Interview with Lance Jones Book Cover & Tattooed Model

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Okay we all know that old adage the ‘Never Judge a Book by its Cover’ is so hard to do, but we are all guilty. Lately book covers have been popping up with so many beautiful cover models from live shots and not just stock photos. But have you stopped to wonder about those models who work tirelessly with the photographers to give us these amazing covers we adore wrapped around the books we love? They play a huge role in the book industry and with that said Read Between The Lines and The Book Quarry will be collaborating together to bring readers closer to these models. We will be interviewing our favorite models bi-weekly (This will start once we get everything hashed out. Right now we are just showing you a sneak peek as to what it will be like). The interviews will be different on each blog and they will be in-depth questions asked of each model. The first interview is with Lance Jones and both pages will have the same interview posted, but hereafter it will be as stated above. We will select a couple of reader’s questions that are left in the comments of each post so the more participation the better(one question from each blog) for future interviews to post on our blogs, but you have to read the interviews to find out whose question was picked.

So Let's Get This Interview Going.

Lance Jones
First I would like to say thank you Lance for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. To get things started off can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Your welcome, hmm that's a tough question because there is, a lot to answer lol

What came first the Cover Modeling or the Tattoo Modeling? Or did they kind of run in conjunction together?

They kinda ran conjunction together but I was modeling for a couple months before I got on my first cover. 

How many book covers are you on? Do you read the books when you get time?

I don't read them but I'm probably on over 100 now , probably have published.  I lost count
I'm not a big reader , it makes me more tired. 

What was it like the first time you were asked to be on a cover?

I was surprised and excited,  thought it was a joke at first lol

What was your first tattoo, and for many tattoos represent something significant in their lives do yours? Do you plan on getting more?

My first tattoo was my last name that is now covered up,  my tattoos are just things I like nothing really to significant,  other than my cursed love in my chest which is my first book cover  I was ever on.

Do you have a favorite tattoo?

No favorite I love them all

You just recently started your own photography company  a few of the other photographers dabble in the book cover design as well not just the modeling aspect do you or will you be creating book covers?

Yah I am also doing photography,  I do have an interest in cover design,  gonna possibly take graphic design classes soon

I am sure you have a lot of traveling under your belt so to speak can you tell us some of the best places and shoots you have traveled to?

I have done a lot of traveling,  Jamaica, Bahamas,  Hawaii,  Costa Rica are the best so far,  I've traveled a lot of states to, NYC , Alabama,  Seattle and so on

What can we find you doing in your spare time?

Editing , taking pics, working out,  hanging with friends,  hiking

What were you like growing up and what is the craziest thing you have ever done?

I was a little trouble maker growing up lol but grew out of that fast . Idk what the craziest thing I've even done is

I am sure this is a burning question for many of the bloggers and readers do you have a girlfriend?

No I don't

Now for a Little Fun

Tea or Coffee
I like tea and coffee lol
Salty or Sweet
Beach or Mountains 
Night Owl or Early Bird
Early bird
Spontaneity or Planning Ahead 
A little of both

A Few Upcoming or Already Released Titles 
that Lance is Gracing the Cover Of

the Fighter by Harper Bentley 
Forever Read by Carina Adams

This Is One Image of Lance I would Love to See On A Cover Maybe an MMA Book

Now For Some Modelling Shots

These are Just a Few :)

Places to find Lance Jones
Lance Jones - Tattoo Model Facebook Page
Lance Jones Facebook 
LJ Photography  Facebook Page


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