Indie Author Blog Hop June 13 - 19

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
When came across this blog hop I knew I wanted to participate because lately some of the books I have read have come from Indie Authors. And the stories were fantastic. So for this giveaway there will be multiple winners on my blog. I have had so many ah~may~zing authors donate books and swag. The Print Book and Swag will be US only due to shipping fees but e~books are international. Just fill out the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1.I Am A Reader, Not A Writer (Int)
2.Krazy Book Lady (Int)
3.eReading on the Cheap (Int)
4.Mandie Stevens - Urban Fantasy Writer (Int)
5.Liz Schultes Bat Country (US)
6.Lover of Paranormal and Indies (US)
7.M. D. Christie YA Authors Official Blog (US)
8.The Scribblings of Sarah (US)
9.Spell Checked by C. G. Powell (US)
10.Crazy Lady with a Pen (US)
11.alchemyofscrawl (US)
12.Blog of LK Rigel (Int)
13.Bibliophilia, Please (Int)
14.Books Reviewed by Bunny (US)
15.Lola James Author (US)
16.A. B. Shepherds Reinvented Reader (Int)
17.Some Sharp Words (US)
18.Lauries Thoughts and Reviews (Int)
19.Attack of the Book! (Int)
20.jennifersmusings (Int)
21.BookHounds (US)
22.BookHounds YA (Int)
23.Pandora Poikilos - Peace from Pieces (US)
24.Orangeberry Book Tours (US/UK)
25.Burgandy Ice @ Colorimetry (Int)
26.The Non Reluctant Reader (Int)
27.Living, Learning, and Loving Life (Int)
29.Love of Books (Int)
30.StuckInBooks (US)
31.Ron @ Stories of my life (INT)
32.Brinda Berry Blogs (Int)
33.Oh! Paper Pages (INT)
34.Candaces Book Blog
35.Nawanda Files (US)
36.Abnormally Paranormal Reviews (US)
38.Workaday Reads (Intl)
39.Reading Lark (US/CA)
40.Cabin Goddess - Reviews and Recipes
41.Literary Rambles (Int)
42.50 könyv blog
43.Simply Infatuated (US)
44.Confessions of a YA Writer (US)
45.Mary @ Sweeping Me (Int)
46.SR Johannes (Market My Words)
47.Tami Brothers Live, Love, Write! (US)
48.The Bookish Babes (Int)
49.Some Like It Paranormal (Int)
50.Blkosiners Book Blog (Int)
51.Monique Morgan
52.Unabridged Bookshelf (US/INT)
53.Devon @ The Crazy Dream Blog (INT)
54.Known to Read
55.Life, Love and a Good Book
56.twimom101 book blog (us)
57.The Companion of Lady Holmeshire
58.C. M. Brown
59.Petit Fours and Hot Tamales Blog - Marilyn Baron Author
60.The Angel Trilogy - 3 Humorous, Supernatural E-short stories Marilyn Baron
61.Marilyn Baron and Sharon Goldman, The Edger, Murder, Mystery, Romance
62.Walking on Bookshelves
63.Sassy Book Lovers (Int)
64.Callie Kingston (int. )
65.The Starry-Eyed Revue (US)
66.Gloria Schumann - Romance~A Book Away (Int)
67.Doodle @ Doodles Book Blog (US)
68.Bewitched Bookworms (Int)
69.Me and Reading (INT)
70.Epilogue (Int)
71.Passion for Novels (INT)
72.My Inner Muse (Intl)
73.Cheri Schmidt, Author of Fateful (USA)
74.Alice Anderson (US/CA)
75.Alivia Anders: Author
76.Candle Beam Book Blog (Int)
77.From Meredith Allard
78.PopcornReads (US)
79.Mocha Girls Read
80.Bella Street Writes (US)
81.Michael Pierce, Author of Provex City (US)
82.Mommy Adventures with Ravina (US)
83.My Pathway to Books (US)
84.Rebecca Emin (Int)
85.T. L. Clarke
86.Sarah Ballance (INT)
87.Merlin, YA Books, And More (Priya Ardis)
88.Teens Read and Write (Intl)
89.The Readers Suite (Int. )
90.Its all about the Suspense US
91.JeanBookNerd (INT)
92.Artist James Vallesteros (INT)
93.Laurie Here - Contemporary Fiction and MORE - Book Reviews
94.Under the Hat
95.Tiffany @ A Purrfect Read (Int)
96.Autumn @ The Autumn Review
97.WriterMom (Int)
98.Always YA at Heart (US)
99.Amanda J. Greene (Int)
100.Author ML Hamilton
101.LovelyLit (Int)
102.Jocelyn Adams Intl
103.Read Between The Lines
104.Of Thoughts and Words
105.Interview With a Jewish Vampire
106.Mostly Reviews (INT)
107.Keri Lake (INT)
108.Jess resides here
109.Kindred Blood Trilogy (INT)
110.Thriller author Vanessa Morgan
111.Memories Overtaking Me
112.Novel Moments (INT)
113.Read Now Sleep Later (INTL)
114.Myne Whitman Writes (Int)
115.Author Chelsea M. Cameron (Left and Write) (INT)
116.Practical Frugality
117.Fiction Fascination (INT)
118.Book recommendations
119.Dani C @ Paulettes Papers (US)
120.In the Mind of Ley Mesina (US/INT)
121.Turning the Pages (Int)
122.A Buckeye Girl Reads (Intl)
123.Meg @ A Bookish Affair (US)
124.Kelsey Miller Books YA (US)
125.Karly Kirkpatrick, YA Author
126.Author Crystal Marcos (Int)
127.Vixies Stories
128.Sara Shafer Middle Grade Author (INT)
129.Andrea @ The Busy Bibliophile (Int)
130.Cookies Book Club (Int)
131.The S. M. Boyce Blog | Sarcasm, Books & Boyce Running Into Things.
132.BookSpark (INT)
133.The Bunnys Review (INT)
134.Dantalion Of The Goetia
135.Forbidden Passions Reviews
136.Jess @ Wickedlyy Bookish
137.Tribute Books Reviews & Giveaways
138.A blog by author Larry Peterson
139.The Angel Chronicles by Amy Lignor
140.Night Sky by Jolene Perry
141.Spectral by Shannon Duffy
142.Knee Deep by Jolene Perry
143.Claire Reads (INT)
144.Wake by Abria Mattina
145.The Daily Harrell (YA) (Internatl)
146.Wake by Abria Mattina
147.Michelle Madow
148.Talk Supe (Intl)
149.Nocturnal Book Reviews (INT)
150.Cheap Is The *New* Classy
151.Terra Harmony
152.BookStacksOnDeck (Int)
153.Book Flame (US)
154.Devyns Thoughts (USA Only)
155.Charlene Blogs
156.Minding Spot (USA)
157.Juniper Grove (INT)
158.The Seraphine Muse (Int)
159.The Secret Writer (Int)
160.Prose by Design . com
161.Sparkles and Lightning (Int)
162.My Guilty Obsession (INT)
163.Rolling with the Moments. . . (Int)
164.A Dream Within A Dream (US/CAN)
165.Esthers Ever After (INT)
166.A Tale of Many Reviews (Int)
168.Murphys Law
169.Solitaire Parke
170.Caron Rider (Int)
171.Globug Needs a Book
172.A. D. Dulings Diddley Doodle Dandy Writings
173.Lisa Beth Darling (INT)
174.Michelle @ The Bookish Poodle (US)
175.A Ghost of a Second Chance
176.Lena Sledges Blog
177.Nadja Notariani ~ An Authors Adventures (US/CAN)
178.Rainy Day Ramblings (Int)
179.Send Me the Moon - Ophelia London Blog
180.Michelles Blog A Writing Journey
181.JoAnne @ The Fairytale Nerd
182.My Life is a Notebook (US)
183.Froggaritas Bookase INT
184.Essentially Italian (US/CAN)
185.Artful Magic by R. M. Wilburn: Magpie and Dilly Giveaway Int
186.Word Joy (US)
187.Books by Eileen Granfors (US)
188.Shana Norris (INT)
189.Asterias Blog (US)
190.Chirenjenzie (US)
191.Just Bookin Around
192.Julia Crane YA Author
193.Stone Cottage
194.The Hook - US
195.LizzyFord Books, Romance & YA
196.Belinda Kroll, Quirky Victorian Romance (INT)
197.Author James E Parker
198.MyLadyWeb Womens History Womens Authors: Shadows In A Timeless Myth:
199.Gin @ Addicted to Words (INT)
201.The Choice of Giving
202 Bookfever (INT)
203.Pearls of Great Worth (INT)
204.Twisting the Lens (US)
205.Paperbook Princess (Int)
206.Aeicha @ Word Spelunking (Int)
207 The Watchers Trilogy & Witch Avenue Series (INT)
208.Annie Walls
209.(read, watch, listen) Disincentive reviews (INT)
210.Before Happily Ever After Series (US)
211.just books
212.Sarah Elizabeths Bookshelf (INT)
213.Talia Jager, YA Author
214.Better Read Than Dead
215.Robins Writing Blog
216.Darlene @ Darlenes Book Nook (International)
217.Head above Water
218.Waiting For Wentworth (US)
219.Books by Amanda


Kassandra Appel said...

Too many to list them all........

Anna Dase said...

I have many also.

DeeDee Griffin said...

My favorites are Shelly Crane and Abbi Glines!.  I also just finished Slammed by Colleen Hoover and absolutely loved it.  

Autum Bredmose said...

I have actually only read two indie author books, but the best I have read so far was Heather Topham Wood's First Visions: Second Sight Book One.

Trayce Layne said...

So many . . . but the most recent add to my TBR list is the Hayley Coven novels by Patti Larsen. Cheers!

starryblue said...

Abbi Glines

Shauna Buck said...

Not sure but I have seen some amazing stuff in this hop!

Anna Dase said...

Thank you for stopping by There is a lot of fantastic Indie Authors out there

Anna Dase said...

I will have to check her out. What does she right.

Anna Dase said...

I have one of Patti's books but I need to look into Hayley's thx for sharing.

Anna Dase said...

I need to read it now 

Anna Dase said...

Seems Like I really should look into Abbi Glines. Thx for stopping by and sharing.

Darlene said...

I haven't had a chance to read her yet, but I've heard nothing but praise for Amanda Hocking!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Persephone said...

I like JA Beard. 

Anna Dase said...

I have heard the same I really should go and get her books. 

Anna Dase said...

New to me author thx for sharing.

nat cleary said...

Mine are Samantha Young and Rachel Wade. Entered as Natalie Cleary.

Tobi H. said...

Alexa Grace, Elizabeth Ann West, LA Dale I could go on and on! <3
Thanks for the giveaway

BookAttict said...

My absolute favorite is J.M. Tohline (The Great Lenore).

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!elizabeth @ bookattict . com

Laura carter said...

abbi glines, jamie mcguire, heather hildenbrand and angeline kace are my four favourite indie authors.

Red_tigergirl said...

I don't think i know any off the top of my mind!

Heather @ Red Headed Bookworm said...

My fave Indie Authors are Stacey Rourke, Stacy Mantle, Susan Kaye Quinn, G.P. Ching, K.A. Tucker, and lots more. I love Indie authors!

Jody Duffy said...

My favorite Indie's are Shelly Crane, Jamie McQuire, Fisher Amalie, Abbi Glines, Quinn Loftis, Tiffany King, and Devyn Dawson

Sapphyria said...

Some of my favorite indie authors are, in no particular order:
Elizabeth Hunter, Amber Scott, Lacey Weatherford, and Katie Salidas.
Thanks for the opportunity!

saphsbookblog at gmail dot com

Darkmotive said...

Veronica Roth, Sarah M Ross, Denise Grover Swank......

Timothy Carter said...

To many to name

Froggy said...

Quinn Loftis

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