Spotlight the Harvest by KB Benson

Thursday, April 18, 2019
Title: The Harvest
Author: KB Benson
Series: Call of the Sirens Book 1
Genre: YA Fantasy/ Mythology/Mythological Romance
Publisher: Undaunted Publishing
Release Date: Feb 21 2019

Sometimes the most beautiful things grow in darkness.

Iris never expected to live her life trapped on land. Nor was she prepared for what she would find there. A siren isn't supposed to fall in love with her prey.

When Jace moved to Santa Cruz, he never imagined he'd risk his life to protect a monster. He soon finds that ancient myth has become reality. And not every pretty face is what it seems.

After Iris sings her siren's song to Jace — a hypnotic melody that leads men to death beneath the waves — both of their worlds are turned upside down. Will Iris give in to her bloodlust or will she turn her back on everything she's ever known?

As the tide runs red with the blood of the Harvest, Iris must choose: save the life of the human boy she loves or sacrifice her chance at humanity forever.

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KB Benson is the author of the Call of the Sirens series. She has always had an active imagination that first started to appear in writing as a teen. She loves YA Fantasy and Dystopia and could disappear into those stories for hours.

Before an author, KB is a busy stay-at-home mom who loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and Golden Retriever. When she's not writing, she's usually making a mess with her baby girl or dreaming up her next adventure.

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