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Friday, September 7, 2012

Title: Veiled Secrets
Author: MaryLynn Bast
Series: Heart of a Wolf (Novella) { Seriana's Tale}
Genre: Paranormal/PNR
Publisher: Werewolf Tails Publishing
Release Date: July 2012

GoodReads Synopsis

Seriana Aphenithea, Princess of the Light Realm has been banned. Why? She can’t remember. She must find her way, and her memories, if she is ever to return home. Waking with no memory of whom or where she is, Seriana runs for her life when two beings chase her through the forest. Glowing eyes stares out at her through the darkness. Sending a mental call for help and in response, two wolves emerge.While protecting her from the hunters who intend to do her harm, one of the wolves becomes fatally injured. Acting on instinct, Seriana merges her energies with his, saving his life. Connecting her mentally to the human the wolf turned in to. Adam and Blake are werewolves. Surprisingly this does to scare her. In fact, it triggers the beginning of her memories. She has been to the earth realm before.
With her no longer allowed to enter her own realm, Seriana must find a way to safeguard her family in the Light Realm and on earth. She has to protect those around her by ensuring no one finds out her VEILED SECRETS.

This is my third stop on MaryLynn's month Long Tour.Go grab your favorite beverage sit back and enjoy it. I have a treat for you and not just the giveaway that will accompany this stop. MaryLynn has wrote a scene from another character's POV hope you will enjoy as much as I did.

Gabriel sat at his desk in the den, his head suddenly snapped up when Adam connected with him, requesting immediate assistance. His senses on high alert, he scanned the minds of those on the ranch and closed his eyes in frustration.
Joel, Allen, Tony. Out near Adam’s cabin; go quickly, there are some major injuries involved. Let me know as soon as you arrive.
Yes sir.  The three responded in unison and took off running towards their trucks.
Not knowing the extent of the injuries, Gabriel quickly stood, hurried to the front porch, easily leapt the four feet to the ground and took off running to his own truck.
The mile drive to the back of the property seemed to take forever. Gabriel gritted his teeth. His pack members were closer than he was and should make contact soon, but it still frustrated him that it was taking so long. He tried to connect with Ilene and then Adam, nothing happened. They must have been knocked out from their injuries. Closing the connection, his hands gripped the steering wheel and he muttered. “I swear Adam if you are the cause of this I will terminate you on the spot!”
Joel connected with him. Sir, it’s pretty bad here. The DuFur girl is involved.
Dammit! Is anyone dead? Gabriel ran a hand through his hair.
No sir, close to it though if we don’t get them help soon.
Joel never panicked, yet his voice sounded urgent and this alarmed Gabriel even more. Sliding to a halt, he saw the three men leaning over the three bodies on the ground. Slamming the truck into park, he jumped out and ran over to his granddaughter.  Kneeling on the ground beside her, he lifted her head in his large hand. “Ilene, wake up honey.”
Joel shook his head. “Her vitals are weak. I stopped the flow of blood in her side. But I don’t know if there is internal damage or not.”
Nodding, he glanced over to when he heard Adam moan and turn his head towards Gabriel.
“Sorry sir, I tried to stop Patricia from attacking her.” Adam’s hands clutched his stomach and he coughed, grimacing in pain.
“I’m sure you did what you could.” Gabriel turned to Joel. “Load Adam and Patricia into the back of your truck Allen ride in back with them. Ilene in mine, Joel, you drive.”
Allen grabbed the horse blankets he had just purchased and tossed them into the back of the trucks and helped position Patricia, then Adam in the bed of the truck.
Once Ilene was loaded into the truck, Gabriel vaulted over the side and sat in the bed with her, holding her head in his lap still encouraging her to wake up. The thought of losing his granddaughter caused his throat to clench. Looking down at Ilene, she looked nothing like his other granddaughter and wondered where Amber was, what she was up to and if she was okay.
Leaning over, he pulled his cell phone out and called Darius. “Need you back here now and bring that healer woman with you.” Snapping the phone shut, he held his granddaughter until the truck pulled to a stop near the front porch. 
Lifting Ilene’s limp body into his arms, he jumped from the truck, landing softly on the ground. Rushing her into the house, the women had already set up cots in the living room along with medical supplies. Gabriel placed her gingerly on one of them and moved out of the way for the women to see what they could do to fix her up.
Adam grumbled while Joel helped him to the cot and groaned when he eased himself down to sit on the side, turning gingerly to stretch out on the thin mattress while everyone buzzed around the room.
Gabriel stood by Ilene’s cot, his hands down by his sides to keep from clenching his fist in frustration. It seemed every time Adam was around he always seemed to get hurt in one way or another and this time it had gone too far.
While one of the women moved over to Adam, Gabriel walked over to him and stared. “So what happened this time?”
Adam opened his eyes and stared at him for a long moment before answering. “Honest sir, I had nothing to do with it. I saw the two of them arguing and Patricia pulled a knife on her. I tried to stop her, but she stabbed Ilene and then me.”
“What were they arguing over?” Gabriel’s eyes narrowed. He had a suspicion he already knew the answer to that.
“It wasn’t over me this time, if that is what you are thinking.” Adam shook his head and closed his eyes, allowing his head to fall back onto the thin pillow. Opening his eyes he looked Gabriel straight in the eye.  “They were arguing over one of Patricia’s brothers, but I don’t know what it was a bout.”
Gabriel frowned slightly before clearing his face of emotions. Before turning away he nodded to Adam. “Thank you for trying to protect Ilene.”
Adam nodded his head in acknowledgement and allowed the woman to look at his wounds.
Gabriel knew there was nothing more he could do. The women were well educated in mending wounds and would see to the three of them, he turned and went back to his desk wishing Darius would hurry and get there.


Gabriel heard the rumble of the car pulling into the drive and didn’t recognize the scent of two of the people within, but he did know Darius and Seriana were with them. Hurrying to the living room, he came into the room just as they entered the front door. He watched Seriana rush to Adam’s side and heard her gasp.
“What have you done now?” The back of her hand caressed his cheek and he opened his eyes.
Gabriel watched her become still and wondered what she was doing. Blake had told him she had healing abilities, but now how. To his amazement, her pale white hand began to glow where it hovered over the wound in his stomach. Her body went perfectly still and a light chanting sound could be heard all around the room.
Gabriel had the urge to stop her and insist she see to his granddaughter first, but restrained himself and allowed her to continue.
Suddenly, her body sagged.
He must have known what to expect because Darius was there to grab her before she fell and lifted her into his arms. Carrying her to the couch, he placed her gently on the cushions and spoke to no one in particular. “She needs water and protein.”
Gabriel stood behind the sofa and looked down at Seriana. “Dinner was just being served.” Turning, he directed his attention to one of the young girls sitting by his granddaughter. “Go to the kitchen and cut up a steak, quickly now, and bring water.”
Within minutes the water rehydrated Seriana and the protein rebuilt her strength. Sitting up, she motioned for Darius to move out of the way so she could get up and looked to Gabriel for guidance. . “Which one do you want me to work on first?” Motioning towards the Patricia, she frowned. “This one will not last much longer.”
Without hesitation Gabriel motioned to his granddaughter’s side. “Thank you for returning.”
Seriana lowered her head slightly, moving forward.
Gabriel directed the girl to have more food and water brought in and stood and watched Seriana repeat the same steps she had taken with Adam. But she wasn’t in there long and when she turned to look at him, the look of alarm on her face made his heart skip a beat. He wondered if he had waited too long to get Ilene the help she needed.
“I need to speak with you in private.”
“Is she going to be okay?” He was definitely worried now.
“She is no longer in danger. Is there anywhere we can go where no one can hear us?”
Gabriel frowned, but motioned for her to go into the study. “This room is soundproof.”
Seriana nodded. Once in the room, she stood for a moment, ran her hand through her hair and turned to walk away from him before turning to face him. “She is pregnant.”
Gabriel stared at her for a moment before sinking onto the edge of the chair, in shock at what she had just told him. Could she be mistaken?
“The baby is in distress. It is barely hanging on. I can make sure it survives, or we can let nature take its course. What do you wish?”
Gabriel shook his head. “Our women are becoming pregnant less and less. If Ilene is with child, she must have the child.”
Seriana nodded once and headed to the door.
Gabriel wanted to pick something up and throw it at the wall, but refrained. Then his eyes narrowed, he wanted to ask her if she could tell who the father was. If it was Adam he was going to have him castrated! Then shook his head at his thoughts, he needed to give Adam a break. He had been staying away from the girls, as far as he knew.
Staring at the doorway, he wondered if Ilene was messing with one of the DuFur brothers, that could be why Patricia had went against his command and entered his land without permission. Standing, he strode out of the room and headed back into the living room. Just in time to see Ilene leaning on her elbow watching with terrified eyes, she glanced over at Gabriel then back over to Adam.
The look on her face made him want to storm over and jerk Adam up off the cot and demand some answers. However, he was a Council member and had to keep a cool head. He did raise his brow and looked over at him too.

Adam saw their look and shook his head. “Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it.”

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MaryLynn Bast said...

Anna, Thank you once again for having me back on your wonderful blog and requesting a special story from Gabriel's point of view.

Hope everyone enjoys this little snippet.

Anna Dase said...

your welcome I love my repeat offenders you guys rock. :)

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Melanie Rovak said...

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Gena Robertson

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Love the way your blog looks! The colors go together really well. Also the cover of the book Veiled Secrets looks wickedly cool. Thank you for the very awesome interview and the giveaway.

Autumn said...

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