Naughty or Nice Christmas Card Exchange

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Close Encounters With The Night King

Read Between The Lines
Read Between The Lines

Welcome to the second annual Nice or Naughty Christmas Card Exchange!! RBTL(Read Between the Lines) has joined with CEWTNK (Close Encounters with the Night Kind)  to bring you this fun and inexpensive way to connect to new bloggers and discover new authors! Are you not a blogger or author but want to participate? No problem!! You can join in the fun too! But we do have some rules!

1. Addresses that are submitted and exchanged are to be used for this event ONLY! We want this to be fun event and DO NOT want to worry about someone using our addresses for nefarious purposes!! And yes SPAM is not allowed!!

2. You may send Business cards, bookmarks, swag, or other items with the card as long as it is book, blogger, or Christmas related.

3. If for any reason you can not send out your cards, notify us. We want to make sure everyone participating gets a card.

4. The most Important Rule: HAVE FUN!! Even if you are on the NICE list...try...LOL!!!!

The sign-up sheet is below! Entries will be accepted until November 25. Everyone will receive their card addresses by December 1. If you have any questions please email  Anna: sadase98@gmail.com or Nikki: viajeradelmar@aol.com.
Please grab the badge, place it in your sidebar, and link to this post. Help us get the word out!!


A_TiffyFit said...

I will definitely be joining soon! There might be a move in my immediate future (again!), so I'm gonna hold off for a bit til I know! :) Great idea! I love it!

Mary Lou Moench said...

I'm on the nice list :)

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