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Monday, September 17, 2012

Title : No Remorse
Author: MaryLynn Bast
Series: Heart Of The Wolf (#1)
Release Date: March 17th 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Werewolves/Vampires/Witches OH MY

Goodreads Synopsis

Due to her unusual birth, Amber has abilities no other werewolf has ever possessed. On the run since childhood, the lone wolf avoids contact with other werewolves at all cost, continually moving, constantly looking over her shoulder and always alone.
Everything changes when Amber saves a werewolf from the mere brink of death, Blake, the only werewolf to ever protect her. Love blossoms, but not without tribulations when Amber realizes she must help her new pack rescue a member who is being held hostage by a rival pack.

Warring with emotions of going from lone wolf to the pack leader’s mate, Amber must decide if she is willing to risk Blake’s life to know true family and friendship despite the fact that the Council is hell bent on locating her and will stop at nothing until she is found. Will Amber’s special abilities be enough to keep everyone safe?

Blake figured he could keep her mind from dwelling on the upcoming blood ritual, at least for a while. So he led Amber deeper into the woods, back towards the lake. At the water’s edge he pulled her to a stop with a hot kiss.
The phase of the full moon was playing havoc with her ability to think straight. Her wolf seemed to be at the edge and wanted to emerge, but surprisingly didn't fight her for dominance. Instead, Amber felt her wolf encouraging her to become one with her mate. Amber gave into those urgings and allowed Blake to remove her clothing and lead her into the lake.
The water was cold against her overheated senses; his touch flooded her body with warmth.
“I should have warned you about the ceremony when we mated. I'm sorry,” Blake told her, standing in water that barely covered her breasts. His arms around her waist, he leaned forward and kissed her before she could respond out loud.
I probably would have reacted badly, anyway. But I don't want to think about that right now, she responded, but to his mind. Sending his mind into over drive, Amber filled his head with images of them making love in the water, on the boulders, and in the woods.
You are so hot! Blake responded by grabbing her to him. He smashed her lips to his and his tongue immediately invaded her mouth. Their hands were everywhere at once as passion stormed through their veins.
Amber felt her blood pounding and could hear Blake's heart beating wildly while his body quickly invaded hers. The water made them slip and slide against each other in an erotic slow motion dance. Amber threw her head back while her body rode the waves their actions created.
Blake lowered his head to her breast as it bounced up and down in front of him. His mouth latched onto the nipple and sucked hard, eliciting a deep moan from Amber.
Blake carried her through the water and back to the shoreline. Amber's strong muscular legs wrapped tightly around his waist to keep his shaft buried deep within her velvety sheath. Once on the shore, he placed her on the boulder they had sat on earlier in the day.
She lay back on the surprisingly smooth surface and allowed him to lift her legs so he could pound into her. Gazing deep into her eyes, he watched the waves of pleasure that washed over her with each powerful surge.
He was on fire and Amber was the only thing that would quench the heat. His thighs pounded against her butt over and over again as he shoved the length of him into her, time after time.
Amber struggled to hold on to her release, she didn't want it to end. She wanted this to last forever. Suddenly her struggle ended, she couldn't keep the waves from crashing over her and gave in to his body’s demands, flooding him with her creamy wetness, when she began to spasm around his hard thickness.
Blake's shaft became enlarged even more while he fought for control. He continued to pound into her over and over, her body clenched tightly around him. He lost the struggle too, and threw his head back and shouted his release with her screaming his name.
Blake collapsed his upper body onto her, allowing her legs to slip down and around his waist. Her legs embraced his body, holding him deep inside her while they both continued to jerk and spasm with continued orgasms. He held the bulk of his weight to keep from crushing her against the boulder and buried his face in her neck.
Amber’s heart was filled with happiness and all she could do was laugh.
He was surprised when he heard her, she had laughed in the past, but nothing like this. He leaned back to look at her, to see what she was laughing at when she grabbed him and kissed him, her tongue invading his mouth. He felt her happiness.

As an added bonus I have a teaser from Softest Touch this is book 2 in the Heart of a Wolf Series as this book is still a WIP the teaser I am sharing with you is an unedited teaser. Hope you all enjoy.

Candice opened the door and for some odd reason was watching where she placed her feet instead of where she was going. The next thing she knew, her face was planted right into a rock solid chest and felt large hands wrap around her arms to keep her from falling over.
            “Whoa.” The deep voice sounded way above her head and she craned her neck to look into the dark eyes of the man she had seen earlier. The same desire slammed into her. “Steady there.” His hands were still resting on her arms while they stared at each other once again. One hand lifted and his finger grazed her cheek, moving the lock of hair that had fallen across her forehead, covering part of her face.
At the slight touch, Candice closed her eyes and cringed, waiting for her mind to be flooded. After a moment, she peaked out between squinted eyelashes. In the bar area she knew his eyes were dark, but up close, they had to be the darkest she had ever seen, almost black. She wondered briefly if maybe he was on drugs which caused his eyes to dilate. If he was, that would explain why they were so dark. She dismissed the thought; her senses would have already picked up on that. But then again, she wasn’t bombarded with emotions, memories and thoughts of the other person as she normally was at the slightest touch. That in its-self surprised her since the front of her body was pressed solidly against his.
In the next instant she found her back pinned against the wall and his mouth coming towards hers. She didn’t know if it was the alcohol blocking her senses, or if it was just the man, but she didn’t care. Need spread immediately to her core. The look of desire on his face should have scared her off, but she responded by meeting him halfway. His mouth crushed hers and their tongues slipped across one another in sweeping caresses.
She had never responded like this to anyone. In fact, she had never been turned on by a hot sexy look before. The kiss was like a drug to her senses and what the feel of his hard body was doing to hers should be shameful. She wanted to rip his clothes off where they stood. He was tall and she was on the tip of her toes while he was bending down to meet her lips. One strong arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her hips roughly against his. Her shoulders were pressed back against the wall as he ravaged her mouth. His other hand held himself steady on the wall next to her.
Her hands pulled at his shoulders, bringing him closer to her. It felt so good to be able to touch someone and not know what they were thinking. His scent was intoxicating and the feel of him against her made her grow moist. She felt his hand at her waist move back and lower, grabbing her ass. Her hands moved on their own, running across his wide chest, feeling the play of muscles when he took a step backward, pulling him with her.
She didn’t know where he was leading her, but she wasn’t about to pull away now. His soft wet mouth molded to hers, they both breathed heavily as their hands roamed over the others bodies. She vaguely felt him shove a door open then realized he had walked her out the back door of the bar and into the alleyway.
She didn’t appear to care that he had taken her outside. She was so damned hot and with his sensitive nose he could smell her excitement. He needed to feel her body against his, was dying to taste her. His mouth left hers and slid across her jaw to her neck, his tongue laving wetness where kissed a path to her collar bone. He could feel her pulse as blood surged through the vein in her neck. He could hear her heart pounding and fought to clear his mind while his fingers deftly unbuttoned her grey silk blouse. He smiled and said a prayer of thanks to whoever had invented the front clasping bra. Quickly releasing the catch, her full breasts fell into his hands, his head dipped and he latched on to her nipple. Twirling his tongue around the bud he caught it between his teeth and nipped lightly. His hand massaged her other breast while his finger and thumb rolled her other nipple, gently pinching. He was pleased to hear her moan at the burst of pain and pleasure he was causing. Releasing the soft well, his hand moved to her leg and he allowed his fingers to brush the bare skin of her thigh right below her skirt.
Candice ran her fingers through his hair, clutching him to her breast. Her body was on fire. The hand slipping up her thigh sent shivers down her spine. She was glad, this one time, she had decided to wear a short skirt and thank the goddesses she had shaved that morning. Not that he was going to see, but the fingers pressing against her panties told her that he would soon find that she was neatly trimmed.
This was so far from her normal behavior that she should feel ashamed, but dammit, she was a woman who has needs too. The last time she had sex with someone she’d been so devastated afterwards with their thoughts she had come to the conclusion that feeling the touch of a man wasn’t worth the emotional trauma. But now she was here with the smoking hot, what her dreams were made of male rubbing against her, she was thinking it might be worth it. Candice couldn’t believe she was actually doing this, allowing him to touch her this way. Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to make him stop. The mouth nipping at her breast was just too delectable and it felt so good to be able to touch someone for once and not have to worry about her mind being bombarded. She didn’t know if it was the alcohol blocking her sense, at the moment she didn’t care and allowed him to touch her.
His finger pushed her panties aside and rubbed along her swollen lips. She knew she was slick with her desire. His finger had no problem slipping inside and finding the hard little nub at the center of her core. Leaning her head back against the brick wall, her eyelids dropped with pleasure she never knew existed. For once, she could concentrate on what was being done to her body rather than working to block the onslaught of images.
A moan escaped as the sensations of him touching her washed through her body. His finger slipped back and pushed up inside her and she bit her lip. The feel of him stretching her felt so damned good, her hips moved to his quick rhythm as he pumped in and out of her. She could feel the tension building inside her, her walls tightened around his fingers. Suddenly he removed his fingers from her channel, encircling her center once more the tingles shot straight to her nipples, hardening them into pebbles she felt herself reaching her climax. His fingers continued to work their magic, she was right on the edge as the cold masonry dug into her back, his hot body moved and pushed against her front. She could feel the ridge of his hardness pressing against her while his mouth devoured hers once more. At that point, she didn’t care if they were standing in the middle of the street; she wanted to feel him inside of her. Bolder than she had ever been, she reached down and cupped him, rubbing against his length causing him to growl deep in his throat, his mouth moving to her neck once more. The exhilarating sensations swept through her. 
Lifting his head, his dark eyes stared into hers a moment before his mouth crushed down on her lips in an aggressive, hot kiss. They were both adults and they were hot for one another. He had never been this turned on and he felt her fumbling with the button of his jeans.  His teeth flashed white when he smiled at her sudden intake of breath when he moved his fingers between her legs again and felt her jerk at touch. They both moaned when his finger slipped just inside her wet channel once again.
“Damn you’re tight, so wet!” He murmured against her mouth.
She didn’t want to talk. Her hands reached up behind his head and pulled him closer to her as her tongue slid, aggressive against his. The alleyway was dark. Only the streetlight at the end gave off a dim glow, casting deep shadows. He lifted his head and stared down at her for a moment, and then she watched him glance over his shoulder, making sure no one was around.
She had loosened the top two buttons, but wasn’t moving fast enough. While his finger continued to caress her, his other hand released the other three buttons of the jeans.
It registered at the back of her mind that he wasn’t wearing any underwear making it easier to pull him free of the opening and wrap her hand around his hardness. He lifted her leg and she guided him to her center. Angling her hips forward just a bit, she heard the hiss he released near her ear as he pushed into her tightness and she  moaned at the feel of his large member stretching her. After a brief pause he then began moving his hips back but not quite pulling out. Surging forward, stretching her with his rock hard shaft as he filled her. Slowly at first, the burning sensation began deep in her belly as the tension began to build once again.  
The muscles in his arms bulged as he held himself in check to keep from slamming into her. The friction began to build and he began to move faster, harder into her.
Leaning forward a bit to keep from banging her head against the wall, she clutched at his shoulders, meeting him thrust for tantalizing thrust. One hand still held her leg to his hip. She was startled when his other hand reached down, grabbing her thigh, lifting her other leg up. She was being held mid-air with her back pressed against the wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist. This position allowed him to go even deeper as he pushed into her silky wet sheath. She could feel every delicious inch of him and it felt so damned good. The sensation of the bricks at her back and his hard shaft slamming up inside of her sent sensual tingles spreading through her body. The low moans and growling sounds he was making against her neck was urging her closer to her release. She was oblivious to her surroundings, focusing on nothing but the solid strength of the man thrusting into her. Her face buried in his neck when her body tensed. Her legs tightened around him, drawing him deeper inside of her. Her muscles clamped down on him in a spasm of delight while she bit her lip to keep from crying out. He quickened his pace, his strokes hard and fast, she felt him swelling, rubbing along the muscles that clenched, pulling at him to join her in release and he did.
With a few quick long jabs he was there. His release was powerful, the muscles of his neck tensed, he threw his head back, teeth clenched in pleasure, he fought to keep the growl from reaching the surface. The feel of her around him made him want to linger. Leaning forward, they kept their faces buried in the others neck.
Candice bit her lip so hard she had a slight taste of blood in her mouth. She could hear his heavy breathing while he leaned into her, crushing her against the wall. With her legs still wrapped around him, she held him inside until they both came down from their climax and drew in deep shuttering breaths of air while their hearts pounded in their chests.
“You okay, I didn’t hurt you?” He asked while their heart rates and breathing began returning to normal. Staring down into her face, he moved back while his hands gripped her hips, supporting her as she un-wrapped her legs from around him.
Her toes dangled, reaching for the ground and once planted solid against the pavement, she responded. Candice shook her head in denial even though she knew he couldn’t see her. “I’m fine. You didn’t hurt me.” Running her fingers through her hair she inhaled quickly and released a satisfied sigh. Reality was fast setting in at what had happened and she was beginning to feel a little embarrassed at her behavior. She reasoned in her own mind trying to justify her actions, I needed the release and will probably never see him again anyway.   
They straightened their clothing without a word. It took her a little longer because of her button up shirt. She noticed that he had turned away slightly and wanted to laugh at the thought of him giving her some privacy after what they had just done. 

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