Preservation by Rachael Wade Review

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Title: Preservation
Author: Rachael Wade
Publisher: Rabit Hole Press
Pages: 217
Media: E-book


Goodreads Synopsis:

Kate has no time for meaningless romantic charades, and definitely no time for hot college professors who are full of themselves and smitten with her. Constantly battling eviction notices, tuition she can’t afford, and a sick, dependent mother, the last thing she needs is to be distracted with someone else’s complicated baggage. 

When she stumbles into Ryan Campbell’s creative writing class, he is only “Mr. Campbell” to her, until Ryan finds himself captivated by her writing and she is forced to face their mutual attraction. His cocky know-it-all syndrome is enough to send her running in the other direction, and his posse of female admirers and playboy reputation are enough to squander any odds in her favor. 

But underneath Ryan’s abrasive facade is something to behold, and she can’t stay away for long. Ryan and Kate must decide who they’re willing to become and fight against their former selves if they want to make things work. That’s if academia, vicious vixens, old skeletons, and their own mastery at self-destruction don’t pummel their efforts first

My Thoughts:

Preservation follows college student Kate Parker in a story that at its roots is a dramatic romance. Kate finds herself in a relationship with her college professor Ryan Campbell . When I first started this novel I felt like I really knew who Kate was and she knew who she was. She was strong and knew where she was going in life. Then she meets Ryan Campbell a professor who is cocky, egotistical, and a womanizer. Here is where I have a problem with this book. Kate falls for this guy almost immediately with seemingly no good personality traits on his end. He seems like a real bastard and for some reason this strong independent woman likes him. My sense of knowing the character was cut off immediately when she chose that she liked this guy.  I don’t love the main characters; I just don’t. The side characters Carter and Dean seemed more interesting than Kate and Ryan.  I just couldn’t fall in line with the idea that Kate wanted this Ryan guy. He was everything you don’t want in a guy. The characters are constantly changing personality and I have no idea who they are. First Kate is independent and an all around bad ass take-no-crap kind of girl. Then she is a fool—wanting a guy that is an ass. Even during the first sex scene in this book Ryan was overly aggressive and not in the way that a guy gets aggressive during sex, but a weird creepy kind of way that his character hadn’t shown. Then somewhere in the book Ryan turns into this sweet caring guy and Kate turns all independent again. I just didn’t connect with any of the characters or the story. One thing I can say is I love this authors writing style. She has a great feel for conversation and scenery. It’s really awesome and I felt like this book could have been great if she would have known her characters better. Maybe she did know them, but I couldn’t feel it. Some parts of this book had me enthralled while other parts left me bored. Like I said I really loved Kate in the beginning of this book with all her flaws and she was still a strong person for it, but the complete 180 of her character was jarring at best and disappointing at its least. I felt I really could have loved this book with more character development, but as it stands it was merely okay.

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