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Friday, November 9, 2018

Okay my amazing followers Dawn Kirby has something completely new for us this week. She went sensual this week and its oh so good. We hope you enjoy and as always leave us a comment with your thoughts and maybe with a suggestion or two of what you would like to read.


Our little "encounter" has been a long time coming. Months of planning. Weeks of waiting. Nights spent fantasizing...Finally the moment was here. Finally we're together.

I watched, biting my bottom lip while he dropped his suitcase on the floor and pushed the cabin door closed. No one around for miles. He was all mine. And I would gladly, finally be all his.

I could hardly resist the urge to run to him. As much as I wanted him, I wanted to see him first. I wanted to see the passion in his green eyes. His long, silky hair. Hear his voice. IM’s, DM’s and texts were one thing. In the flesh? On the same continent? A whole other sensation.

My heart skipped a beat as his eyes raked over my body. For him, I had put on a black leather corset, jeans and a knee high pair of black boots. Underneath was the icing on the cake…in honor of our mutual love for the written word, a garter belt with black thigh highs that read, " Show, don't tell." The words sewn into the seam, leading the way up the back of my thighs.

I take a step towards him...No words spoken, He holds his hand up in protest. I stop, curious. He motions to my hair. I take the pins out and let it fall, cascading over my shoulders and back. He smiles and waves me towards him...finally.

He cradles my head in one hand while the other takes hold of my waist, pulling me into him. I can feel how much he wants me. Even through his jeans I can feel it.

The second our lips meet my body is set ablaze. The mere touch of his skin on mine feels like fire. The only thing that will put it out is more of him.

We stumble to the bed, never breaking our long awaited kiss. Never once looking past our own heated desires.

He pushes me onto the bed. I reach for his jeans. He gets rid of his shirt. Smiling at him, I start to fumble with the zippers on my boots. He takes over. Sliding one off and then the other. I wiggle out of my jeans and pull him to me.

"Not yet," he says, his sensual voice nothing more than a growl. His fingertips slowly move up my legs, tickling the back of my knees. His palms dig into my thighs as his finger finds the elastic band of my panties.

I raise an eyebrow. "What should we do about the thong?" He smiles, catching my hint at the joke shared only between us. 

In seconds it's gone, as if it's only purpose was to get in his way. Before he has a chance to make himself comfortable beside me, I slide to the edge of the bed and slowly slide lips across him, encasing it inside my mouth. As my tongue moves, flicking and licking, he shudders, his fingers dig into my hair. His hips start to move back and forth in perfect rhythm with my head.

On the edge of losing himself, he jerks away. The fire I feel inside me now reflects in his eyes.

"My turn," he says.

No sooner than I could process what he said, He dropped to his knees and pulled my legs closer to him. I roll my head back loving the feel of his tongue between my legs. In and out. Teeth nibbling in all the right places.

My hips move with his tongue, enjoying the erotic sensation. Sometimes guiding his tongue, his lips where I want to feel them next. When he sucks on the nub of my clit I can barely control myself.

He lifts his head, licking his lips with a sly smile. I scoot further back unto the bed and start to take off the corset. He pushes my hands into the mattress and tears at the laces. It finally, thankfully falls away. Each half brushes across my hard nipples. A wave of heat rushes over me.

Hovering above me, he looks into my eyes. I smile, my hips searching for his. I'm hot and wet and I desperately need a release. His lips find mine. I try to pull him closer, but he won't budge. He breaks our kiss, leaving a trail of soft kisses down to my now heaving breasts.

I moan when his thumb brushes across my nipple, cupping my breast in his hand, squeezing it until my breath catches. Chills run though me when his mouth takes in the other. Licking, sucking, nibbling...dear God, it feels good. HE feels good. I run my fingers through his hair, urging him on.

The wetness between my legs grows when he takes the other breast I his mouth. I dig my nails into his back; down his sides, the passion and frustration hitting its peak. I look down at him to see another coy smile. He pushes my breast together and bites down on my nipples. Pain shoots through me, but it's a good pain. One that begs for another. My nails dig in deeper. He flinches, but only for a moment.

Suddenly I feel his fingers winding their way down my stomach to my hips and then into me. First one then two. My hips fall in with the rhythm of his hand. When he slips in a third, they hit a sweet spot inside me causing a spasm like I've never felt before.

I take his dick in my hand and start to jack him off. His fingers move faster. My hips thrust against his hand as hard as I can get them too. He moans and closes his eyes.

An instant later I'm on all fours, him behind me. My back arches, enticing him. He grabs my left hip so hard I can feel his nails biting into the skin. He wraps my hair around his right hand and pulls my head back slightly. Before I know it, he's in me, thrusting hard and fast.

I force my hips into his. Meeting the strength of his aggressive thrusts. My nipples brush the comforter under us, heightening the erotic sensation he's driving into me.

It doesn't take long for him to bring me to the edge. In fact he drives me over it. Yet I still want more. I crave it.

So does he. He flips me over and is back inside without missing a beat. I wrap my legs around him, filling myself with every inch of he has to give me.

As my body begins to twitch again, I pull him closer. My nails once again begging him for release. His thrusts come slower, more deliberate. I squeeze the muscles tight around his shaft. He moans and starts to bite at the curve of my neck, heightening the building passion even more.

An idea hits me. I reach down in between us and rub my fingertip across my clit. He shudders. My back arches. He can't resist anymore. His final thrusts are deep and slow, filling me with cum. My body twitches as I meet my final release.

He starts to roll away to lie down beside me, but I hold him firmly, he’s still inside me. I'm not ready to let go. With his strength spent, he collapses. I let my legs fall from his hips. Sweaty and spent, he rolls to lie beside me, pulling into the warmth of his arms. Content and exhausted, I close my eyes as he pulls the sheet up over us. This was definitely worth the wait. I never could have imagined anything being as pleasurable as this.

When I finally open my eyes to look at the man beside me, no one's there. I try to move, but I'm tangled in a mess of sheets. My hand is slick and resting between my legs. My stomach aches as if I'd been working out nonstop for hours.

Frantic, I search for the clock. Only 3:00. He isn't due for another two hours, yet here I lay; hot, wet and naked...


Dawn Kirby lives in West TX with Jamie, her husband of 17 years and their three wonderful children Tristan, Aishlynn and Shelby. She's the author of SECRETSDECEIT and TRIBULATIONS. All three part of the paranormal romance Serenity Series published by Twisted Core Press. Her work is also featured in several 7DS Books anthologies such as SEVEN DEADLY SINSA MAN’S PROMISELINGER, among several others. Another short, DATE NIGHT was published in 13 Tales of the Paranormal by Firefly and Wisp. To find out more about Dawn's work please visit www.dawnmkirby.com.

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