Dirty Little Secret #4

Thursday, June 7, 2012

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This week's question: 
Share your experiences with blogging! 

List TWO "Don't" and one "Do" when it comes to blogging and reviewing.

Olive: I haven't been blogging and reviewing long. I am but a mere co-blogger, but I have been doing websites for a LONG time and I guess I can draw from that experience. M 


 bully anyone no matter what. You may not like what someone posts, writes or does, but that is not a reason to say bad things about them on their blogs or websites. If you have something to address with someone, please send them a message. Don't paint their webspace with juvenile things.

Don't act like you are better than everyone. Just because you have 1 million followers does not make you a better person. Remember you were a little guy once too.


pay it forward. If someone asks you for help; no matter what help them. Even if you don't want to. You may make a friend out of it. Questions are real easy to answer. So do it!


Ana♥ @ Beach Bum Reads said...

I agree, pay it forward is a really good Do. You could be that someone who needs help, and if you're just a grumpy ol' monster who doesn't like helping someone in need, who's gonna help you then?

Ana♥ My DLS

Neyra Rosas said...

Exactly!! Great Don'ts, I like your second one, about thinking you're better than everyone else cause you have about a million followers, lol... it's just arrogant, and makes me, personally not want to follow at all.
And your DO is great as well, we all gotta start small, and just because we already know our way around doesn't mean we shouldn't help someone else in need. Great DLS :D*Olive, when you asked about linking me to your page, did you mean like grabbing my button?? --Sorry, but I gotta LOL, that sounds funny xD ahaha!

TToria (Vix) said...

Great answers!
I agree, I prefer to follow the blogs with a helluva a lot of followers that reply to comments, visit you back etc.

Vix @ http://ttoria.blogspot.com

Shae Carcar said...

Good answers! The one thing I love about the book blogging community is that I never really see any bullies on here. Everyone is so supportive and kind to one another which is so nice to see :) New follower!
Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

Cimmaron @ Talksupe said...

Love your answers. Everything you said is so true. I especially like the pay it forward part. It's kind of my theme in life. I everyday I try to do something for someone even if it just a little thing. 


Braine Talk Supe said...

Oh gosh! Sadly I've been "attacked" because the person didn't like my review. And sadly, there are some big bloggers who think they're better than the smaller blogs and seem to have forgotten that they started with less than 10 followers as well before they sold their soul to an author or a publisher. LOL 

Annie @ UTC said...

I really like your last  point! I will have to keep that in mind!

Trish Dechant said...

LOVE your do/don't list...especially the pay it forward. My blog is under a year old and I am the only one working on it. With a hubby, 2 kids, and now moving (ACK) it's hard to figure out everything as you go...but I have made some terrifc friends with the ladies that blog and am grateful for their help.
Here is my DLS:

BarkLessWagMore said...

Pay it forward.  I really like that one.  I see so many of the big bloggers ignore their readers and their pleas for help or questions.  It makes me crazy and also makes me wonder why the readers still visit those sites.  I like your attitude .

BookSniffersAnonymous said...

I like your answers. I have to agree with you. :)
Book Sniffers Anonymous

Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire said...

Great post. I agree about the paying it forward. I'm a little scared of asking others for help lol so it's always to be reminded that most bloggers are super nice and willing to help. Also, I love your blog. It's so pretty no matter how many times I've seen it. Thanks for dropping by my DLS!

Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

Wickedly Delicious said...

Great answers. Have a nice week.

Anna Dase said...

Fantastic Answers Olive. I absolutely loved your answers.

Anna Dase said...

I know how it feels also I did not have a pleasant experience when I first started and I almost stopped  blogging, but thanks to a few select ppl I continued to do what I love. I just returned home from BEA and had  Spencer Hill Press tell me that they love my reviews and that made my day knowing even though not everyone likes my reviews or even my blog that their are a few that do and that is all that matters 

Anna Dase said...

and thx for the following it is greatly appreciated .

Anna Dase said...

and we do try to respond back to all post and thx for following.

Anna Dase said...

Thank You too everyone who stopped bye and left their comments we love to interact with our followers here on Read Between The Lines and Olive Thank You for all the help you have given me and for keeping the blog going while I was at BEA it is greatly appreciated and I am glad to have such an awesome friend and reviewer. :)

OliveLovesBooks said...

Lol yes! I meant grabbing your button :)

OliveLovesBooks said...

Hey Shae! Bullies suck! Unfortunately bullying is everywhere. We try to be nice though! Thanks for stopping by!

OliveLovesBooks said...

I agree. I think everyone should pay it forward. It's a good way of living!

OliveLovesBooks said...

I really hate when people don't help. No one would ever get anywhere if we didn't have help :)

OliveLovesBooks said...

Me either. Some bloggers are a-holes lol.

OliveLovesBooks said...

Aww you are an awesome person! I love helping on your blog.

OliveLovesBooks said...

You too!

OliveLovesBooks said...

Lol true!

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