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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Title: One Bite
Author: Rue Volley
Series: Vampire Fetish (1)
Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing
Release Date: February 24 2012
Edition: Ecopy
Source: Free copy from author for honest opinion.


                                                                 Kaylen is a woman who is seeking the truth and finds more than she bargained for. Join Kaylen, a homicide detective and her partner, Sebastian....a man who would do anything to protect her, as they weave their way through a deep and dark maze trying to uncover a mysterious murder that hit way to close to home for Kaylen. "One Bite" is a seductive and dirty read, exposing not only Kaylen and Sebastians wild passions but sends you on a journey from the harsh streets of New York city to the dangerous hillsides of Romania. This story is filled with lust and devilish vampires, who have no compassion for humanity. It is extremely graffic in nature and intended for a mature audience. This is book one in the "vampire fetish series", sure to tantilate and leave you wanting more.

Wow this was a short but a sizzling hot read.

Our story is with Kaylen a detective investigating a series of murders that hits close to home. Kaylen is different and the only one that knows is her partner Sebastian. She can see things but only clips like. When Kaylen finds evidence that she has her mother a curator at their local museum take a look at it. It is only hours before she is called by Sebastian letting her know that her mom was murdered.

Kaylen gets an invite slipped under her door to a fetish club where she finds herself acting out of character when the only reason she went was to find out more information on the string of murders she and Sebastian are still investigating. She and Sebastian later discover that their lead suspect is a vampire.

Kaylen and Sebastian's sexual escapade that started at the club in New York and lead them to Romania overnight in the clutches of their lead suspect in the murders. No spoilers here so go get your copy today.

Rue has a way with writing sex that will simply turn you on and if you are looking to read a short but fantastic erotic read then make sure to read this one because when it is all said and done she will leave you panting ;) and wanting more. The Ménage à trois scene in the club will definitely heat you up and leaving you begging for more.  I am going to purchase book 2 Two Bites  as soon as I am done with this post. Okay well I could not wait while tracking down the link for you guys I went ahead a purchased it and you should purchase both of them as well. Make sure to come back later and thank me.

Rue Volley grew up in catholic schools, in a religious home but not overbearing with her two sisters, Kimberly & Laurie. She was a tom boy and often hurt herself as she was a dare devil and enjoyed skateboarding, dirt biking and anything else that could do her bodily harm. Growing up she thought she wanted to be a vetenarian and then almost joined the peace core to travel and help others right before she graduated from high school, but her love for singing and her ability to play musical instruments such as violin, guitar and piano sent her on a different track all together.

I am a lover of all art, ask anyone who knows me:) I am also a published author (and so grateful to be) I have 9 books out soon to be more. I also run a magazine and radio station dedicated to indie artists and I have a torrid love affair going on with photography, do not tell my husband. I guess you could call me a jack of all trades and a master of none and I am totally fine with that because life is a neverending learning experience that I appreciate to the fullest.

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MaryLynn said...

This sounds like a really hot read! Thanks again Anna for bringing a new intriguing author to my attention.

rue volley said...

Thank you so much:) xoxo

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