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Monday, March 4, 2013
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Title: The Ringmaster
Author: Erika Masten
Series: An Erotic Domination Romance ( Stand Alone )
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Sticky Sweet Books
Release Date: Mar 4 2013

Cirque de Plaisir. Circus of Pleasure.  An upscale underground theatrical pageant of desire and allure.  A masked BDSM spectacle bringing forbidden fantasies to life for the select few with the power, wealth, and influence to secure an invitation.
For Donovan Haigh, the man they all call Ringmaster, the Cirque de Plaisir is illusion, showmanship, and domination brought to the level of performance art.  It is the culmination and affirmation of his grasp of human nature mixed with business acumen and sheer force of will. And no one dares ask what wounds and personal losses underlie the Ringmaster’s resolve to maintain that unwavering control.
For Olivia Keane, the Circus of Pleasure is a vision in the night, a hunger in the dark, and a promise of freedom couched in the terms of submission.   Become the Ringmaster’s slave and escape the grasp of her manipulative, belittling family.  Succumb to the tightrope-taut sexual tension between the showman Dom and herself and blossom in the warmth of the spotlight and Donovan Haigh’s embrace.
But when the Ringmaster’s slave becomes the star of the show, drawing the lion’s share of attention and princely sums for private command performances, will Donovan be willing to share either the spotlight or his submissive?  The Ringmaster’s hold on Olivia and his own self-control begins to fray as powerful admirers try to woo her away, and at least one suitor proves he is not who he seems.  Old pains and family hatreds will not be so easy to escape for the Ringmaster and his slave, even in their secreted world of glamour and passion.

Where do the ideas for your books come from?  

The most common inspiration for me is other forms of art like a particularly vivid photo that leads me to ask questions about what a person is doing or how they got where they are in the image.  Song lyrics are another frequent source of inspiration for me, especially the misheard ones!

Have you ever co-written book/books? If so was it difficult? If not would you ever consider co-writing with another author? 

I haven’t ever tried co-writing a book, partly because I have a very distinctive writing style that I doubt would mesh very well with someone else’s.  I’m also a rather heavy outliner, with pages and pages of plot notes I put together before I start to write.  Anyone who tried to write with me would probably want to strangle me.

Where do you get your character names from?  

I have baby name books I use to find names that sound right, come from a particular place, and have appropriate meanings.  Many writers don’t feel that is necessary, but it’s all part of my process for getting a feel for my character.

What type of research goes into your writing?  

Oh, so many kinds!  For The Ringmaster: Cirque de Plaisir, I did a lot of research into circuses and carnivals, trying to get some of the lingo down and understand how a traveling theatrical circus would look, feel, and operate. I was surprised and delighted to learn there are actual universities (in Australia, for instance!) for circus performers. These people are dedicated athletes who receive training in multiple skills: acrobatics, dance, improvisation, safety and equipment rigging, and special performance equipment like the Chinese Pole or the German Wheel.

Are your family and friends supportive of your writing?  

My family has always gone above and beyond to support me as a writer, carting me around to workshops before I was old enough to drive, flying me to conferences, and just generally taking it as a given that I would someday make my living as a writer (which I do!).

Do you remember when your interest in writing came about?  

Yep, when I was twelve.  I already had a love of reading and storytelling by then and started my first novel, which I finished about the time I turned thirteen.  That was more than a million and a half words ago, literally.

Other than writing what are your interests? 

I’m a huge music and movie fan. My more physical interests include yoga, tai chi, and hiking.

Did you learn anything from writing your books, if so what was it?  

That I’m capable of pushing myself past perceived limits.

What are your current WIP? Can you share with us?  

My next project is another romantic domination serial, structured very much like my bestselling His Series, titled The Art of Domination.  It’s about a young female artist who becomes the muse, lover, and submissive to a handsome, charismatic, and controversial photographer in the style of Robert Mapplethorpe or Helmut Newton.


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Erika Masten is a woman of many addictions, including erotic romance novels, steamy men, and unreasonably high heels.  Her dream job, writing fulltime, still has to compete for her time with California weather, park trails, shoe shopping, a spoiled Bullmastiff, and all the hunky men who stop to tell her what a cool dog she has.  The Ringmaster is but the beginning of the story of The Cirque de Plaisir.  Keep track of Erika and future books at Facebook, Twitter, or by subscribing to her e-newsletter.

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This week, Erika is touring with Jordan Bell, Marina Maddix, and Carré White.


Erika A. Masten said...

Anna, I want to say a huge thank you for featuring me in an author spotlight and helping me share The Ringmaster (which will be available later today).

Lilly VanHorn said...

What a unique concept, I love it! This is definitely going on my to-read list.

bn100 said...

Nice premise

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