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Friday, October 4, 2013
Title: Ravenous
Author: Heidi Loney
Series: Ancestor #1
Genre: YA/SciFi/Dystopian
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 1 2013
Edition: Print
Source: Author for Honest Review

Overpopulation throttles the world’s food supply. In 2050, the government of the Americas introduces the Food Crisis Act—new measures that create a system for growing and rationing food.
Calla Ryan is pretty much your average teen, except for enduring hunger every day of her life. One morning, new sensors at her high school determine that she exceeds the weight limit of the State, and they send her north to a “fat camp” or re-education centre.
Calla begins to realize the centre holds many secrets. Her counsellor dies mysteriously, and new shipments of recruits are the picture of health. Finally, Calla becomes a guinea pig for a dangerous lab experiment.
On the outside, a virus that began overseas has now made its way to the Americas with deadly consequences.
Calla must run from her captors, escaping to the far north with help from the facility’s chef and fellow inmates Billy and Madge. And to complicate things, the infected are very hungry.

This was a good read I enjoyed the story I loved the fact that is had a dystopian feel to it. I rooted for Calla in hopes she would escape the Fat Farm where she is being held and tested. Calla is no normal teenage girl and when sent to the camp learns there is more to her than she realized as she becomes immune to the virus that is killing everyone off.   I would have loved more background on the characters and the world Heidi has created for us. With that said the book was a quick read with twist and turns. The plot definitely relates to real world concerns that can happen if over population happens. I just basically wanted more information more.

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