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Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Title: Voodoo Vows
Author: Diana Marie DuBois
Series: Voodoo Vows (Book 1)
Genre: Paranormal
Publisher   Three Danes Publishing LLC
Release Date: Oct 31
Rosie Delacroix returns to New Orleans after her mother’s disappearance, is pulled into an unimagined world and gets more than she bargained for.
Ensconced in the life of magic and voodoo, she’s surrounded by unlikely allies.
 Julian Quibodeaux, an old flame, re-enters her life and their love is once again reignited like dry tinder to a flame. However, he’s been cursed and unaware he holds a terrible secret…One that could destroy their relationship.

She’ll be tested in many ways, to save the man she loves. Will her friends, and an unusual new-found gift, be enough for her to survive her journey?

My Thoughts
WOW what a unique and addicting read. Filled with Mystery and Mayhem with a VOODOO Flair and some steamy scenes to had some heat to all the action. Diana Marie DuBois has a unique voice and writing style that is bound to keep you intrigued.
I enjoyed all of the characters and the growth of them from beginning to end and the world building was  awesome. I am looking forward to more in this series and Julian ;) ;) 


I pried my tear infused eyelids open again to stare into his mesmerizing emerald eyes. His smile soothed me. I burrowed deeper into the comfort of him and sighed, and we became one seamless body. The sensation of him drawing circles on my back had me comfortable and back to sleep in no time. I once again drifted into a dream, though this one was different…this time, I seemed to be invading someone’s privacy.

My eyes focused on what the female, who seemed familiar to me, was doing. My hand instantly went to my mouth to stifle a loud gasp. Her black hair was not in her usual pigtails, and she sat in front of an altar draped in black. I inched closer to her out of curiosity. The moment I was behind her the snake on her body turned and hissed at me, and I almost toppled over from fright.
I regained my stance and saw that the altar was adorned with an assortment of items. I blinked my eyes, hoping what I was witnessing wasn’t true. A picture of me when I was younger lay neatly underneath a dead rat. Glasses on each side were filled with what looked like blood, though I shuddered at the thought.
I tensed as she started to chant;
Trust to be given rather than earned.
Spoken words of a spell once learned.
Trust in me with all your might.
Trust in mind not in sight.
Spell unknown when you awake,
A binding so strong never to shake.
As soon as the voice stopped the figure swiftly turned toward me to reveal her familiar face. Her red eyes stared coldly through me. She turned back around and lit a piece of paper with a match, and when she faced me once again she blew the ash at me, obscuring my vision.

As a young girl, Diana Marie Dubois was an avid reader and was often found in the local public library. Now you find her working in her local library. Hailing from the culture filled state of Louisiana, just outside of New Orleans; she lives with her three Great Danes and four spunky mutts.  Her biggest inspiration has always been the infamous Anne Rice and her tales of Vampires. It was those very stories that inspired Diana to take hold of her dreams and begin writing. She is now working on her first series, Voodoo Vows.

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