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Monday, November 24, 2014

Title: Beyond New Eden
Author: H.S. Stone
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: YA Post-Apocalyptic
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date:  Mar 8 2013
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print
Eve 142 has lived her entire life in the domed city of New Eden, home to the only surviving humans after the War. Like all of the inhabitants of New Eden, Eve 142 is a clone. Together with the other clones, dubbed the Adams and the Eves, she leads a safe, predictable existence. However, Eve’s life changes when she causes a tragic accident to befall one of the Adams. As retribution, she and her counterpart, Adam 142, are banished from New Eden. At first, Eve 142 considers their punishment a death sentence because she grew up believing the world outside the dome was uninhabitable. She is wrong. Forced to live in the Wastelands, Eve and Adam discover many new truths about the outside world and, more importantly, the truths about themselves.

My Thoughts

We were extra cautious when dealing with hazardous waste, so I helped Adam tip the bottle forward although it was light enough for him to handle by himself. The liquid flowed down the sides of the hole until I couldn’t see it anymore. We then screwed the cap back on the bottle and threw it down the opening as well. I heard it bounce around the walls of the abyss until I didn’t hear anything anymore. We never heard it hit bottom, but I was used to that by now.
The next piece of trash was a box of powdered chemicals. Again, we carefully poured the contents down the hole, followed by the box itself.
Although there was only one cart of hazardous waste, and it wasn't full, it took us an hour to dispose of it all. I found that the concentration required for the task drove my former lethargy away.
Adam and I lifted the heavy lid and slid it over the hole’s opening until it clicked into place. Then Adam turned the wheel to secure it.
I glanced at the clock. “We’re done early today.” I hoped that meant I could leave early and get some sleep.
He looked around the room with a puzzled expression on his face.
“What is it?” I asked.
“I’m certain there was more hazardous waste than this.”
“Are you sure?” I didn’t notice anything odd because it was common for the hazardous material to fit in one cart.
“When I sorted through the trash, this cart started to fill up. Combined with what you and the One Forty-Ones added, I expected more than this.”
I was ready to dismiss his concern, but something tugged at the edges of my mind. I recalled sorting through the trash, making sure compost went in one cart, hazardous materials in another, and the remaining trash in a third set of carts.
In my tired state, did I make a mistake? The memories weren’t entirely clear, but I was fairly certain that I segregated the three types of garbage correctly. I saw in my mind’s eye the act of examining each piece of trash and categorizing them in their proper buckets. Compost in this cart, hazardous waste in that cart.
Except that the cart that I threw my hazardous waste into wasn't the one in the room!
Oh, no, I thought. I put them in the wrong cart! I sorted correctly, but I didn't pay attention to where everything ended up after the sorting process.
So where was the cart where I put the hazardous materials? If it wasn't here, then it could only be in one other place.
My tongue felt sticky as I breathed, “The incinerator room.”
I heard an explosion, and the walls of the sanitation station shook.

Even before he could read, H.S. Stone wanted to write a book. Fascinated by the stories that seemed to leap from his kindergarten teacher's books, he went home and wrote his own book, with illustrations and bound by staples. Of course, since he didn't know how to read or write yet, the book was full of gibberish.
Undaunted, H.S. eventually mastered the ABC's and continued to write throughout his grade school years, adolescence, and into adulthood. Despite earning a degree and working in a field not related to writing, he continued to pursue his writing passion.
H.S. Stone's publications include novels aimed at Young Adult and Middle Grade readers as well as several short stories. He currently lives with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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