Pawn Of Mine by Tabitha Vale Review

Thursday, April 26, 2012
Pawn of MineTitle: Pawn of Mine
Author: Tabitha Vale
Series: Fiery Water (#1)
Release Date: April 9, 2012
Edition: Kindle
Source: Author for an Honest Review
Genre: Paranormal, YA
5stars (1)

Goodreads Synopsis

  The world never ended in fire and ice. The people were consumed by it and now control the elements. The Fires have harnessed the power down to an art while the Waters cower in fear of their abilities, remaining weak and hopeless. Seventeen-year-old Sage Sinclair hopes to dispel the weakness of her Water people because she knows that if she doesn’t do anything, no one will. When she discovers something special about herself, she seeks Humble Narcissist Ruler Agni in the great fire city, Saint Firefly. Once she gains his seal of approval, she’s admitted into Erra Academy where she secretly sparks a revolution among her ennui peers—a revolution to fight back against the Fires. She has every hope in her movement, just as long as her feelings for a handsome and frivolous Saffron Larkspur don’t get in the way—that, and Agni’s sudden fascination with her.

My Thoughts

  OMG I really enjoyed this book ok actually I LOVED this book. Our journey is with Sage a very strong and determined girl out to set things right. We are in a world where most people have a power to where they can control either Fire or Water, but not everyone has an affinity for an element.
  Sage wants to over throw the powers well the power that be because of the corrupt things  that happens to the people. Sage starts a secret group at school to teach her classmates how to use their elements. Not all classmates want to learn or even overthrow Agni the corrupt leader.
  Tabitha has created a beautiful world and a cast of outstanding characters. She has given great description and the writing is smooth and flowing. This book will be over before you know it. A page turner for sure. This story is full of twist and turns that will leave you craving more. I know I for one can not wait to read the next installment in this fast paced ah~may~zing and uniquely fresh series.

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I have never heard of this book before, actually, but it sounds really good! I'm glad that you loved it so much :D Thanks for the review.

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