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Friday, September 14, 2012

Title: Werewolf Bound
Author: MaryLynn Bast
Series: Heart of a Wolf (Novella) { Adam's Tale}
Genre: Paranormal/PNR
Publisher: Werewolf Tails Publishing
Release Date: July 2012

GoodReads Synopsis
Adam Channing knows the rules…during the 
Full Moon Phase—
Yet, he can’t ignore the call of a young female werewolf Patricia DuFur. He knows it’s against pack rules, but can’t resist the temptation and faces the consequences when her three brothers attack and leave him to die.With Blake as a friend, he is well on his way to learning the ways of being a werewolf. Adams is constantly in a state of change when he receives the gift of “Seer”. His life takes on a whole new meaning out in the forest.

This is my final stop on MaryLynn's month Long Tour.Go grab your favorite beverage sit back and enjoy it. I have a treat for you and not just the giveaway that will accompany this stop. I was able to interview the man himself Adam so ladies while you grab your beverage grab a spray bottle with water because it is going to hot in here.

Hi Adam!Thanks for stopping by today. It’s a real pleasure having you join us today. To get things started would you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

What can I say?  I'm me. I like to have fun and make people laugh. I find though that I really need to be a little more careful in my day to day life since I keep finding myself in situations where I keep dying.  I'm a wolf, not a cat with nine lives. One day no one is going to be around to pull me back from the brink. Anyway, right now I'm single, but looking. I'm kind of picky on who I want to be with and find most  women are superficial and seem to have a hidden agenda. I just want to find love, not play games. One day I would like to have a couple kids running around, I think I would make a good dad. Know anyone who doesn't mind cuddling and not afraid of being around a pack of werewolves?

What is it like being apart of Blake’s pack?

Compared to some of the other packs I have seen, being part of Blake’s pack is the best! He is my best friend and I will do anything for him, within reason anyway. <G>

What was it like working for Gabriel? I am sure some parts were challenging.

As a human working for Gabriel was pretty simple, do my work and stay out of the way. As a werewolf it’s tough because there are so many laws and rules I have still yet to learn. Hardest part is him knowing the circumstances of me being turned was because of a girl, so I’m working extra hard to earn that trust.

What was your first impression of Amber?

I have to see if Blake is around before I answer this one!  HAWT!!! When I first saw her my jaw just about hit the floor and if Blake had not let me know hands off I probably would have made a fool of myself chasing after her.

Is there anything that you would have done that you would go back and change?

Good question, but kind of tricky. I love my life as a werewolf. I just wish the hell I would quit dying and getting the shit beat out of me.  But honestly, If I were to go back and make changes, I wouldn’t be who I am today and I’m kind of liking me at the moment.

Do you hold any animosity towards Blake for changing you?

Hell no. He saved my life and without him I would be dead.

I know you are wanting to find your father. What do you think your first reaction will be if or when you find him? Will you have a lot of questions if so what are some of the first ones you will want to know?

Yeah, I want to know where he has been and why he left me behind. I could have helped him and honestly, now that I have been given this gift, I have a few questions about my past and my mother.

What is it like being a seer along with being a werewolf?

It’s cool but frustrating at the same time. I know things are going to happen, but I can’t figure out when or how they are going to take place. Eventually, I will figure it out, I hope.

What would you consider your best quality to be? What about your worst?

My best quality, I am a loyal friend. I cannot stand for people to hurt others and that leads to my worst quality, I tend to react before I think on it and get myself in trouble…the reason for all the injuries and me dying.

How do you feel about the way your story is going?

I think my story is being told pretty well. My life is such a roller coaster ride. Seeing how happy Blake and Amber are together, I am ready to find my true love and settle down.

What was or is your most memorable moment in life?

Memorable as in favorite memory or the one I will never forget?  Memorable as in happy moment, I’m pretty happy go lucky and make the best of life in general. So just being alive is happy for me. The moment I will never forget is when I died and was given the gift. I feel as if that was a defining moment for me and my life actually means something.

What was or is your most memorable moment with Amber? We all know Blake got mad in the mist form. Care to enlighten some more on that incident?

You are gonna get me in trouble here. It’s not really a secret, but the moment in the mist was like nothing I had ever felt before and I can understand why he is so possessive of her. The feeling of her surrounding me like nothing I can really describe. Almost like having an orgasm, the feeling of utopia the moment after. If I had someone like her…Okay now, next question please before Blake comes in and kills me.

Are you hoping to find your soulmate soon?

I honestly thought I had found my soulmate with Patricia. At this point, I’m not sure that I will ever find my true soulmate, but if I do, I just hope she’s hot.  <g> Blonde hair, blue eyes little Adam’s running around might be fun.

Do you have any secrets you can share with us?

I’m pretty much an open book.  Get it?  Hahaha.  Everyone knows what I am thinking right away I have nothing to hide.


Piercings or Tattoos?

Tattoo’s…wanna you seen mine?

First Kiss? 

She was really aggressive.
Boxers or Briefs?

Briefs...most of the time.

Bed or Kitchen Table? ;) 

I’m traditional, I like the bed, be we can always move to the kitchen. =]

Foreplay or Go For The Home Run? ;)

No fun without the foreplay!

Shower or Lake? ;) 

Lake to start out with then make our way up to the shower. ( I am an exhibitionist I will do it any where ) ;)

Loud or Quiet? ;)

Me or her?  A little of both I guess for me, but loud for her.

Ropes or Handcuffs? ;) 

Since I’m accident prone, I haven’t tried either, but I would be open to ropes.Wanna give it a try? (Hell Yeah and I think there are a few other ladies that would love to give it a try) :)

Fast, Slow or Rough? ;) 

Why limit the choices?  I like it all.

Gentle or Aggressive? ;)

I can be gently aggressive. ( Can Cats and Dogs get along because you have me purring) :)

Dominant or Submissive? ;)

I like being in control, so I am more the dominant in most cases, but I have a feeling with the right person I will turn into a puppy like Blake who follows Amber around with those big puppy dog eyes. 

Favorite Place To Be Kissed? ;) 

Kissing my neck right behind the ear sends tingles through my body. Grrrr.

Favorite Position? ;)

69 (What a coincidence mine also) ;) (Wanna Play)

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Unknown said...

Anna, thanks once again for having me on you beautiful blog. I love doing tours with you and think I may become one of your stalker fans!!!'.


Hope everyone enjoys Adam's interview. Would love to answer any question you might have. Adam is standing by as well. 😍

Kassandra said...

Thank you so much for the chance!
Always been fascinated with the dragon shifters.


MaryLynn Bast said...

Thank you Anna! I love you being a part of your blog tour. I think I am going to have to turn into a stalker to keep up with every little thing you are doing. I love your blog and hope everyone likes the interview. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask....Adam is standing by with the answers.

Melanie Rovak said...

Love it! Thank you for the giveaway!

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Wow, that interview was HAWT! Sign me up, because I'm ready to read this book. lol

Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I'm one of the lucky winners.

S.A. said...

If I could shift into any animal for a day, I would shift into a large, wild cat.

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