title: Burned by Passion
Author: Dez Burke
Genre: African American Romance/Interracial Romance
Publisher: Pink Lotus Publishing, Inc.
Release Date: Aug 8 2013

Even good girls make mistakes.
Kira was shocked to meet her boss’s handsome, long-absent son and find him even more lethal in the flesh. He’d always been just a face in a photo - and nothing had prepared her for the way they clashed and burned when they finally met.
Blake Carter returned to America for a reunion with a father he hadn’t seen since he was ten. But Blake had never bargained for falling for his father’s sexy secretary, the beautiful and impressionable Kira Taylor…
Blake caught one glimpse of the gorgeous beauty from across the crowded room and felt the primal taste of desire like he’d never known. The sparks were more antagonism than attraction on her part as they collided over differences about the way he treated his father. But Blake had very strong persuasive skills when it came to bringing the vulnerable Kira to bend to his carnal passions…

I enjoyed this book the sex scenes are hawt. Though Kira's and Blake's releationship had its up and downs with twist it made for an enjoyable read. I loved Blake but Kira had the tendency to upset me at times. Dez has captured awesome characters and even real to life human flaws with the characters which is what made this an enjoyable read. Her writing style is captivating because not only does this story contain those oh so hawt scenes it is filled with action starting from page one that made this short read seem even shorter and left me wanting more. If you are looking for a book to read in one setting filled with action and chemistry look no further Dez will deliver it in Burned by Passion.

Dez Burke grew up in rural Alabama and spent most summers reading worn copies of her Grandmother's
Harlequin Romances. Even as a young girl, she noticed the absence of African American characters. So today, she writes hot, steamy romance books featuring black women and gorgeous men of all races.

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Meghan Stith said...

I really like the romance genre but as far as subgenres go, I pretty much like anything.

Jodi Ciorciari-Marinich said...

i enjoy romance most of all

Tina Hammond said...

For me, its a toss up between UF and PNR for favorites... I must say, I don't really care for the western or historical genres too much. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Christine Merritt said...

Paranormal romance is my favorite... I read everything, but am least likely to pick up regency romance.

Crystal Guidroz said...

Paranormal Romance is my favorite and I will read pretty much anything though I am not the biggest fan of historical romances. Thanks for the giveaway ♥

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