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Review the Hirondelle by Key Barrett

Monday, October 14, 2019
Title: the Hirondelle
Author: Key Barrett
Series: Standalone
Genre: Contemporary Romance, BDSM
Publisher: Key Barrett Publishing
Release Date: June 29 2019
New York was supposed to be a different life for Alix. She’d left her childhood growing up on a farm in Brittany far behind her. In just six years she managed to turn an art history degree from the University of Rennes into a Creative Director position at a hot boutique agency in Manhattan. So why was she so unhappy?

   Robert Walden was in New York to finalize his ad agency pick for WaldenStock. In one month his company was going public. It meant a loss of control for him but great rewards for the people that made his company great: his employees. He had just one more potential agency to meet and he could fly back home to Austin.

   Alix found it difficult to get through the presentation. Something about the client made her uneasy. There was nothing outward about it, just an intensity she didn’t expect from American men anymore. She was relieved when it was over, only to find out she’d been invited to the corporate dinner… ...by the client.

   A company dinner, a proposal, and a chance to start something that will change both of their lives, if Alix has the courage to accept Robert’s invitation. Will her excitement lead her upstairs to an open-ended adventure, or will depression and shame win out again?