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Saturday, July 13, 2013
Title: The Twelfth Paladin
Author: Nora Weston
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Angels/Erotica
Publisher: Melange Books LLC
Release Date: June 25 2011

In The Twelfth Paladin, good against evil battles as an angel, demons, and a temptress extraordinaire, named Rachel Darnell, vie for the soul of Jake Cottrell. Jake foolishly dares Hell to burn him. Hell agrees.

Scarred with angelfire by a rebellious angel, named Micah, Jake Cottrell is sanctioned to become the twelfth paladin in Micah 's supernatural unit of slayers. However, regret abounds as Micah is banished and ordered to protect what he now despises a human he believes is unworthy of such an honor. Never fear, Jake is a seeker of mischief who soars on a blistering blacktop to escape the wrath of Hell while he transforms into the twelfth paladin.

A Book Cover a simple task? Or is it more complicated and complex?

Day to day, many simple tasks compete for attention, but designing a memorable book cover is not something I’d say is a simple task. So many things must be well thought out to ensure a book cover is stunning, but also reflects the plot and/or characters.
Up for consideration when designing a book cover are these key elements, that hopefully, work together to produce magic.
Colors/Black & White: Ponder if the essence of the book is bright and lively, so possibly it’s a candidate for a vibrant cover. Or, maybe it’s a Sci-fi thriller, so blues, white, blacks, and silver come into play, but space has fictionalized worm holes bursting with color to be remembered too. If the book is dark and dangerous in nature, then a mostly dark cover with just a smidgen of smoldering red to hint of danger may work. For The Twelfth Paladin, I wanted the cover to be a dark reddish hue since that is associated with the fires of Hell.
Fonts: Large, medium, small, curly, jagged, bold, thin, and filled with color or left black or white are but a handful of options concerning fonts. Can the font you love so much actually be read? If you look at the cover of Vault by David Rose, you’ll see a splendid example of how a font can own a book cover. I love it when the title of a book has the font designed especially for that book, like the cover for Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.
Images: If the characters or the setting are displayed on the cover, then I believe (most of the time) it is best to have them accurately depicted. For example, in The Twelfth Paladin, I chose realistic images of people who best resembled my characters, Jake Cottrell and Rachel Darnell. I also picked out a dangerous looking road for the background because Jake goes on an actual journey…one filled with death, destruction, and mayhem. At times, humor will take over for shock value, and that can also attract readers as well.
Spacing: Where to put the tile, author’s name, tagline, and images means many variations will be tried. On some covers, the author’s name is huge, and that can work, but sometimes, there is not enough room to hint about the book’s plot.
Tone: A book designer really needs to know what the book is about to consider the potential cover’s tone. Will it be realistic, surreal, futuristic, radical, humorous, or maybe a combination of the ones mentioned? The tone of the book cover is very important to entice the correct target audience to make a purchase.
I came across these book covers for Claire Lispector who lived from December 10, 1920 to December 9, 1977. She was a Brazilian writer who was also a journalist. Lispector has been described as the most important Jewish writer since Franz Kafka. I really like the way her image is used. I’d definitely pick up these books to see what they were about.
A simple task? Making scrambled eggs. I can even toast the bread without burning it. Designing a book cover to attract readers that is also a work of art? Not so easy!

Jake Cottrell pretends to be Doctor Davis Travis in order to seduce the enticing Rachel Darnell. Big mistake...as big as any Jake will ever make. Their first kiss leaves Jake breathless and dying for more of her. Ever feel that way about someone? Lucky you! I fled down the steps and into the kitchen. I noticed Davis had left out whiskey and vodka on the counter. He had read my mind. Gathering up the alcohol, I was ready to party hard, like I knew I may never do it again...as though Armageddon was about to befall us. “Thanks, Davis,” I said grabbing black glasses wrapped in silver dragons décor, and then I raced upstairs famished like a wild animal. Back upstairs, I didn’t think about consequences, or right and wrong. I just dove into the treacherous jungle I’d created. Rachel grabbed the whiskey, and then hit play on the sound system. Kashmir, by Led Zeppelin, and my favorite song, rocked us into the night. “Screw the glasses...” Rachel gulped it and then licked her fingers. Whiskey flowed all over her low-cut dress, so now her breasts were wet with that sin filled alcohol. Laura grabbed the vodka and she, too, skipped a glass. “Have some!” She poured vodka down my throat, which burned worse than usual, but since Laura had stripped…my throat became unimportant. She fell on the bed saying, “I’m ready for my check-up, Doc.” “Whoa...nice.” My eyes lit up as I smiled at Laura. That pissed off Rachel—all the better for me. “Get over here!” demanded Rachel. “I want a bite out of you, and you’d better taste damn good.” I motioned to Laura to hold up for a second and walked over to Rachel aching to know what she’d do to me. Her lips smacked hard upon mine. Rachel almost sucked my life away as she slid my pants off. Her red claws scratched my chest. “Oh, yeah, great muscular body...you’ll do just fine.” I unzipped that amazing red dress and tore it off, unveiling the most succulent body I’d ever seen. Looking up toward Heaven, I said, “Thank you!” Full breasts, tiny waist, and an ass I had to touch. Well, I should have looked down...way down. Both of our naked bodies dropped to the floor where we meshed upon a huge oriental rug. Strange voices in my head ordered me to fulfill my every forbidden desire, so I listened. Violating every inch of Rachel’s scorching hot body left me hungry for more of her, no…dying for her.
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