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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Title: Walking Weird
Author: Gori Suture
Series: Smut Saga Vol 5
Genre: Erotic/Horror
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: June 25 2013

Synthesis, The Design of Moirai only glimpsed in the previous Smut Sagas is laid bare in Walking Weird, and this skein is a sticky one, ensnaring all of your favorite characters in Hecate’s web. After years of imprisonment, Astothan’s chance for escape finally comes. His cherished beloved from Geist Kinder is all he can think about, but time may not yield even for gods, and his struggle with forgiveness and love anew has only begun. Poor Jasper’s troubles were only just beginning in The Witch of Hainted Holler, and now he must pick up the pieces of that fateful day and carry the weight of the world on his scrawny shoulders, with the Grim Reaper his only friend. In Shatter Kinder, being a father was Phoenix’s fondest wish; yet paternity of monsters is fraught with danger and omens. Eldridge and the rest of Omega begin to master the powers revealed to them in Asphyxia, yet old enemies hatch fresh schemes. The mad adamantine shuttle flies and as the weave grows ever taught, the sole path navigable is Walking Weird!

The confluence of Gori’s first four books is a torrid one, and the reader is sure to get wet, so kick back and enjoy, while you still can …
**Contains explicit descriptions of M/F & M/M, non-human erotica.**

How to Make Your Characters Believable?

An author reveals a character in three ways: through the character’s actions, through the character’s dialogue, and through the character’s internal monologue.  People are very complex.  In a realistic character, the majority of the time, at least one of these three aspects is in conflict with the others.  
Example 1:  One’s actions are in conflict with one’s dialogue and internal monologue.
An example of this would be someone who abuses his wife.  His internal dialogue states that he loves his wife.  He will even tell her that he loves her.  Yet he hits her, and this is not an act of love.
Example 2: One’s dialogue is in conflict with one’s actions and internal monologue.
In this case, the husband’s action is to take his wife out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.  His internal monologue is all about how much he loves her.  But he has commitment problems.  So he demeans his wife and tells her that he hates her. 
Example 3:  One’s internal monologue is in conflict with one’s actions and one’s dialogue.
In this instance, the husband hates his wife.  But she has money, so his action is to buy her flowers, and his dialogue is to tell her that she is beautiful, but his internal dialogue is all about what an ugly bitch she is and how he can’t wait for her to die.
When these three things come into alignment, then that conflict is resolved, and the character grows and changes.
In Example 1, resolution occurs if the husband seeks counseling and stops hitting his wife.  In Example 2, resolution occurs if the husband gets over his commitment issues and finally tells his wife that he loves her.  In Example 3, the resolution occurs when the husband breaks down and murders his wife.
To write believable characters, an author must be a people watcher.   A good author is observant, taking in the mannerisms and dialogue of those around her.  However, to truly capture another person’s character, an author must be empathic towards others.  She will constantly put herself in other’s shoes and try to imagine what that person is thinking.  An observant author will always be asking, where is the character’s conflict?  She will always look past a person’s facade to the depths of the soul.

Hailing from the outskirts of Mayberry, North Carolina, Gori Suture has been writing fiction since she could hold a crayon.  Her work is often allegorical, chronicling man’s pursuit of understanding God and the God within.  Simultaneously debase and philosophical, she juxtaposes eroticism and horror with metaphysical introspection.  She is currently working on the last of the Smut Sagas, the Sorrow and Rue Eroto-Obscurities, and a comic book series is also in the works.

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