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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Title: Escaping Dominance
Author: MaryLynn Bast
Series: Heart of a Wolf (Novella) { Trina's Tale}
Genre: Paranormal/PNR
Publisher: Werewolf Tails Publishing
Release Date: July 2012

Goodreads Synopsis

After losing her parents at seven years old, Trina is forced to live with family who don’t want her. Ignored and feeling unloved, she turns to the person she cares for most. Deeply in love, she expects to be claimed as Dean’s mate when she makes her first shift into her werewolf form.
Everything goes from bad to worse and her plans of making a life outside the pack are gone. After years of dealing with abuse, Trina realizes her son’s well-being is in danger. She takes Toby and goes into hiding. By chance Trina meets Amber who has been on the run all her life. Suddenly Dean shows up, she must decide, go back to the pack or continue running. Once again, she looks to someone else for help.
Trina knows she has to stop relying on others to take care of her. She must stand up and fight for her freedom or there will be no way of ESCAPING DOMINANCE.

this is my second stop on MaryLynn's month Long Tour.Sit back and enjoy it. I have a treat for you and not just the giveaway that will accompany this stop. MaryLynn has wrote a scene from another character's POV hope you will enjoy as much as I did.

Dave’s POV for Escaping Dominance

Dave sat behind the wheel of the truck listening to Dean ranting and raving about what he was going to do to Trina when he got a hold of her. He remained silent and wished his brother would just shut up and pass out or something. “Why don’t you just leave her alone?” He knew the moment the question left his mouth he should not have asked it. 
Dean turned on him, a surprised frown on his face at him daring to ask such a question. “Because that bitch took my son away from me!” 
“It’s not like you had much to do with him anyway.” Dave couldn’t understand why he was so insistent on chasing after Trina. Yeah, Toby was Dean’s son, but he never spent any time with him and from what he had seen, the boy was afraid every time he came anywhere near him.
“That’s beside the point. She is a wolf and has to abide by the laws of our pack, by my rules.” Dean’s face was red, his hand pounded on the dashboard. “Just shut up and follow her.”
Dave released a frustrated breath. It sucked being the youngest brother in the pack. It meant he had to follow their commands just like the women do. He had to admit though the females in the pack had it far worse than he ever thought it could be. 
Throughout the years he had been forced to remain silent while Dean took advantage of Trina. Confronting him on how he treated her and the boy had gotten him beaten several times. Dave didn’t understand how a man could treat his woman and his own son the way Dean did.
He remained silent and drove the truck as instructed, following her at a distance. Pulling into the parking lot, he stopped the truck and turned to Dean. “Seriously man, you need to just leave her alone. Toby finally looks happy and she is taking care of him.” 
Dean snarled at him. “Butt out, this doesn’t concern you!”
Shrugging, Dave gave up trying to convince him and watched Trina standing in the middle of the park. Her hands hanging loosely at her side, her legs shoulder width apart, she looked relaxed. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for what was about to happen next.
Dean climbed out of the truck, slammed the door closed without another word and stalked towards Trina. 
Dave got out and softly closed his door, walked around the front and leaned against the front bumper. His arms crossed over his chest, he waited to see what Dean was going to do and swore to himself if his brother raised his hand to her again he was going after him. 
He shook his head at hearing Dean taunting her while he walked towards her. “You afraid I’m going to hurt your little boy toy so you send him home to momma?”
Trina shifted her stance and actually smiled at Dean. “He’s just a friend. I still prefer my girlfriend.”
At hearing that juicy tidbit Dave became alert and wondered what his brother hadn’t told him. 
Dean snarled. “Don’t push me, bitch.”
“Can’t fight the truth, babe.” Trina shrugged.
He could tell her cocky attitude was rubbing Dean the wrong way and got ready to run to her defense. Listening to Trina talking to him the way she was made Dave grin. He wished he could see his brothers face. When Dean’s hand reached for her, he started to take off running, to stop him from hurting her. Instead, he stopped in his tracks and watched Trina when she became a blur of motion. By the time she was finished with Dean he was on the ground moaning in pain. 
Dave stared at her in disbelief and wondered if maybe he needed to be ready for her attack when she started towards him. Then he saw the grin on her face and held his hands up. “I just came along for the trip to Vegas.”
Trina got in her car and drove away.
He knew there would be hell to pay when Dean got up and moving around, but for now, he enjoyed the hell out of his big bad ass brother getting the shit beat out of him by this scrap of a woman. Hopefully he would leave her alone now. 
He remained leaning against the truck and didn’t rush forward to help Dean when he finally started climbing slowly to his feet. He wondered if maybe he needed to do what Trina had done and get as far away from his demented pack as possible. He would have to hide his thoughts or the pack would turn on him for wanting to leave. Dave lifted his chin and stared at Dean while he limped towards him. 
“What the hell?” Dean growled. 
“You told me to butt out, so I did.” Dave shrugged again, turning back towards the driver’s side he waited for Dean to climb slowly into the truck before he pulled out of the parking lot. A plan of leaving the pack had already began forming in his mind. 

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MaryLynn Bast said...

Anna thank you so much for participating in the blog tour and having me on your wonderful blog.

At Anna's request, I changed the POV for one of the scenes in the story, hope you enjoy. And yes, for those who are already wondering...you will see and hear more of Dave in other books and maybe his own novella so you can get to know him a little better too.

Thanks for stopping by the tour and good luck in the giveaway, see you on the next stop.

MaryLynn Bast

Lynn A. Reynolds said...

Wow, two giveaways in one. I love my paranormals. This is where anything goes and nothing is off limits. And then the covers. Using a baseball term, "it's a home run".

What a great way to end the summer and start the fall. Thank you.


Lynn A. Reynolds said...

If I could shift into any animal it would be a panther. They are nice and slick, silent when walking and they are also fast. And I think the black coat would look nice on me.

Anna Dase said...

It is always a pleasure having you on the blog.

MaryLynn said...

I love black panthers. That would be my second choice and is actually one of my next stories I am currently working on..a werepanther. :)

MaryLynn said...

Thank you for entering both giveaways and good luck!

MaryLynn said...

I appreciate it and you are the best!

Tamara Beard said...

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!! You guys are amazing!!! <3 =)

Tamara Beard said...

And, hmm, if I could shift into any animal it would have to be a white tiger =)

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