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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
MaryLynn Bast's Blog Tour With A 

I am so happy that I get to be the kick off blog for this awesome blog tour make sure to follow all the STOPS this is a month long tour and I will have three other post up not including this one for the other books that are apart of the tour. Each one of my stops will include an E~Book giveaway for that book. This stop contains a POV from Hanna. The young girl Amber helped. You can find my review of A Justified Kill here.

Title: A Justified Kill
Author: MaryLynn Bast
Series: Heart of a Wolf (Novella) { Amber's Tale}
Genre: Paranormal/PNR
Publisher: Werewolf Tails Publishing
Release Date: June 7, 2012

Amber will go to any lengths to avoid the werewolf council who hunts her – even leaving behind the one person she cares for the most. Traveling across the US, she avoids other packs and remains on the run by working in backwoods bars. Always alone, she never gets involved. One day she overhears a conversation by one of the bars patrons.  With her senses on high alert, Amber cannot ignore the warning signs. Following the man to his campsite, she finds out why. Amber must decide if she can allow herself to be drawn in to rescue the person being held hostage. Or should she stick by her rules of not getting involved? With the impending first shift to werewolf, her bloodlust will take over. Can she go against her personal rule of not killing a human, and if so, would it be A JUSTIFIED KILL?
This story is a work of fiction meant for a mature audience because the character has been the victim of a rape. The rape is not detailed in the story this disclaimer is for those who shy away from the subject. This story does show the girls emotions though.

Hanna hands were numb from being bound. She rooted around on the ground with her forehead, trying to brush the blind fold from her eyes so she could see. But stilled when she heard a woman’s voice talking to her captor.  It was hard to hear with the blindfold tied across her ears. Cocking her head to the side, she strained to hear what was being said. The suddenly there was a rustling noise then a muffled thump of someone hitting the ground. 
Curling into a ball when the flap of the tent was pulled back, she dreaded the feel of his hands on her again. The stench of his breath made her want to puke every time he came close to her. She did her best to try to block the thoughts and memories of what he’d done to her. When she felt a touch on her shoulder she tried to move away, kicking and screaming into her gag. At the sound of the woman’s voice she stilled. Turning her unseeing face to the woman, she couldn’t stop the whimper of relief that escaped. 
“I’m going to get you outta here.” 
Her voice was urgent causing Hanna to panic again, she began thrashing, trying to help the woman get her free of her bindings. When the blindfold and gag was pulled from around her head Hanna began to sob. She couldn’t control the fear that spread through at the thought of him coming back in. Looking over her shoulder, she urged the woman to hurry and free her hands from the stake that had been driven into the ground.  
The woman had a determined look on her face, chewing her bottom lip while she worked to get her hands free. 
Hanna could tell she was becoming agitated, but she was frantic. “Hurry, he’ll come back.” Her throat hurt, her voice was raspy. 
“It’s okay, I knocked him out, but we do have to hurry.” 
She couldn’t stay still. Hanna kept squirming, trying to help get her hands free now that she could see. Escaping was all she could think about. 
Releasing a frustrated sigh, the woman stared at her. “I can’t free your hands if you keep moving around.”  
When the woman firmly grabbed her hands Hanna stopped wriggling around. When she couldn’t get her hands free, she stood and grabbed hold of the stake. With a grunt, the woman ripped the pole out of the ground. 
Hanna stared at her, eyes wide. “How did you that?” She had tried for days to get the thing to even move. The woman was taller than her. But she didn’t look that much stronger. Her long dark hair was tied back at the nape of her neck. She wore blue jeans and a dark t-shirt. Hanna remembered her own lack of clothing. At the moment, she didn’t care. She just wanted to get out of there. 
Grabbing the knife from the table by the exit, the woman cut the duct tape from her wrists, and then removed the chains. 
Finally free, her body ached, but she pushed through it, trying to move to the entrance. She wanted to get the hell out and away from there before he came back in. 
Rushing out into the campsite, Hanna saw her attacker out cold on the ground. She had never felt such rage. She saw red and before she knew what she was doing, her foot was landing blow after blow against his body. The sound of cartilage breaking in his nose sent a wave of pleasure through her mind, but she wanted more. She wanted to rip his dick off and shove it down his throat but settled for landing as many kicks as she could. With her teeth clenched tight, every kick that landed she chanted in her mind. Die you fucker, die! 
When the woman stopped her, she realized they needed to get out of there. They rushed to her waiting jeep. Digging through her backpack she pulled out some clothes and waited while she slipped them on. Hanna’s mind was numb. She didn’t dare to hope that this was really happening. She was getting away from the sick bastard. It wasn’t just another dream of escape. 
When the jeep took off down the road, Hanna looked out the back window, reality setting in. She was free. Then she heard the woman talking to her. 
“What’s your name?”
Turning to face the front, her heart pounded in her chest, she responded reluctantly. “Hanna Barton.” 
“I’m Amber.” Her voice was calm, but her hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. 
Hanna noticed the sorrowful look on Amber’s face. She stared down at the floorboard. Fear still clutched at her heart that he would make good on the promise to hunt her down and kill her. Tears began to spill down her bruised and dirty cheeks. 
“Buckle up, Hanna. I’m taking you to the hospital. You can call your parents from there.” 
At hearing those words, Hanna shook her head. There was no way she could ever go back home. “I, I, I can’t call my parents.” Her voice was strained with tears and she stared at her filthy, bloody hands clenched together in her lap.

 “Why can’t you call them?” Amber frowned, glancing over at her. 
Swiping at the tear, she pushed the hair out of her face. “I ran away from home a month or so ago because they don’t want me anymore.” Hanna knew it was just an excuse. Her parents were probably looking for her, sending out search teams. But they would never think to look in Northern California. 

Amber stared straight ahead, her voice level. “You need to at least get to the hospital, Hanna you were raped and need to be checked.”
At the thought of what he had done to her, a sob escaped before she could hold it in and she broke down. She didn’t know how long she cried. But she couldn’t stop the tears. What he had done to her was horrible, she just wanted to curl up and hide away from the world.

When the jeep pulled into the parking lot of the hospital she sat stiffly in the seat, staring at her lap. Sucking in a deep breath, she knew she had to go in. Even though she had insisted her parents didn’t want her, deep down, she knew that wasn’t true. Hanna just wanted to be back home, safe with her mom and dad. 

Running away from home because they wouldn’t allow her to date Jeremy had been the worst mistake of her life. Going to his house, finding him with Bethany had broken her heart. She should have just gone back home instead of being stubborn and leaving anyway. More than likely, they hadn’t even realized she had been gone by that time anyway. She could have put her things away and been lying by the pool having fun with her friends. 

Instead, her immature stupidity had gotten her into more trouble than she could ever have imagined. Maybe Amber would go ahead and call her parents for her anyway. 

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MaryLynn Bast said...

Thank you so much for having me on your beautiful blog and being a part of the Heart of a Wolf Blog Tour. I hope everyone enjoys the POV from Hanna's perspective.

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Thanks for asking me to be apart of this wonderful tour.

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Totally awesome stories ... keep 'em coming, MaryLynn Bast !!!

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Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway. I've read Werewolf Bound and I am looking for to reading all of your other books.

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