Review & Excerpt Remember Me by Nanea Knott

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Title: Remember Me
Author: Nanea Knott
Series: Sex Demon Series (#1)
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: February 19 2016
Edition/Formats: eBook
Will He Remember?
Greg Stewart is a smart detective. He’s been following suspicious cases from nearby areas. His gut tells him they’re related. He’s assigned to investigate a car accident. Digging into the details, he finds his victim is connected to the cases he’s been following. Now he needs answers. The first person he questions is Willow Harris, a friend of his accident victim. She’s smart, sexy, and definitely hiding something.
Willow Harris is a lonely succubus searching for her mate. He’s the only man who will remember having sex with her. She’s trying to help the sexy detective solve his case, but she has to be careful. Greg is human. He can never know sex demons are not just myth.

Greg keeps pushing for answers. Willow relents and tells him everything knowing that after she sleeps with him, he won’t remember anything she said, or will he?
What an intriguing and fun read. Being a succubus might seem to be extremely glamorous. You know with the copious amounts of sex and all but what happens when you want more than just the pleasure you want the whole experience.? Could there possibly be a loophole for sex demons. Well read Nanea Knotts take on sex demons and find out what happens with Willow a succubus and Greg the human detective. Nanea Knott has weaved a delightful and intriguing tale that will keep you turning the page and craving the next installment. Her characters are amazing the world building fantastic and the description is vivid enough it is like you are right there with the characters.

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He had been dreaming of her, all of her. Her legs, her hips, and her lips wrapped around the head of his cock. He groaned under the spray of hot water. He was back to rocking some serious wood. He fisted his shaft and stroked to ease the pressure. He let the fantasy in his head run wild as the hot water ran over his skin. He figured if he could just get her out of his system now, he would behave like an adult later. In his mind, he saw her naked lying on her side on his bed, her silky hair spread out over his pillow. Her smooth bare skin glowed with the light of the moonlight coming through the window, a cool breeze caressing her skin raising goose bumps all over her. She smiled at him and patted the bed next to her. “Come keep me warm,” she said. He leaned over her while fully dressed and gave her a gentle kiss on her sensuous lips. They were warm and lush. The taste of her filled his senses. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her deepening the kiss. He ran his hands over her soft skin learning every curve of her body. He allowed himself to immerse himself in her, her scent, taste, and touch. He was drowning in her and he hoped rescue never came. The taut pink nipples on her creamy breasts were rubbing against his shirt, and he wanted nothing more than to be skin to skin with her. He drew back from her long enough to tear the clothes from his body. The buttons on his shirt flew everywhere. He didn’t care. All he cared about was being inside her. She watched him appreciating the view once all of him was revealed. He wasn’t good enough for her, but he would do anything to be worthy of her. He lay down next to her, and she turned to stroke his chest. Her polished nails gently scraped his skin and made him shiver. He tilted his head and took her mouth again. Her lips were incredibly soft; he could kiss her for hours. He would remember the taste of her for the rest of his life. He licked her full bottom lip. She groaned and panted. He took advantage of her breathlessness. He was nearly breathless himself. She held all the air in the room inside her, and he was desperate for a single breath. His tongue swept in and kissed her deeply.

Nanea Knott is an erotic romance author of short stories, novellas and novels in the Paranormal, and BBW subgenres. She loves to read and write about sexy characters with guts and common sense.

Nanea was born and raised in Hawaii but has called Seattle home for over 15 years. Occasionally she surfaces from the depths of writing to go to work, see her family and friends, and pet her aging cat.

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