True Blood

Monday, June 25, 2012
So is anyone else wtfing at the plot in True Blood? Is it just me or has it gone completely off the rails?


Amber I. said...

True Blood went wonky in season 2! I haven't watched it since then. It was so hard to watch after reading the books. Even though I don't like the last few books, that show just started driving me nuts. Plus I am poor and don't have HBO. lol 

Autum Bredmose said...

My brother lets me use his HBO go... it's SO WEIRD. Bill is king of Louisiana-- Tara is a vampire-- Lafayette is a mexican demon or some crap-- Apparently Jason Stackhouse was sexually abused by his school teacher. It's just insane lol

HK Savage said...

I'm still trying to find where I can get season 4 to catch up. What season are we on now anyway? These are so off from the books I'm sort of intrigued because Eric is so much better but I have to say, it's going a little weird already.

Heather Topham Wood said...

It's usually my favorite show so I'm super upset about this season! I thought the whole witch thing and Eric's amnesia was a good plot last season, but this year seems like a jumbled mess.

Michelle Flick said...

After three episodes, I still don't think anything of note has happened. It's all setting it up - toooo many plot lines and how the hell do they separate Sookie, Eric and Bill for so long... LAME

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