Flash Fiction Friday ~ 7 Deadly Sins w/ Dawn Kirby

Friday, August 17, 2018
This Weeks Sin is Sloth Part 2
This Also Concludes the Ending of these shorts but stay tuned we have more coming.
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( Sloth Part 2)
by Dawn Kirby

Maybe I was wrong.

Maybe they were right.

Maybe I’m exactly where I belong.

I’ve been living out of my car for months now.  All my cash is gone. All my possessions are gone. I sold them all to get money to eat. I’ve got nothing left. I started selling plasma about two months ago. It doesn’t pay much but I can stretch what I do get to feed myself for almost a week.

I gave up on gas long time ago. If I can’t walk to get there, I don’t need to go. There’s a shelter around the corner I go to when I can’t buy food for myself. They’re nice there and they let me shower anytime I need to. They say I can have a bed, but I know if I leave my car for long it’ll disappear.

This isn’t the best neighborhood. I’ve seen more crime over the last few weeks than I have my entire life. In fact, I’ve been a victim more than once myself. Robbed. Beaten. The usual. I’ve had pimps threaten me. I’ve had dealers pull guns on me. I learned early that cops can’t do much for you if you don’t live behind an actual door.
My mom’s come by a few times to give me money or food. Dad’s been nice and left my phone on. It’s silly, but I think I appreciate that more than the food my mom brings. At least I know I have a way to get help if I need it. I don’t abuse it though. No online time for me. Not anymore. Surviving is tough.

You might ask why I’m not back home.

I don’t deserve it. I took everything I’ve ever had for granted. Never once did I thank a soul for anything they did for me.  I’ve got a lot of years to make up for. I want to start by getting back on my feet on my own.


Impossible now.

As I watch a dark figure run into the alleyway and disappear, I can feel the blood pouring from my chest. I don’t even have to look down to know the knife is still in my chest. I can feel the pressure. The pain. My vision starts to blur. I look at my hand where my phone used to be.

Breathing is getting harder. I feel clammy. My mouth is so dry. I feel lightheaded, but I fight the urge to pass out. I’m not ready to die. This wasn’t my plan. I was finally getting my mind in the right place. I wanted to prove to myself and my family that I could be the man they wanted me to be.

I’ll never get that chance. I know I’m mortally wounded.  Dying in a car, on a cold night is my fate? What do you do with your last few moments on Earth?
Me? The only thing I can do. With the blood on my finger and all the energy I can muster, I leave those who knew me a note. Maybe, just maybe they’ll forgive me.

I’m sorry.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If YOU are just joining us you can find part one here.

Dawn Kirby lives in West TX with Jamie, her husband of 17 years and their three , DECEIT and TRIBULATIONS. All three part of the paranormal romance Serenity Series published by Twisted Core Press. Her work is also featured in several 7DS Books anthologies such as SEVEN DEADLY SINSA MAN’S PROMISELINGER, among several others. Another short, DATE NIGHT was published in 13 Tales of the Paranormal by Firefly and Wisp. To find out more about Dawn's work please visit www.dawnmkirby.com.
wonderful children Tristan, Aishlynn and Shelby. She's the author of 

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