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Thursday, April 3, 2014
Title: Desperate Match
Author: Lynne Silver
Series: Coded for Love #5
Genre: Sci/Fi Romance
Publisher: Self
Release Date: Mar 27 2014

A woman on the run…

Abused wife, Jill Thompson knows she has to get out of her bad marriage. Like yesterday. With no money, no job and no friends, this small town girl can’t find a safe harbor. But when she sees a news report that The Program, a US military base, is seeking women to be matches for their genetically enhanced soldiers, she sees her opportunity. If she is lucky enough to be a match, her snake-mean husband, Jack, won’t be able to find or hurt her ever again.

A man looking for acceptance…

Rowan Blacker is the only soldier of his cohort to request a breed match. He’s the newest soldier on campus and thanks to his genetic defect, he feels like an outcast. Matching and breeding with a woman will help him fit in with the team. Unfortunately Rowan’s match is nothing like the sexy, fun woman he was hoping to romance. The woman they claim is his perfect DNA match, is a scared shell of a woman carrying a trunkful of emotional baggage. Against their better judgment, they move in together and as Jill shakes off the shackles of abuse, their attraction ignites.

Read for Charity!

For this week only (Week of March 31-April 6) 50% of Lynne's sales revenue from Desperate Match will be donated to House of Ruth. “House of Ruth helps women, children and families in greatest need and with very limited resources build safe, stable lives and achieve their highest potential. At House of Ruth, women, children and families heal from lifetimes of traumatic abuse.”
Sounds like just the kind of place Jill from Desperate Match needed. And so for all the women like Jill, 50% of all the  proceeds from sales of Desperate Match will go to House of Ruth.

Please help spread the word.

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Find an Excerpt from Desperate Match HERE

Author Overload
Lynne Silver
It’s been a good two weeks in Romancelandia. Some big name authors had book releases. I had a book release too, and I know I should probably pimp my own book, but I’m such a fan girl of these authors, I can’t resist the temptation to squee over their books. I promise I’ll get to mine at the end.
Without further ado, here are the awesome books that came out recently:
1. Waiting on You by Kristan Higgins- I finished this on day one. I’m a fan of Kristan, both personally and professionally. I reread Maggie & Malone’s story at least once every three months. I’m pleased to report I adored Colleen and Lucas from this book. Colleen had all the sass typical of Higgan’s heroines, and the book had heart.
2. Three Weeks with Lady X by Eloisa James- I’ll admit it, the title made me nervous. I thought the premise would be one big plot device. It wasn't. I should’ve known to trust Eloise. She writes such intelligent romance. I loved how it incorporated reality TV home design shows with the love story. And I loved, loved revisiting Villiers & Eleanor. Plus Thorn, sigh… Can’t wait for Vander’s story.
3. Four Friends by Robyn Carr- I haven’t read this one yet. But of course, anything by Carr is an auto-buy for me.
4. The King by JR Ward- At the time I’m writing this blog post, I haven’t read the book yet. It comes out April 1. I assume by the time you’re reading this on April 2 or 3, I’ll have finished the book. Ward is that addictive. Can we say Crahck?
5. Desperate Match by Lynne Silver (Yes, me) I can’t really give an honest review of the book. I wrote the sucker. It rocks. Just go buy it, trust me. And 50% of all sales THIS WEEK ONLY will go to House of Ruth, an organization dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse.


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