Release Day Blitz Raving Violet Valerie Gilbert

Saturday, January 19, 2013
Title: Raving Violet
Author: Valerie Gilbert
Genre: Non Fiction/Humor
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Release Date: January 19 2013

Dead Mothers, Missing Husbands, Disgusting Dates, Perverted “Reverends,” Seductive Gurus, Infamous Ingrates and Cheese Thieves. These are a few of the cast of characters that pepper Valerie Gilbert’s true tales in “Raving Violet.”

Enter the world of a solitary but intrepid New Yorker. Orphaned since (relative) youth, this divorced, smartass metaphysician has sought solace and insight from philosophers, séances, channels and mediums, a path that has, inevitably, led her back to her formidable fortress within.

Join Valerie as she scales the castle walls on her journey for love, sex, sass, a chuckle, and really good chocolate.


Valerie Gilbert said...

Anna! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering this beautiful space for my first book, RAVING VIOLET! Here I am, eternally grateful to a beautiful stranger. BIG GRATITUDE, my new friend! Valerie Gilbert, RAVING VIOLET, NYC!

Anna Dase said...

You are very welcome.

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