Dirty Little Secret #1

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by Under the Covers. Every Thursday we get to know other bloggers and other readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets. We hope that you will all join us! 

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 This week's question: 

We've heard a rumor that Ryan Seacrest is using Fifty Shades of Grey as a manual in the bedroom.   What book would you give a guy to study up on?

Olive's Answer: I think I would give a guy the Dark Swan Series by Richelle Mead to read, because Dorian is just so domineering. He loves to tie you up and make you beg like a little bad girl :)


Anna's Answer: my DSL I would have my hubby read The Maker's Song Series by Adrian Phoenix because Dante just does it for me lol ;) ;


TToria said...

Oh i haven't read this series yet! 
Here's my DLS for this week: http://ttoria.blogspot.com

*New follower*


Anna Dase said...

This is a pretty awesome series. Richelle Mead's writing style is fantastic.

Nora-Adrienne Deret said...

I'm the classic type.  My partner and I own a copy of the Kama Sutra, and until we got too old to bend or twist in the prescribed manner had a ton of fun.  

Regan Walsh said...

It wouldn't be Fifty. Although the guy is awesome, he has too many issues for me. I would give a guy the In Death Series by J.D. Robb. Every man could use a little bit of Roarke.

Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire said...

o.o this guy sounds hot. I've got to try this book! Btw Love your blog design. So pretty! 
My DLSNing @ Reading by Kindle Fire

Jet said...

I love the Dark Swan series, I need to re-read them and visit Dorian and his ways again ;P
New follower, btw your blog design is amazing!

Olivia Rose said...

Dorian is awesome isn't he?? LOVE HIM!

Under The Covers Book Blog said...

Welcome to the meme!  I love Dorian, definitely a guy to imitate but hard to duplicate.


Neyra Rosas said...

That series is on my TBR List!!  And now, I might just have to bump it up on the TRN (To Read Next) Pile, just to get an idea of how domineering Dorian is!! xD Lol

I love your blog!! *now following*

Wickedly Delicious said...

OMG Love Roake! That man had me in the first book with his Button fetish.

Wickedly Delicious said...

Olive. Hi sweetie. Thank you for stopping by.  Following you back.  OMG I have to look into this book series. Never heard of it. Dorian sounds yummy. Love a dominate hero. Have a nice week.

Lauren Berman said...

Haven't heard of these. I'm off to look them up.
Thanks for stopping by.

Anna Dase said...

Both Series are really good 

Miss Vains Paranormal Fantasy said...

Hi Olive & Anna :)

Thank you for visiting my DLS Olive!! I was out of town with work, and so I'm late responding, I'm sorry, I hate that btw.:)

I love Dorian too and JD Robb is soon on my Tbr list, I hear Roarke is to die for!;)

I'm a new follower linky! Hope your having a wonderful weekend. Your blog design is totally cute! Autum just made me some icons for my blog recently.:)

Anna Dase said...

Thank You I now also follow via Linky Followers. 

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