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Monday, October 8, 2012

I would love to welcome the lovely, beautiful, and multi-talented.

to the blog today.

Rue Volley resides in the Midwest with her Husband Von and their two pugs, Momo and Oshi. She is an accomplished writer, having released her 19th published work this October 2012. She writes everything from vampires to witches, YA to hardcore erotic and splits her time continuing her love for storytelling with being one of the featured models for Injected Ink Productions and her own photography business, Volley View Photography. She also dedicates time to her online magazine “Rue View” and her radio station “RV Radio” both used as a vehicle to allow Indie Artists more exposure. Please visit Rue at ruevolley.com and read about everything she has going on, visit her links, watch her short films and enjoy her many artistic adventures. Rue has work out on Vamptasy Publishing, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing and Hot Ink Press. All of her work can be found on Amazon and Rue Volley.

Please continue on Rue tells us a little bit about herself and a peek at her WIP.

Where do the ideas for your books come from?

Life. I mix my life experiences into them, everything around me, my feelings, thoughts and honesty. I often power up with hikes and trips to new places. I would suggest that to anyone.

Have you ever co-written a book/books? If so was it difficult? If not would you ever consider co-writing with another author?

No I have not unless you count my multiple personalities.

Where do you get your character names from?

Well, some are people in my life, last names changed of course. Some are my favorite names and some are what they called themselves when I dreamed the story the night before.

What type of research goes into your writing?

Sometimes I have to pop into google to get a proper date or town if I am going in that direction but mostly the towns, time and story is all in my head and being in the world of fiction allows me to rule everything and how much fun is that? If I want the sky purple, it is or the grass blue…it’s all up to me. I doubt very seriously if I ever wander into the non-fictional world of writing. I love being free over here.

Are your family and friends supportive of your writing?

Absolutely. My family is very artistic made up of actors, painters, musicians and writers. My friends are a collection of eclectic and amazing people I have encountered over the years and I could not be more blessed by the Goddess to have them all in my life.

Do you remember when your interest in writing came about?

February 18th 2010 midnight. Sounds specific because it is. I got home from being out with friends and jotted down the first few pages of my first novel “Blood & Light” and since then I have written 22 books, 8 of which are full novels, the rest are shorts. I know it may seem like a lot but I have been like this my whole life. When I love something I go full throttle on it and when I fell in love with storytelling I quit my retail job and did it full time. I am lucky enough to have a very supportive husband with a great job who wanted me to focus 100% on my writing as the books started to sell well. Now I am able to live on my art which is also a blessing but it took 14 hour days of promoting, marketing and networking my butt off to get where I am now and there are no days off for me. I have been working every day since March of 2010 to move forward.

Other than writing and the photography that you do what are your interest?

I make jewelry for charity, specifically breast cancer awareness as we lost my Mom to it March of this year. I have a page on Facebook called “Stuff & Things and what boredom brings” that houses all of the things I make and sell as well a link to the book of the same title I dedicated to my Mom. $1 of each sale from the book goes towards breast cancer too. I also enjoy decorating, working on my magazine “Rue View” my radio station “RV Radio” and helping others try to get exposure and move forward in the Indie world. I also love graphic arts and have shot, designed and set up all of my own book covers as well as many for other authors and head up the Art dept. for Hot Ink Press. Other than working I enjoy hiking, being on the water not in it and spending time with my fabulous husband and family. We recently moved to be closer to my sisters, brother and Father since my Mother passed and this is my first year home for the holidays in forever. I am so excited.

Did you learn anything from writing your books, if so what was it?

To not live in regret. Anyone who reads my stories understands that each of my characters are damaged and some to that degree due to not accepting things, or regretting what they did in the past. I have worked out so much in my own heart and mind just from writing it down. I also have found that you can re-write how you would love to have seen things in life or had a relationship turn out instead of what it did. I find that fun to do and it makes things easier to handle sometimes in the end to be able to play and say everything you meant to say in real life.

What are your current WIP? Can you share with us?

Right now I am writing book two in a witches tale “This and That and what killed the cat” a short called “Three bites four” that will be the final short in a trilogy for Vamptasy Publishing in the “Vampire Fetish Series” and I am wrapping up book three to Maddie Maze and a short for a Halloween anthology. I never just write one book at a time. Seeing that This & That is the only YA other than Maddie I can share a tiny bit of that book if you like.

I ran for what seemed like forever and then stumbled, over what I have no idea, but the fall is not what irritated me, it was the fact that something had the nerve to try to trip me up. How dare it! I mean I am Alexi Carvelle Damn it! Witch and all around badass…well, you know what I mean. Sometimes you have to tell yourself that and convince people around you that it is true, but you know what? If you believe it, then it is real, just like nobbles and elves and magick. Oh my god…magick. What a pain in the booty. I have tried over and over again to master it and although I proudly scream (in my mind) that I am a witch, I am so not even that yet…in fact I am trying to just get this heart flutter thing under control with you know who…you know, Mr. Deadish and super hottie Logan Stewart. I have too, I mean he is on a timer now, a when is he going to just stop ticking timer and my ability to master this hocus pocus this and that is imperative. I mean Kyle won’t do it, how could he? He is just the disease and I have to be the cure and I swear to you, when this is all said and done, I will zap him into some other dimension just for coming here and mucking up the clockworks. 
I looked up and grinned…Logan stared down at me with a smile so familiar and yet foreign to me. It is almost as if he teeters on being fake at times, but I took his hand and he helped me. I brushed the leaves off of my jeans and laughed, trying to play off the embarrassment of falling. I know, why the hell should I feel weird about falling? Well, it is the L word, it has me all messed up and doing things that suck on the daily. I straightened my shirt and adjusted my jacket, feeling myself starting to surface.

“That was irritating.” I said. Logan laughed.
“You fall more and more, is it me?” he asked and I sighed.
“No…why?,….no, it is not you, good try though. Like you make me or something.” I said as I started to walk through the woods and towards our destination, that of a clearing that we had been visiting since we were children. He followed me and grinned, he knew as well as I did that I am changing, I react to him differently than I did before and everything seems to be heightened. It kinda sucks, to tell you the truth and all I wish is that he was the same. The same Logan I knew, the one I grew up with and the one who kissed me in the bathroom last year. 
“There it is.” He said and we both spotted the stone well. It was a hidden gem here in Ravenswood and I swear to you, no one knows about it but us, we stumbled across it when we were children and he almost fell in, I had grabbed his feet and pulled him back, to this day I have no idea how I did it, but it was that moment that bound us for real, the first time I actually showed him that I cared and we sat in this clearing that day, leaning against the well and letting the sun warm our faces, saying nothing. Nothing at all, because it was understood that we had each other’s backs forever, but forever means till death, right? Logan already beat me to that one and the idea of growing old and having him just wandering around sucks big time. Then I saw something I did not expect when 3 fairy’s came barreling out of the well, laughing and squealing. I sped up and so did Logan as curiosity overtook us both. In our short but productive lives we had never once encountered as much as bird here and to witness 3 fairy’s popping out of our special 

place was confusing and a tad bit irritating, at least to me it was. We both stopped as the fairies buzzed around Logan’s head and one stole a kiss on the cheek from him. I swiped at her and she stuck her tongue out at me ,which is pretty much the way fairies go when they are young. They are all spitfire and rude. I crossed my arms on my chest and narrowed my eyes and Logan laughed and glanced at me as one landed on his shoulder and leaned in and whispered into his ear.
“Oh dear.” He said as he laughed and looked at me and I shook my head.
“Don’t, I do not care what it said.”
Logan opened his mouth and then we both turned as we heard grunting and saw a hand come out of the well and then another and low and behold, my nemesis pulled himself out and popped onto the edge of the well, he started to walk around the edge of it and smiled as he looked down.
“That was something special.” Kyle said as the fairies laughed and raced into the thick woods. I walked towards him and looked up, more disgusted than amazed at his ability to climb.
“What are you doing here?” I asked him and Logan stepped up and touched my arm. Kyle looked at me and then jumped down, leaning forward he was an inch from my face and then smiled like a kitty.
“You have been hiding cool things from me Ms. Alexi.”
“I did not realize that I had to share everything I knew with you Kyle.”







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