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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Title: Locked
Author: S.V. Richard
Series: Locked
Genre: YA/Suspense
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Release Date: August 21, 2012
Edition: Kindle Copy (Mobi)
Source: Publisher for BTS Blog Tour and Exchange for honest review.

Tristan’s old home old home is not what it appears, and her friends have no idea what this visit will turn into. When the room Tristan’s mother always kept locked is opened, chaos breaks loose. One by one, they are locked away.

Will anyone survive?

Our story is with Tristan and her three friends when they return to Tristan's home on the search for paper's that Tristan must find in order to do anything with the old house. When the one room that was never to be opened was opened one by one they were locked away. I enjoyed the suspense in the story and and the psychological thriller aspect. This book was considered a YA book the only way I would consider this book YA was the banter between the friends other than that I would consider this a very tame adult book for the characters were out of school.  I would recommend this book to anyone you may like to read a psychological thriller.

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Denise Z said...

It is a fine line between YA and more adult reading. I guess a lot will hinge on the maturity of the reader. Well I am young at heart and enjoy good suspense. Thank you for sharing about this book, it is new to me and I am definitely looking forward to more.

adrienne warren said...

this sounds like fun can't wait to get started on it. thanks for the reviews that show me new great books to enjoy

Anna Dase said...

your welcome I love introducing great books to awesome readers

Anna Dase said...

awesome Denise thank you for your continued support

Dina said...

thank you :)

bn100 said...

Very nice review.

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