Night Sky by Jolene Perry Review

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Author: Jolene Perry
Title: Night Sky
Source: Ebook
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This story is about 18 year old Jameson. He has everything figured out. He is in love with his best friend Sarah—she doesn’t love him back. He believes it’s the end of the world when Sarah falls for another guy. His world is falling apart, but then he meets Sky, a beautiful girl with a wild side. He is then thrown into a relationship with a girl who is keeping secrets. I first was put off a bit by the male pov. I don’t know why, I guess I haven’t read much male pov’s, but once I got past that I was totally into this book.  I love the main character Jamesons transformation in this book. This really is a coming of age sort of novel. That ever internal struggle of a teenage boy in love. Sigh. I am not really one for YA or real life love stories ,but I truly enjoyed this. The author Jolene Perry really knows her characters. Everyone person in this book has a life, a personality, and just flat out breathes.  I read this in about 3 hours in one sitting and I was definitely glued to the book at the end. I would like to see what adventures Sky and Jameson could have. I would like to see a book with them and some greater plot because I really do like these characters, they have so much potential! I don’t necessarily like the mundane plot, but that’s just my personal reading preference.  Great book!


Michelle@BoOK Briefs said...

I won a copy of this book from the blog tour. I really enjoy books from a guys POV if they are well done and it seems like this one is. Thanks for the great review. 

I have been to your blog a bunch of times before and I always thought that I was a follower, but I just found out today that I wasn't! So I guess I am technically a new follower and email subscriber of yours :) 

expect a tweet from me soon!

Olivia Rose said...

I honestly think I have never read from strictly a male POV-- except maybe Jacob in Breaking Dawn. This was a good read though!

Anna Dase said...

I am an old follower of yours and I enjoyed tweeting with you. Read Between The Lines is my blog but I have to fantastic reviewers Olive & Samantha so I like to consider it our blog, and thank you for following us. 

Tribute Books said...

Olive, thanks for the review!

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