Teaser and New Cover Reveal Forever Fae by L.P. Dover

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Title: Forever Fae
Author: L.P. Dover
Series: Forever Fae Series
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Nov.3 2012
Formats Available In: Print & Ebook

He leans down, lips parted, and then our lips connect……….We didn’t know that this one kiss has FOREVER changed the Land of the Fae.

According to the Prophecy proclaimed many years ago, Princess Calista of the Summer Court is destined to change the Land of the Fae from the evil determined to destroy it.  Her powers are phenomenal, and she secretly trains for battle with her handsome warrior friend, Merrick, who unbeknownst to her protects her heart as well, in hopes of keeping it for himself.  At least, until the seductive Prince Ryder attends the Guardian Ceremony and instantly sends a fire burning through her veins and a connection so deep they both discover a love above anything imaginable.
No one knows how Calista is destined to change the kingdoms, but there is one that does.  He not only craves Calista’s power, but her body as well, and his goal is to steal her power, make her his Dark Queen, and take over the Land of the Fae.
Will the evil succeed in claiming Calista’s soul?  Or will the two men that fight for her heart save her from despair, and help her fulfill her destiny to become what she was meant to be.

I reach down to touch the ground and draw upon the magic of the earth.  I can feel the roots travelling in the soil.  I close my eyes to concentrate and direct the roots of the nearby trees to where I want them to go.  I envision them wrapping around both Ryder’s and Merrick’s legs and pulling them to the ground.  A few seconds later, the roots shoot up from the ground and wrap around both guys.  They shout expletive words and land flat on their backs.  Both of them are breathing hard and bleeding from different areas of their bodies.  I give them a second to cool off and am thankful  they are too far away from each other to reach. 
I walk slowly to stand in between them while they are still lying on the ground.  They look up at me and I look at each one of them back and forth.  I shake my head and make the roots tighten on their legs.  They will soon understand how pissed off I am.
I look at them in the face and scream, “I can’t believe you two are doing this.  You didn’t give me any time to explain to either of you what is going on.”  I look at Ryder and say,   “Ryder, I have never given you a reason to doubt me.  Yes, you may have caught us in an odd position, but it was totally innocent and nothing happened.  Nothing was going to happen either.  You obviously don’t have any trust in me and it breaks my heart.  Last night meant more to me than anything in this world.”
Ryder opens his mouth to speak, but I cut him off.
“I don’t want to hear another word come out of your mouth.  I am done talking to you right now.”
 I am so angry.  I can’t see clearly because the tears are welling up and I don’t want them fall, but they fall anyway.  I thought I could hold them in and not show weakness, but it breaks my heart that the man I love doesn’t trust me, and the man that loves me I don’t love back.  This is one messed up love triangle.
I take a second to catch my breath and then I look over at Merrick and say, “Merrick, you are my best friend and I do love you, but not in that way.  The changes that have happened are because of the prophecy.  Apparently, Ryder and I are going to bring about the changes in the kingdoms. Or at least we were.” 
I narrow my eyes at Ryder and then turn back to Merrick and say softly, “He’s my destiny.”
The hurt and longing in his face is too much, but Merrick turns his head away from me first.  That’s what does me in.  There comes a breaking point and I think I just hit mine.  I put my head in my hands and I fall to my knees.  I cry for what feels like an eternity. 
Ryder speaks up.
“Calista, don’t cry,” he says.
I am so pissed at him right now and the last thing I want is for him to console me.
Agitated, I yell, “Shut the hell up and don’t say another word to me right now or I’m going to make these roots really latch on and take your legs off.”
Hurt and understanding passes across his face and I think he realizes how childish he’s been because he actually nods and keeps his mouth shut.  I feel so lost and I have no clue what to do.  Merrick is still not looking at me. I speak silently so only he can hear.
 “I’m so sorry, Merrick.  I wanted to love you, but I can’t.  I’m falling in love with Ryder and I don’t think that will ever change.  Except at this moment I could beg to differ, but the fates of our land depend on him and me.”
“You just met him.  How can you say you love him?  You’ve known me your whole life, and look what he’s done today.  He doesn’t even trust you,” Merrick says to me in his head.
I nod.
“That may be true, but I have to believe there was a good reason for his doubt.  It couldn’t have looked good with you on top of me.  You have to admit that.”
“I agree, but I don’t think I can sit around and watch you and him be together.  I can’t do it, Calista.”
“What are you saying, Merrick?” I ask nervously.
Ryder clears his throat to get our attention. 
“You know, the whole mind to mind mumbo shit is getting annoying.  It would be nice to know what you both are saying.” He sounds very jealous and spiteful.  Merrick and I both turn to scowl at him.
Merrick then speaks aloud.
“What I’m saying, Calista, is that you have to choose.  Prophecy or not, I can’t help the way I feel about you and I can’t sit around and watch you two have a happily ever after.  I want you to choose which one of us you want in your life.”
Ryder turns his head sharply to Merrick and yells, “How can you make her decide   that?  Do you not realize how selfish that makes you?” He turns his head and shakes it.  “You’re unbelievable. I can’t believe you would actually make her choose between her best friend and the man she loves.  What kind of best friend are you?”
I am so sick of their bantering back and forth so I let out a disgruntled sigh and loudly yell, “Enough!  I’m done dealing with you two asshats.  Do me a favor and leave me alone…both of you.”  I look at both of them and say, “I’ll release the vines in a little bit.  Maybe that way you two can wallow in your own stupidity for a while.”
I huff and turn to walk away when they both yell for me to stop.  I turn back around and raise my eyebrows, prompting them to continue speaking.  Nothing they say is going to make me release them.
Merrick pleads, “You need to let me come with you.  I am your guardian and I have sworn to protect you with my life.  I have to be with you.”
I laugh.
“Oh Merrick, I will be perfectly fine on my own.  I can take care of myself and you should know that.  Once you both get your heads out of your ass I might consider talking to you.”  I look at them and the looks on both of their faces are a mixture of embarrassment, anger and love.  They both mean so much to me and I hate I have to do this.
I look at Merrick one last time, “Goodbye, Merrick.”  Then I turn to the man I have fallen in love with and I can feel a hot tear grazing down my cheek. 
My voice breaks as I say, “Goodbye, Ryder.  I hope you enjoy your journey home to the Winter Court.”
I turn my back on them and run down the path back to the house.  All I hear as I continue on my way is the echoing of Ryder yelling my name and the breaking of my heart.
I can’t believe Merrick would ask me to choose between them.  I refuse to do that so I’ll just let them decide who stays and who goes.  If they both love me like they say they do, they won’t make me choose.  They need to act like grown men and act rationally.  The solution is simple. If I am going to be with Ryder, Merrick has to learn to live with it, and Ryder needs to learn to live with the fact that Merrick is my guardian and will always be with me.  My solution would also be to tell them both to get the hell over it.
I can’t hear them yelling anymore so I take my time heading back to the house.  Spending time alone is definitely a treat because I don’t usually have much time to myself these days.  I see the lake just ahead and the wonderful willow tree where my life had started to change.  I felt so alive yesterday and now all I feel is loss and heartache.  I walk toward the tree and hear a rustling sound off to the side.  I look around and don’t see anything moving.
“Styx, is that you?” I call out.  “Come here, boy, it’s just me.”
I look around, but he’s not there.  I wonder what was making the noise.  Merrick and Ryder couldn’t have gotten out of the vines yet because I haven’t released them.  I shrug my shoulders and chide myself for being paranoid.  It must have been the wind.   As soon as that thought crosses my mind I double over in pain.  I can feel the blood oozing down the back of my neck and the world is spinning, making me nauseated.  The blood is hot and sticky as I reach to touch the back of my skull.  The pain is tremendous, so whoever or whatever hit me wanted to incapacitate me.  I’m beginning to think it’s going to work.  I can feel my mind slipping from consciousness.  I look around and there is no one out here that could have hit me.  I sink to my knees while my vision fades.  The last thing I hear before darkness takes over is the sound of a man laughing.  This can’t be good.  I recognize the evil laugh and he is definitely not a friend of mine. The world fades into blackness and then…Silence.

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